The 10 Best Scarlet Witch Moments In The MCU

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The 10 Best Scarlet Witch Moments In The MCU
Scarlet Witch in Avengers: Age Of Ultron

After four films as a supporting player, Wanda Maximoff, aka the Scarlet /Witch, is set to take centre stage in the new Disney + series WandaVision. Expected to arrive in December for a run of six episodes, WandaVision is set to explain how Wanda comes to be known as the Scarlet Witch.

While already one of the most powerful characters in the MCU, Wanda is set to become even more important as the films and other upcoming series prepare to dive into the multiverse. In the comics, the Scarlet Witch is the Nexus being of Earth 616, making her vital to the stability of the multiverse.

In celebration of the upcoming release of WandaVision, let's look back at the MCU's best Scarlet Witch moments so far, and how they might hint towards the future.

1. "Nothing is more horrifying than a miracle"

We first see Wanda in the mid-credits scene of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. A Hydra member meets with Wolfgang Von Strucker, concerned at the news that Nick Fury has leaked all of Hydra's information to the public. Strucker is unconcerned, saying Fury has only leaked what he knows, and that the Avengers will be too busy chasing it all down to interfere with their experiments. Only two volunteers have survived said experiments: Wanda and Pietro Maximoff. Strucker proudly presents the twins to his visitor, telling him that the Avengers will meet the twins eventually, as Pietro speeds uncontrollably around his cell, and Wanda makes some wooden blocks float with her powers.

"It is not a world of spies, anymore.. not even a world of heroes. This is the age of miracles, Doctor.. and there is nothing more horrifying than a miracle."

The final shot has Wanda smash the blocks with her new powers, before the scene fades to black. The rather eerie sequence lets viewers know exactly what to expect from the Scarlet Witch in future films.

2. "Time for some mind games.."

After escaping from the base in which they were being held when the Avengers raid it at the beginning of Avengers: Age Of Ultron, the Maximoff twins, blaming Tony Stark for the deaths of their parents, soon join forces with the film's villain, Ultron. The Avengers track Ultron and the twins to Ulysses Klaue's base in Johannesburg, and it is here that the Scarlet Witch proves just how dangerous she is. She manipulates the minds of Thor, Captain America, and the Black Widow, incapacitating all three as they experience troubling beings. Worst of all, she sends the Hulk on an uncontrollable rampage through the city.

As Wanda comes to regret many of her actions in the first half of Age Of Ultron, her mind manipulation abilities haven't seen much use following this scene. However, it's very possible they will come into play in WandaVision.

3. "Can you stop this thing?"

Once they realise that Ultron wants to destroy all life on Earth, rather than just the Avengers, Wanda and Pietro quickly turn against the evil AI. The twins choose to aid Captain America when they find him battling Ultron on a train. When the driver is knocked unconscious and the train derailed, Wanda is the only one who can stop it, and she manages to do so, just in the nick of time.

She struggles to stop the train initially, so this is a great scene to look back on for anyone tracking the progression of Wanda's powers throughout the films.

4. Becoming an Avenger

After the birth of The Vision, The Maximoff twins officially team up with the Avengers in order to save the people of their home country, Sokovia, from Ultron. Wanda, wracked with guilt over everything she has helped to cause, suffers a minor breakdown during the battle, and ends up hiding in a rundown old building with Hawkeye. Not wanting to force Wanda into anything she isn't ready for, Hawkeye delivers a speech which, while not pushy, still proves inspirational.

"It doesn't matter what you did or what you were. You go out there you fight, and you fight to kill. Stay in here you're good, I'll send your brother to come find you, but if you step out that door.. you are an Avenger."

Hawkeye returns to the battle alone. But, just as he appears to be overwhelmed, Wanda bursts through the doors of the old building and comes to his rescue, easily dispatching every Ultron in the immediate vicinity.

The scene of Wanda coming through the door is so iconic that it earned a place in the opening fanfare now used for every MCU film.

5. "It felt like that.."

