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The Blacklist Review Part 2

Raymond Reddington agrees to work with the FBI to catch other criminals on condition that he works only with Elizabeth Keen

By ChemutaiPublished 3 months ago 3 min read
The Blacklist

Raymond Reddington a former US Naval Intelligence officer turned one of the Most Wanted fugitives surrenders to the FBI. He is number four in the FBI's top ten most wanted fugitives.

He is taken into a black site by FBI Assistant Director Harold Cooper. He then claims to have a list of blacklisters; the most dangerous criminals and agrees to work with them on two conditions:

  1. Immunity from prosecution
  2. Cooperates only with FBI special agent Elizabeth Keen.

Season 6

  • Dr. Hans Koehler, a master of facial reconstruction, and Bastien Moreau, or The Corsican. Elizabeth Keen begins digging into the mysteries of Reddington's lie.
  • The season unravels the mystery of who the fake Reddington is and whether the remains of the real Reddington are those of Keen's real father.
  • Reddington, Liz, and the FBI Task Force are faced with a conspiracy that threatens to destroy them forever.
  • U. S. Assistant Attorney General and presidential advisor, who is the major architect of conspiracy and works with another person in their nefarious criminal scheme, is the new series antagonist.
  • Reddington is kidnapped by Katarina Rostova, Liz's mother and former Russian agent who wants the information about being framed by her closest people and hunted by Townsend's Directive.

Season 7

  • Katarina's conflict with Reddington also enters the conflict with Elizabeth and the FBI Task Force.
  • Katarina disguises herself as a friendly neighbor to Liz to enter into her life.
  • When Liz discovers more about her past and relationships with Reddington, her father Dom Wilkinson, and Ilya Kozlov, this forces her to choose the side: Reddington or Rostova.

Season 8.

  • Elizabeth Keen and her mother Katarina Rostova attempt to take down Reddington, who eventually kills Rostova.
  • Elizabeth then goes on a vengeful crusade against Reddington, going rogue from the FBI and gathering her resources and people to destroy him.
  • Liz allies with a powerful, dangerous criminal Neville Townsend, the author of Townsend's Directive.
  • This alliance, however, puts Elizabeth, Reddington, the FBI task force, and her attempts to discover more about her and Reddington's past in great jeopardy.
  • Elizabeth is murdered the night Reddington was going to hand over his empire to her.

Season 9.

  • Reddington reunites with the members of his disbanded Task Force two years after his failed attempt to hand his empire over to Elizabeth.
  • Many changes related to Reddington's Task Force and his criminal empire have happened; Donald Ressler retired from the FBI and got addicted to oxycodone while residing in New York suburb, Aram Mojtabai developed his security software and ran his own business, Dembe Zuma was assigned as an FBI agent while Marvin Gerard became the factual leader of Reddington's collapsing empire.
  • After Dembe's injury in service, Reddington agreed to resume his deal with Harold Cooper and restore his Blacklist of criminals for his immunity.
  • Reddington and Task Force discover new details regarding Elizabeth's death. Harold Cooper's neighbor is murdered, for which he is framed by the detectives and blackmailed by the actual killer.
  • Cooper starts his own investigation to find the blackmailer, and both investigations intertwine in search of the same mysterious common enemy.
  • Wujing, a Chinese assassin and the second Blacklister to be put in prison escaped custody.

Season Finale: Season 10.

  • Agnes Keen, the daughter of Elizabeth Keen is now in Cooper's care and is frequently visited by Reddington.
  • Wujing, a Chinese assassin and the second Blacklister to be put in prison gathers released Blacklisters for his campaign to take down Red.
  • Cynthia Panabaker, a United States Senator in charge of Cooper's Task Force.
  • Jonathan Holtzman as Chuck, Reddington's helper.
  • Stacy Keach, a fictionalized version of the criminal financier, who accompanies Reddington on his escapades.
  • Herbie Hambright, the latest member of the Task Force hopes to escape household routine and his baby daughter. He uses his versatile knowledge to assist the Task Force.
  • Jonathan Pritchard, a doubtful FBI agent whom Ressler helps to overcome drug addiction, later a key figure in Hudson's investigation.
  • Arthur Hudson, a purposeful United States House of Representatives member conducts a partly legal investigation against Task Force after noting the government's significant expenses on it.
  • Jordan Nixon, Hudson's former colleague and asset within the FBI. He supervises the Task Force as they attempt to capture Reddington.

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