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The Blacklist Review Part 1

Raymond Reddington agrees to work with the FBI to catch other criminals on condition that he works only with Elizabeth Keen

By ChemutaiPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
The Blacklist

Raymond Reddington a former US Naval Intelligence officer turned one of the Most Wanted fugitives surrenders to the FBI. He is number four in the FBI's top ten most wanted fugitives.

He is taken into a black site by FBI Assistant Director Harold Cooper. He then claims to have a list of blacklisters; the most dangerous criminals and agrees to work with them on two conditions:

  1. Immunity from prosecution
  2. Cooperates only with FBI special agent Elizabeth Keen.

Now let's dive into season reviews.

Season 1.

  • It's agent Elizabeth's first day, and as per Reddington's demands, she is brought in to work with him.
  • A Task Force called 'Reddington Task Force' led by Assistant Director Harold Cooper is formed. Reddington shares a list 'blacklist' of criminals that he has worked with and the FBI is tasked with capturing or killing them.
  • Donald Ressler is conflicted by the decision for the FBI to work with Reddington since he was originally tasked with capturing him.
  • Elizabeth Keen discovers that her husband Tom Keen who is a school teacher is a covert operative.
  • Berlin; a former Russian KGB officer who has a longstanding hatred for Reddington is introduced.
  • There is also a Cabal, a multinational group that holds position of influence in government and business and is represented by Alan Fitch, the Deputy Director of National Intelligence.

Season 2.

  • Reddington starts war with the Canal over the Fulcrum. Fulcrum is a digital repository of information about illegal activities by the Canal.
  • Samar Navabi, a former agent of the Mossad is introduced as the new Task Force member. Samar has a connection with Reddington.
  • Peter Kotsiopulos the Director of National Clandestine Services and a key member of the Cabal is also interested in the Fulcrum.
  • Elizabeth Keen investigates Tom's double life and they also end their marriage. Liz ends up being tried over her involvement in a murder committed by Tom and the subsequent cover-up. Ultimately Liz and Tom reconcile.
  • Liz kills Tom Connolly the U. S. Attorney General and secret member of The Cabal and ends up on the run from the FBI and the Task Force.

Season 3

  • Liz and Reddington are on the run from the Task Force and the FBI.
  • Private intelligence contractor Susan "Scottie" Hargrave, the mother of secret agent Tom Keen, mercenary Mattias Solomon, and ex-United States Navy officer Nez Rowan are introduced.
  • Alexander Kirk, also known as Konstantin Rostov, claims to be Liz's father and will stop at nothing to protect her and win her loyalty.
  • Liz gets pregnant and Mr. Kaplan's (Reddington's cleaner) efforts to protect Liz and Tom's daughter from Reddington.

Season 4.

  • Alexander Kirk discovers that Liz is not his daughter and abandons his obsession with winning her trust and loyalty.
  • Reddington attempts to kill Mr. Kaplan for her efforts in hiding Liz and her baby from him. She survives the attack and begins exposing the trail of dead bodies left by Reddington’s criminal activities.
  • Mr. Kaplan attempts to dismantle Reddington’s organization.
  • FBI Agent Julian Gale, the former partner of Donald Ressler, is assigned to the Reddington investigation and Gale tries to use Mr. Kaplan's knowledge to bring down Reddington.
  • A suitcase containing human bones of unknown origins is revealed.
  • Season 5

    • Reddington's greatest secret (a suitcase containing an unidentified human skeleton) has been missing.
    • During the search, Reddington and Dembe are faced by a new adversary Ian Garvey, a corrupt Deputy US Marshal and drug kingpin who wants the suitcase to undermine Reddington's criminal empire.
    • Elizabeth questions the relationship with Raymond about whether he is her biological father or not.
    • She later discovers the existence of Fiona Dourif who has an unexpected connection to Reddington.
    • It is discovered that the real Raymond Reddington was already dead and that the man claiming to be him was an impostor.

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