The Issue with Spencer Hastings

by Ada Zuba 6 months ago in entertainment

Why Spencer Hastings is a negative influence on the teen population.

The Issue with Spencer Hastings

Teen shows these days are all about rumors, gossip, and most of all drama. One of the most common shows that teens enjoy watching is Pretty Little Liars. A group of pretty, rich girls are being threatened by "A" who knows all of their secrets and can not wait to spill them all. However, from all the pretty little liars, Spencer is not a positive role model for teens. She is selfish, nosy, stubborn, and overly competitive and somehow ends up screwing her sister many times. Melissa was always the family favorite, making Spencer jealous.

Spencer had managed to ruin two of Melissa's relationships. Spencer had kissed Ian when he was seeing her sister, she knew that he was Melissa's and instead of stopping him from kissing her, she leaned into it. Alison had tried to convince Spencer to tell her sister that she had kissed him. Alison was not perfect either since she was the one who was really seeing Ian and Melissa was getting hurt without her knowing it. Spencer had also kissed Wren when she knew that he was with Melissa. As soon as Spencer had feelings for Wren she should have told her sister and Melissa and Wren would not have moved into the barn in the first place. That leads me to my next issue.

Spencer was promised to have the barn in junior year when, surprise, her sister comes to move in. Spencer then whines like a little kid, which tells us/the audience that she was not ready for the barn in the first place. Spencer's room is also pretty nice with expensive furniture that mommy and daddy paid for. Spencer is also the richest pretty little liar because both of her parents are lawyers, they own a huge plot of land with a barn and they own a lake house. Guess who is getting a free ride to college? Hastings is. Spencer does get good grades and is meant to be seen as "smart" when some of her actions are ruthless and completely stupid. For example, when she found Melissa's wedding ring, she should have given it to her as soon as she found it. Instead, she goes to pawn it when she knows "A" is out on the loose watching the girls' every move. It was another selfish action. I know I would never forgive my sister if she had ever done that. She did it so her boyfriend could get a truck and so Spencer would not have to worry about him. The act seems generous, but it was only to put her own mind at ease. Of course, Toby was happy with the gift and in his eyes, it makes Spencer look like the perfect girlfriend.

Melissa had written one of the best essays ever and Spencer, without thinking twice, decided to plagiarize the paper and, of course, the paper had won the award and was published for everyone to see and Melissa was forced to keep silent about the paper because she did not want to bring down the family reputation. So, when it comes down to it, the family reputation is most important—even though Spencer had brought it down by seeing Toby and wearing an orange jumpsuit picking up trash on the highway.

Later, Spencer had wanted to see the videos that Caleb had uncovered without Hanna knowing, even though it was to keep her from being hurt. Emily had said, "I hope that we can stop using Caleb," and Spencer remarked, "so you wish there was nothing there?" as in Spencer was more concerned about what was on the videos rather than she going behind Hanna's back. That makes her a really bad friend and makes her look obsessed, which she partly is.

Yes, Spencer has her positive moments and can be a good person, but it seems to her that her family is not even part of her life and that is the worst quality that Spencer has.

Ada Zuba
Ada Zuba
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