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'The Ultimate Playlist of Noise' is an Authentic and Powerful Film

This is my new favorite film!

By Marielle SabbagPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

Reality never matches expectations.

The Ultimate Playlist of Noise is a 2021 film. Marcus loves music. Upon learning that he will lose his hearing after brain surgery, Marcus travels the city, recording every noise he hears to make a playlist.

This is my new favorite film. The Ultimate Playlist of Noise made me feel various emotions, mostly gratitude. It is one of the most poignant, beautiful, and real films I have ever seen. Sound plays an extraordinary role, in this film and in our lives. The Ultimate Playlist of Noise encourages us to chase dreams and appreciate life.

Marcus’s love for music is so deep that he wears two pairs of headphones. Keean Johnson did an amazing job with the character’s reflective outlook. He has superb narration, often poetic. This journey to record noise is an inspiring notion to the world. Marcus’s project bequeaths how vital sound is and how we should not underestimate it.

Joining Marcus on this unexpected adventure, Wendy has a musical dream of her own. Madeline Brewer had fantastic energy and a beautiful singing voice. Marcus and Wendy’s friendship consisted of sarcasm, music, and more sarcasm. And they also learn lessons.

This film has an excellent ensemble, featuring Rya Kihlstedt and Ian Gomez as Marcus’s parents. They establish a strong dynamic with one another, particularly Marcus and his mother. While both parents are hesitant about their son’s project, this time allows the family to explore bonds and gain trust.

I love Marcus’s friendship with Laura and Sarah (Emily Skeggs and Ariela Barer). I wish the girls could have been included more, but this is more Marcus’s story. Besides, their scene in the conclusion is a heartwarming friendship moment.

Since they’re on an adventure, the duo meets several eccentric people. Imagine telling people about a project where you’re recording sound. Marcus is either permitted to record sounds or given the strangest looks. The cow farmer is the funniest!

Bennett Lasseter directed an inspiring film. Writer Mitchell Winkie created an impeccable idea. Every shot or object is recorded with value. The cinematography is stunning as the characters travel to several locations, like a bowling alley or the crowded streets of New York City.

The Ultimate Playlist of Noise equally balances humor and drama. It has several funny moments, particularly through the sarcasm zings between its main characters. The film occupies a sense of humor and serves anyone undergoing similar experiences, reassuring viewers that nobody is alone.

Lasseter dictates the story’s emotions well, focusing highly on the character’s relationships. As much as we want it to, life doesn’t work out the way we planned. No matter what obstacles try to stop you, chase after your dreams and always think about alternatives.

I never used to be a music person, but lately, I have been intrigued by music more. Music is a story. Sound design has the most important role, supplying research on the music industry to portray it in a genuine light. Every sound is recorded from wind howling, bowling pins, and noises you’ve never considered.

What is the most unforgettable sound you’ve ever heard? I love listening to keys tap on a computer. I never realized how thankful I am for sound after watching this movie. In the film’s most profound moment, one scene is so completely silent that it shatters you. At that moment, I appreciated hearing my pencil writing on paper.

The Ultimate Playlist of Noise is an authentic and powerful story. I cannot express how much I love this film. You must watch it on Hulu.

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