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The Boys Season 4, Episode 2


By Alexandrea CallaghanPublished about a month ago 3 min read

The first episode did kick off the season the right way, and honestly it was a lot less gory than expected. As far as violence goes, the first episode was pretty tame. The first episode actually focused more on the emotional motivations and some of the fallout from the end of last season. All it really did was set up what is expected for the rest of the season. This is your final warning for spoilers, I am literally recapping the episode so if you haven’t watched it yet, please come back later.

We start the second episode with Homelander desperately wanting to bring Ryan into the Vought fold. Apparently starting a film that centers him. The original pitch was a run by the mill Vought, bullshit pitch and that is called out by Sage. Sage points out if Homelander is in the film with him, Ryan won’t actually be the center and the only way the audience will fall in love with him is if he’s by himself.

Butcher finally comes clean with the rest of the team about his condition and MM finally kicks him out of the group, something everyone but Huey has been wanting for a whole season now. Butcher keeps trying to keep himself involved which is annoying for multiple reasons. Damn he is so irritating.

This episode we go to TruthCon which is a place for ultra right wing conspiracy theorists. Here we pull in another Supernatural actor, Rob Benedict, who you may remember as Chuck.

AND THEN A-Train starts telling tall tales to his nephews who are sneaking around with him behind their dads back. But Nathan finds them and A-Train is humbled real quick. I’m not sure if we knew A-Trains brother was in a wheelchair or not but I definitely remember that he had a brother. A-Train actually helps the boys? Now he has been on a multiseason arc that vaguely looks like redemption but I guess we won’t really know until the last season.

Homelander of course can not stay out of the spotlight and wants it more for himself then he does for Ryan. He crashes the movie shoot and inserts himself, which leads to the death of one of the stunt actors. Ryan seems very confused by what his father wants, but he also seems to have the same fear of Homelander that everyone else does. He’s just a very confused little boy, which makes sense because he knows who his mom was but for the most part, since we’ve seen him, he’s been in the custody of other people. Ryan has a really hard time with the fact that he was responsible for killing someone. And he starts to realize that his dad really only gives a shit about public perception and not actually about him.

Sage tries to get this youtuber to kill our boys but goddamn even with a duplicator Kimiko is simply stronger than all of them and the boys can more than handle themselves. The fight scene that ensues is pretty good. Olur duplicator can only do so naked apparently and it looks like he's literally ripping himself apart. Butcher, unable to control himself, comes in at the last minute to help the group. He actually seems willing to sacrifice himself for the good of the group, so that’s new. Seems like everyone is on a little bit of a redemption arc this season.

OH SHIT! Apparently Frenchie’s hesitation with continuing this new relationship has nothing to do with exploring his sexuality but everything to do with the fact that he’s responsible for the deaths of his new boyfriend's family.

Homelander, of course, is just the worst father. Ryan is upset and Homelander is desperately trying to teach him that people are expendable. I’m glad Huey stood up to his mom, parents that abandon their children are the worst people. Kimiko is having a rough time and I feel like if she doesn't get a handle on her triggers that it is going to end up being bad for the whole team.

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