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The Marvel Movie for your Zodiac Sign.

by Ciarán Coleman 20 days ago in superheroes

If your Zodiac sign is this, then your Marvel movie is that. It couldn't be simpler!

If we're being honest, everybody and their granny has seen a Marvel movie or, at the very least, knows about the MCU. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been dominating the Box Office year after year, ever since Iron Man first graced the big screen. Despite how awesome these movies are and how life-changing they've been to so many people, for many of us it can be hard for the worldwide phenomena to feel personal sometimes. With millions of adoring fans for every side character, it can be pretty daunting trying to find your special MCU film.

So why not check out the list below and find the perfect Marvel movie based off your Zodiac sign.

Sign: Aries

Movie: Captain America: The First Avenger

Natural born leaders, Aries are strong, brave and strikingly independent. Steve Roger's journey in this film mirrors an Aries' need for adventure and un-compromising sense of justice. Bucky Barnes and Peggy Carter are filled with a typical Aries' ambition and optimism. Just like Captain America becoming the first Avenger and this film being the first chronologically in the MCU, Aries are always paving the way.

Sign: Taurus

Movie: Doctor strange

Dr. Strange is a story about a talented but vain doctor who loses the ability to use his hands efficiently and, against his better judgement, visits the Ancient One and becomes a great sorcerer. Just like a Taurus, Dr. Stephen Strange values stability and routine almost as much as he dislikes change, but is willing to do whats necessary for the greater good. The film itself is grounded and, despite offering little change in terms of its arc to other Marvel movies, features one of the strongest storylines in any Marvel movie.

Sign: Gemini

Movie: Guardians of the Galaxy

The film features some of the best camaraderie in the MCU so the sign known for its love of socialising and friendship was the obvious choice. Gemini are often eccentric as they share their thoughts and unique ideas with others. 'Guardians of the Galaxy' is one of the more colourful and vibrant films in Marvels repertoire, bringing that Gemini energy to life. The main characters are widely different to one another but are easily able to adapt to the groups strange climate perfectly, just like a true Gemini.

Sign: Cancer

Movie: The Avengers

Cancers are excellent at creating a homely environment and bringing people together, like the OG Avengers in this film. Despite being very caring they are also known to be passive aggressive from time to time, just like Captain America and Iron Man. Cancers are also known to enjoy being needed, like a lot of the heroes in 'The Avengers'.

Sign: Leo

Movie: Thor: Ragnarok

Like Thor, Leo's have a royal air about them and the bright, warm and explosive originality of 'Thor: Ragnarok' makes it ideal for its Leo status. The film is rich in charisma and humour like Leos. On top of that, they're usually surrounded by friends like Thor, who even after being thrown into the middle of nowhere, wastes no time acquiring new and old friends. Like Leo's, this film is eye-catching and constantly talked about. It is definitely one of the most unique films in the Marvel Universe.

Sign: Virgo

Movie: Iron Man

People born under Virgo have very capable minds, are exceedingly curious when it comes to research and making things and are very charming individuals to be around. Tony Stark ticks all these boxes and 'Iron Man' is the most grounded and well-made films in the MCU. Although they work well in group situations, Virgo's analytical and often critical thinking, make them thrive on their own as their criticism isn't always taken well. 'Iron Man' sits well in Phase 1, but its originality, great direction and acting raised the bar so high that some of the other films failed to reach.

Sign: Libra

Movie: Avengers: Infinity War

This film is widely regarded as a perfect film, balancing its immense amounts of characters incredibly well. The main character is the villain, Thanos, and his quest for harmony is similar to a typical Libra, always looking to balance the scales. This zodiac sign is a fan of a good debate, and this film raises a great one.

Sign: Scorpio

Movie: Captain Marvel

Scorpio's are often misunderstood and their bold, often intense personalities can be a little daunting. That being said, they're few other zodiac signs as efficient, capable and determined to do a job well. And that's exactly what 'Captain Marvel' does. It's confidence and energy is pure scorpio.

Sign: Sagittarius

Movies: Spiderman: Far From Home

Sagittarius are full of a desire to travel, so it's hard not to put the most scenic MCU film in this spot. The film is based around a school trip and is full of gorgeous imagery. This zodiac sign is known to be impulsive, similar to a lot of Spider-Man's decisions in this movie but they are also quick to bounce back from failure. Despite their intense loyalty, Sagittarius are always on the look out to expand and have more freedom. This film keeps a similar tone to the previous MCU films while also paving the way for Phase 4.

Sign: Capricorn

Movie: Iron Man 3

Just like Tony Stark in the third Iron Man film, Capricorns are resourceful and fond of stability. They are prone to depression and anxiety, themes dealt with in Iron Man 3, as they often find it difficult to express their feelings. On top of this, Capricorns are known to take the heavy weight of others, just like 'Iron Man 3' took the brunt of a lot of criticism over its tonal inconsistency. Sharp intuition is another trademark of a Capricorn, and this film's ability to set up Tony's growing paranoia for future Marvel films is brilliantly done.

Sign: Aquarius

Movie: Ant-Man

Aquarius can sometimes come across odd, with quirky and unique personalities. They have their own way of getting the job done, just like Scott Lang in 'Ant-Man'. As well as being friendly and easy going, his eccentric ways are often just perfect for the job. Their peculiar nature and unique aura makes Aquarius fast friends, just like Scott and Luis and Scott and Hope. If not given the proper motivation however, Aquarius can fall into laziness but they, like the Ant-Man gang, dedicated to the betterment of humanity.

Sign: Pisces

Movie: The Incredible Hulk

Pisces have extremely powerful inner lives, with which they find difficult to express properly with others. Like Bruce Banner in 'The Incredible Hulk', Pisces are known to have a very strong presence beneath their quiet exterior and be gullible from time to time. It's because of this they're usually introverts. They are also highly creative and romantic which can cause further inward struggle with their shy personalities, similar to how Dr. Banner struggles with controlling the Hulk.

And that's a wrap!

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Ciarán Coleman
Ciarán Coleman
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