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The Mandalorian Season Three Review

Not as Entertaining as Season One or Two, but Still Okay

By Cezanne LibellenPublished about a year ago 3 min read
The Mandalorian Season Three Review
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Hello loyal subscribers and my friends-that-aren't-subscribed-yet-but-I-love-you-just-as-much! This is my review of Season Three of The Mandalorian which came out in March.


When my family watched the first three episodes of The Mandalorian, we were hooked. We binged the first two seasons since we watched the first one a year after it came out, then waited with bated breath for The Book of Boba Fett. This show was disappointing, but we were thrilled to see Mando and Grogu featured in the last three episodes and waited another thirteen months for the third season of The Mandalorian.

Then FINALLY, it came out!!

We all sat on the couch, ready to watch. We started the first episode and we were left on a cliffhanger... a weak one, but a cliffhanger, nevertheless.

Most of season three was pretty boring. My brothers pointed out that it's become more The Book of Bo Katan than it is The Mandalorian. We laughed at how Din Djaran has become kind of helpless, what with Bo Katan rescuing him twice in one episode.

Episode six was pretty cheesy, especially that scene at the end where Grogu is dubbed a knight of whatever-it's-called, the rich planet. But Jack Black was in it... how could it not be cheesy. And the plot twist is unforeseeable but lame. It just falls flat, especially with the cheesy "asking for forgiveness scene," where the actors just seem forced and, well, cheesy.

Guys, I used the word cheesy three times in one paragraph. That means that it is chees-y.

Season three just seemed like a way for them to just make money. The only real reason we watched it is that it has Din Djaran and Grugu in it, and we're attached to the characters and want to see where they end up. They're just riding on the wave from the splash Din and Grogu made, and soon that wave is going to flatten out unless they put some more effort into the storyline.

Like yeah, it takes effort, but they didn't take enough effort to make it as good as seasons one and two.

Another thing *SPOILER ALERT SKIP THIS PARAGRAPH UNLESS YOU ARE OKAY WITH HAVING IT SPOILED FOR YOU!!* I don't see why Din Djaran even got the Darksaber if Bo Katan was just going to end up with it in the end!! Arghhh!! They got our hopes up that he was going to rule Mandalore, but no. Bo Katan is going to be the queen now. And then the Darksaber is destroyed in the end, so what is the point?! I'm very peeved about it, give me a second to cool down.


So, cheesiness and everything else aside, I'll give this show three out of five stars.

I'll give this show three out of five stars.

It was cool to see the Mandalorians retake their homeworld. If you haven't watched it yet, I highly recommend it. Episodes seven and eight are the most entertaining, but we hoped to see a few loose ends tied off sooner, rather than right at the end.

This show is mostly family-friendly, there are a couple of swear words and a bit of violence, we've watched The Mandalorian. There are strong themes of unity, loyalty, and good character in this show, which make it a big bonus.

But do NOT forget to watch the Book of Boba Fett before you watch Mando season three. The Book of Boba Fett is a must. if you want to continue with the series.

Happy Watching!!


Please like, share, and subscribe for more content. I write poems, short stories, and other articles. Comment down below what you would rate the third season of The Mandalorian (out of five stars) and why.

Love y'all! See ya!!


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Comments (1)

  • Doc Sherwoodabout a year ago

    Five stars for your review, loved it! The Star Wars franchise does have its highs and lows - for example, the first Tartarkovsky Clone Wars was light-years ahead of the second one. I'll try to watch The Mandalorian Season Three, even if it is cheesy! Every time I see Bo Katan's retro action figure in a store I have the urge to buy her, she's so reminiscent of the old Kenner Parker line!

Cezanne LibellenWritten by Cezanne Libellen

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