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The Top 5 Romantic Series on HULU IN 2021

by Gary Wilson 10 months ago in movie

Romantic Hulu Shows

The month of love recently went by, and we all know how beautiful it is, to enjoy a romantic series with your loved ones, and enjoy a memorable time! There are millions of series available on the internet with different genres, but I want to save the time of the readers, that’s why I spent a lot of time grabbing and filtering the best romantic series available on the platform of HULU.

HULU is an American subscription-based entertainment website, which is not available everywhere outside the US, making it difficult for them to watch HULU in Singapore, Australia, Malaysia or any other region because it is geo-restriction and requires a VPN connection that works best for them in the sorting.

A VPN gives a protected connection, well encrypted and secure in terms of privacy, and policies masking your IP address, and physical location as per the server selected, preferable USA so, they can witness a will encrypted, and secured VPN connection without having a hurdle in the maintenance of the connection, over the network.

The Best 5 Romantic Series on HULU

Let’s grab some popcorn, and start reading about the best romantic series available on HULU so you can enjoy a well-encrypted connection without any hassle.

1. Premature

Premature is basically a well-acted, and romantic genre movie where it transcends the familiar trappings of the sharp dialogue, and a strong sense of setting that further establishes the interest of the viewers towards the series. The film is a must-watch for the viewers, who love to see romantic series, and want to spend their time with pleasure by watching a well-scripted, and romantic series.

Initially, this amazing movie was released in 2019, with two lead characters in the movie having a run time of 90 minutes. I would recommend all of my readers to watch it, and make their leisure time beautiful and amazing!

2. 50 First Dates

The second one to be discussed in the list is, 50 First Dates having a boy, Henry in the lead role who madly falls in love with Lucy, who is suffering from short-term memory loss. You can imagine how emotional this love story would be, and amazing too, while you’re watching it over the screens! Are you excited to watch this movie? If yes, then watch it on HULU, and enjoy the quick streaming of your favourite shows, and movies instantly.

The story continues with Henry trying to make Lucy remember him, so he actually has to romance her to keep her remember about their relationship, and he always prays that Lucy loves him too! So it’s a more emotional, and romantic kind of love story keeping the viewers fascinated with the scenes.

3. How Stella Got Her Groove Back

The third entry in the list is very old, but still, it’s capturing a huge response from the viewers, and it was initially launched in 1998, with two people in the lead roles Angela, and Taye Diggs. Stella is shown being so busy in her life, and work that she actually forgets to live on her own, and enjoys her life throughout.

A trip to Jamaica, turns her life into wonders, as she finds her true love, as Stella finds a man, who is 20 years younger than her, probably her junior, but they are shown madly in love in the movie. It’s a must-watch, for the love birds of course!

4. Notting Hill

The fourth one is Notting Hill, which was released in 1999 having a romantic, and comedy genre, keeping the spice balanced throughout the movie so the viewers will stay stuck towards the movies. The story starts with showing William a boy, who is a British bookseller, falling in love with Anna, who is a high-profile Ameican actress.

The relationship between them captures different issues, and hurdles because of the issues in social statuses and you can literally witness how they are fulfilling the relationship with each other peacefully without any hurdles. It is a perfect one for those, who fell in love with someone who has differences in social statuses and confused with the hurdles they’re encountering in their lives.

5. Something Borrowed

The last one on the list, Something Borrowed and don't worry it’s not from the ’90s, actually a bit older like from the year 2011. The story starts with Rachel, who is having a deadly crush on Dex, although he is getting married to Darcy, who is her best friend in the school of law.

Dex, will then meet Rachel and somehow she will manage to tell him her feelings, and that’s how they will encounter the love for each other. It is a love triangle, showing the hassle, and hurdles these three will see between each other, and how they will live life peacefully.

Wrapping Up

And here I’m wrapping this article, which was a bit romantic, but I tried to keep the element of spice maintained between it. I hope you enjoyed reading this article although if you still have questions in your mind regarding it, then please do leave a message in the feedback section.


Gary Wilson

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