The Immortal Fury Road II

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"In Mad Max's own way, a defeat always seemed to make a savage man blind."

The Immortal Fury Road II

“Deep within the subconscious mind of the rogue warrior-cop known as Mad Max, a memory of a shared and respectful glance with Furiosa, the woman who helped save the wasteland from the evil hands of Immortal Joe, ensured itself. Mad Max had begun again departing towards places unknown to him. In his sleep, Mad Max loved to quietly dream of his queen of the wasteland. The memories of Mad Max’s wife and kids seemed such a blur. Blood in the sand became a coping mechanism for a rogue warrior-cop."

In a world that had been long forgotten from its days of technology, new tales began developing in the wasteland soon after Max and Furiosa departed ways. With the world now slightly more protected in definite by the rogue warrior-cop, alien bounty hunters from all around the universe began leaving the Earth destroyed, charred to rubble and dust, to seek Mad Max’s head for a priceless bounty. There was absolutely no way of Mad Max uncovering the origin of these attackers, but Mad Max knew very well how to go about dealing with what he considered “alien scum.” As the days and months went on, one night deep in the dreams of Mad Max, the memories of his trusted, yet also rusted, cobalt Winchester rifle appeared, which had been slowly raised up towards the manic riders at the time of his battles against Immortal Joe. Mad Max still dreamed of that memory constantly, along with being a blood bag strapped to a war boys’ vehicle, and seeing what Mad Max thought might have been his last ride for the last time. During this battle on the road was a storm so vicious, that when it presented itself to the rogue warrior, victory was not as close as Mad Max had originally hoped for. But on that day, somehow, and even in the dream realms themselves, victory would always be Mad Max’s. If any rider confronting Mad Max did not know this, destiny, and even fate, sure did by now. In Mad Max’s own way, a defeat always seemed to make a savage man blind in the end.

Fast send two decades later, driving faster than anything on the road before, a new rogue warrior-cop rides throughout the savage world of the desert wasteland. The rogue warrior’s name was Valentino Amethyst Max, grandson of the late Mad Max. He drove in a world that had been long forgotten from the days of yesterday, where alien bounty hunters named “Death Hunters” roamed the sand maroon oceans for bounties dead or alive. With new enemies came new predators, and these new foes were known as the “Ferocious Sand Worms.” These worms feasted on any flesh, either alive or dead, within the forgotten wasteland. The new rogue warrior-cop unwillingly noticed danger as his eyes locked in to trouble on the road ahead. As the rogue warrior-cop’s handmade sawed-off shotgun raised up towards the deranged enemies, the rogue warrior-cop began launching headfirst into danger. It seemed as though the entire universe itself had cried out when it saw those horrendous worms devouring anything entering its sand wasteland. Many “Death Hunters” died at the hands of these violent creatures before, along with the great Mad Max himself. But on this day, victory would truly be this new rogue warrior-cop’s destiny. In his own way, defeat made a guilty man blind in the rogue warrior’s eyes. The warrior-cop’s vehicle swerved in and out of the sand dunes before crashing into a sandstone boulder. Fighting for his life to get out of the demolished vehicle, the rogue warrior-cop knew these “Ferocious Sand Worms” killed extremely quickly. The double barrel could only fire twice before chucking out expired ammunition, thus needing another reloading sequence. The sounds of shotgun firing and “Ferocious Sand Worm” growls could be heard from miles and miles away. The last thing heard happened to be more shots followed by a giant roar of pain and anger. When all was done, the sound of a fiery engine on the sand dunes of the Fury Road was all there was left for the world to hear.

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