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The Downfall of Dan Schneider

I have to say watching this is ruined my childhood.

By Louise Blake-Michael (Risen Phoenix)Published 2 months ago β€’ 3 min read

As a Millennial watching this documentary series this really ruined my childhood for many reasons. As an adult, all these skits, and jokes I thought were harmless were actually extremely dark jokes, and sexual innuendos. I never thought Nickelodeon would do this. However, all of us know about the Hollywood industry is very dark, and merky.

Full of darkness such has P Diddy molesting Usher, and grooming Justin Bieber.

It is extremely devastinating to hear what the Dark side of Kids TV we all are learning.

There is so much infomation from this... This is the downfall of Schneider the producer and director of shows like All That, The Amanda Show, What I Like About You, Drake and Josh, and iCarly. He had a profound impact on everyone around him.

If you listen to the lyrics of the Drake and Josh Theme song as an adult to me it has to do with Dan's close friendships with Drake Bell, and Amanda Bynes. It sounds that Drake is trying to plead with his fans too if you really listen to it.

Episode One of the Documentary breaks down all of Dan's behaviour and a snit bit of his background. All of the allegations that have been made against him have been denied by him.

It was revealed from another from two sources Vox and BBC UK that Mr. Schneider has been dropped from the network since 2018. So supposed alligations have to be true.

A source found that Dan to be very powerful on set.

The first time, I ever saw anything like this and now as an adult I'm mortified. Because I used to watch these shows growing up and had no idea of the sexual innuendos.

I didn't have anyone telling me growing up don't watch these shows. I was raised by Boomers as a millennial who was portrayed as a Gen X vibes.

For all those Gen Xers I undesrstand now why you're the way you are.

My Thoughts: My Thoughts are oh my god, I had no idea all of these things were happening to all these Child starts. Hollywood kid starts who some are so screwed up mentally. My thoughts are out of all the child stars who are normal for the most part is Miley Cyrus. I know that's hard to believe! So true...

Drake Bell was molested at the age of 14 years old by Brian Peck a well-known child offender. If my children ever wanted to be actors, or actresses I would show them and educate them so they are well prepared.

"You Will forever have the memory of sitting in this courtroom defending this person, and I will forever have the memory of the person you are defending doing unspeakable acts and crimes, and that's what I will remember." – Drake Bell

These words for me was so profound. I could tell that in his interview this was probably the hardest time he ever had sharing this.

Dan Schneider is a creep, and to allow children to feel unsafe to afraid to share anything is despicable. He may not be a producer and keeping a low profile, however, Nick television network knows what he did.

This just goes to show you that the wrong people have to much power...

All I have to say is after this bombshell has been announced Dan should run and hide. Everyone will be after him, he will be begging for prison. All of these child stars now adults are profoundly emotionally distraught, some may have supressed it never fully accepting or feel they have a problem. Some have the same mentality still working hard with a survivors mentality. For them, I gave them credit so much credit for their bravery, and they are true warriors.

This really bothers me so much, people like Mr. Schneider are getting away with so much. Meanwhile, innocents like Johnny Depp have lost their careers, or blacklisted and that's heinous.

In Conclusion, I will be doing a fully researched deep dive profile analysis on Dan Schneider both psychological, and the power he held when he was a producer.

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  • Rene Peters2 months ago

    I had heard stuff about him but this was fascinating to read. I lived on Nickelodeon when I was younger so it's heartbreaking that he is such a monster. πŸ’”

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