Wanda is left devastated when her twin brother, Pietro, is killed during the battle. As the other Avengers shift their focus to evacuating the remaining civilians, Wanda tracks down one of the final Ultrons, laying battered in an old train carriage. Ultron reminds Wanda that if she stays there, she'll likely die. In response, Wanda uses her powers to rip out Ultron's mechanical heart and crush it.

"I just did.. Do you know how it felt?.. It felt like that."

Initially a heart breaking moment for the Scarlet Witch, the scene becomes almost sweet when Vision arrives to rescue her from the crumbling city, setting up their relationship in future films.

6. "I can't control their fear, only my own"

After a tragic accident involving her powers at the beginning of Captain America: Civil War, Wanda ends up confined to the Avengers compound, guarded by Vision. Hawkeye, sent by Captain America, arrives to rescue Wanda from her captivity. Vision quickly subdues him, at which point Wanda, able to exert some control over Vision due to their power coming from the same source, reluctantly turns her abilities against the synthezoid, dropping him through multiple floors of the building.

"I can't control their fear.. only my own."

While an impressive show of Wanda's growing powers, the scene has heart breaking implications come Avengers: Infinity War, when Vision realises that only Wanda can destroy the Mind Stone.

7. Scarlet Witch Vs The Black Order

Wanda and Vision's romantic getaway in Edinburgh comes to a dramatic end when they are attacked by three members of The Black Order, Thanos's children. Wanda, with great effort, manages to hold them all off until Captain America and the other Secret Avengers come to the rescue.

The scene is great for showing how close Wanda and Vision have become, and again, how powerful Wanda is. If she hadn't had the seriously injured Vision to worry about, it's quite possible she could have defeated the Black Order on her own.

8. "Why was she up there all this time?"

After the attack by the Black Order, the team takes Vision to Wakanda to see if the Mind Stone can be safely removed from his head. Unfortunately, Thanos's forces arrive just as Vision's surgery begins. As the other Avengers and the Wakandan army head out to hold them off, Wanda stays behind, ordered to destroy the stone as soon as Shuri removes it. However, Wanda struggles with watching her friends risk their lives. At one point, as Black Widow and Okoye are about to be shredded by a giant alien weapon, Wanda arrives on the battle field, just in time to save them and hurl the weapon at enemy forces instead. Okoye utters the immediately iconic line:

"Why was she up there all this time?"

Aside from it's now iconic status, the scene is great for showing how Wanda's powers have grown. While she struggles to stop a train in Age of Ultron, in Infinity War, she lifts a huge alien war machine with ease.

9. Wanda is forced to destroy Vision.. while also holding back Thanos

Unfortunately, the plan to remove the Mind Stone from Vision's head doesn't work out. When Thanos arrives in Wakanda, needing only one stone to complete the set, Vision begs Wanda to destroy him to keep the Mind Stone from the Mad Titan's clutches, and Wanda tearfully agrees. The other Avengers attempt to keep Thanos at bay while Wanda carries out her horrible task, but he picks them off one by one. Poor Wanda is left to hold back Thanos with one hand, while destroying the love of her life with the other.

Sadly, the whole ordeal proves pointless when Thanos rewinds time and takes the Stone anyway, but we should not let the tragedy of the scene take away from the power it took to do what Wanda did. She held of Thanos with a nearly complete Infinity Gauntlet.. That's something no other Avenger could manage.

10. "You took everything from me!"

During the final battle in Avengers: Endgame, the teams efforts to get the Stones to the Quantum Tunnel almost end before they begin when Thanos almost intercepts Black Panther, until the Scarlet Witch arrives, still raw with rage and grief over Vision's death.

"You took everything from me."

As Wanda faces down Thanos, causing him to drop his weapon and slowly stripping him of his armour, the Mad Titan seems truly afraid for the first time. He is only able to shake her off by ordering his ship to rain fire on the battlefield, disregarding his own troops.

Kevin Feige, the creative head of the MCU, confirmed that Wanda would likely had killed Thanos had her attack gone uninterrupted.

We can't wait to see the Scarlet Witch's powers continue to grow when WandaVision hits Disney Plus in December.

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