Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens Episode 7 Review

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37 going on 11yrs - Mimi Atachi

Yu-Gi-Oh! Sevens Episode 7 Review

This episode starts with some backstory of our focused character. She is in the academy learning the ropes in order to be one of the organizations six elite people for Mr. Goha.

Even though we get to see Mr. Goha in action with what hoped to be more screen times & more dialogue, we end up with more grunting & not even a word of response. This bad guy seems to be full of grunts of reactions. Makes you wonder what does it take for this person to actually produce words. It can also be a ruse in order to protect his identity because nobody knows who this person actually is.

Nevertheless it would be helpful for the audience to get some sort of hintJust how is previous episodes we see a glimpse of our focus character and what they do, we see that here we have Mimi Atachi. We are shown her gymnastic skills and how she tries to hard to impress Yuga just so she can get to his notes.

Unknowingly, Mimi tries to get Yuga (and the rest of team rush) to show her the place where Yuga keeps all his inventions. She seems so eager to get Yuga notes in order to impress Mr. Goha. It seems like she has a lot to prove because she probably wasn’t taken seriously because of her height.

It is sometimes a troupe where some anime characters has their height be a major part of their character. Edward Elric for example is a character from the anime “Fullmetal Alchemist”. His height is used for comedic relief & yet its one of his defining traits. This scene is very interesting because we see this girl who must be above legal age to be at a bar. There’s people who are much older but appear much younger do to their height.

It looks as if she’s drinking some sort of non-alcoholic drink. Nevertheless she’s playing the adult character pretty well if she’s gathering information. After being caught by the group Yuga ends suggesting to give Mimi the notes because he just wants to spread the joy of rush duels. It’s cool how innocent Yuga is but sometimes it feels like he can be naive at times. Good thing the group is able to see & help him out.

The duel starts due to Mimi asking Yuga to duel. Her request was if Yuga loses than he would have to give her the notes & if she wins then she doesn’t get it. With such a weird request it’s interesting to think that she probably knows she will lose so it might be a sort of reverse psychology.

Mimis cards is very reminiscent of old cards like mystical elf and dian keto the cure master. The duel seems to be in Mimis corner which seems to be a trend with Yuga and his duels so far. Yuga gets the upper hand with new cards after his Seven Swords Magician is sent to the graveyard. Yuga summons new warriors that resemble the noble knight archetype.

After getting the upper hand, Yuga wins the duel and hold up the end of the bargain and give Mimi the notes. Not knowing if Mimi belongs to Goha Corp or not we see Romin take a picture of what’s going down. Even though we know who she’s sending the photos to it’s very curious how Romin tries to be more sneaky about it.

After receiving the notes she looks back on how nice and innocent Yuga is and when she opens the book she sees the notes for his other inventions. According to Goha Corp whom believes it’s some sort of evil doer is the reason for the rise of rush duels, Mimi realizes there’s a chance a misunderstanding might be in play so she attempts to throw it over the water.

Overall the episode introduced some new factors & continues to prove how innocent & pure Yuga is. His positivity towards his style of dueling in order to make people happy is very similar to Yuya & Yuma in previous series. Mimi is a unique character because she’s not only a 37year old woman who looks like an elementary school student, she cherishes her past. Even though she tried to bribe team rush with gifts in order to get on their side she might have learned a thing or two from them.

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