The Curious Sorcerer

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A tale of a being who spreads curiosity & knowledge through the land

The Curious Sorcerer

Blistering winds flow through the wind. Cherry blossoms fill the air. Memories of when I was filled with euphoria. Excited for the next moment or phase in life. When a pandemic started and the isolation began, something started that wasn’t intended to. A reunion that became a complicated relationship.

Faulty & growing mistakes were made. Lessons was learned & new things grew. Transporting back & forth through time I experience what normally happens during adolescence. Traveling to a further future to where the heartbreak & struggle which only occurs to those who’ve spent years to feel it. Torn between the two I move on. Walking the path of discovery & curiosity. Searching for purpose & guidance, stockpiling all that is, I become a vessel with no cap. Developing a curiosity & capacity for knowledge, I grow to become what is known as The Curious Sorcerer.

As the magic sorcerer of legend, Merlin grows into his own by learning to embrace his past & accept himself for who he his & what his destiny entails. As we journey to the unknown moments occur & time still moves forward. Waiting for no one, we do what we can in the moments that happen but still remember that we are here to live, learn & love as well. Some more difficult than others but nevertheless time moves for no one.

The Curious Sorcerer isn’t defined by just the knowledge that’s shared but by the actions that’s performed. The definition of sanity is doing the same thing & expecting something different. The curious sorcerer travels across the land within time, through space to learn something new, to change for the better, to change within themselves as well as, impact others to do the same and grow. Furthermore, building a world where peace and harmony rain, and light continues to battle the darkness creating balance through the world.

We walk this path of self growth alone. We may have people in our corner guiding us & pushes us to our limits so we can break through them. Ultimately, we have to not only take the first step but continue to make those steps even when we stumble & fall. A financial advisor once said, “once you have saved at least six months (or more) for bills & emergencies you’ll feel financially free to live without such heavy burdens.

Strength comes from within & grows over time. The curious sorcerer travels through the land in search of information & growth. To expand the world with their knowledge & spread peace & self growth through each person they meet. Unknown to the different generations of the world, the curious sorcerer adapts to each phase of the world. From the renaissance to disco, each era of life bringing unique skills & magic to each phase of life.

The curious sorcerer is always learning & always planning for the future. Reflecting on the past, while working towards the future and learning to live in the present. Using happiness, sadness, and every other form of emotion, they become monuments that excel time. Dividing into the many, the curious sorcerer spreads its magic into every living being. Ingraining the potential of every soul to break its own mold, evolving into the best version of themselves. Forever living & moving on through time & space as the being of knowledge & creativity.

The curious sorcerer is something that is never faulted. It’s a reminder of who you are & where you come from. Like some quotes say, if you ever have trouble finding your future, remember why you started. The journey forward is for self development & growth. The curious sorcerer is to spread the legend of a better future for all but in fact it’s a better future & present for yourself.

fact or fiction
Goosey Q.
Goosey Q.
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