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Survivor: Edge of Extinction Finale and Reunion Show

Season Finale!

By Nathan MillerPublished 5 years ago 7 min read
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Wow! Such an epic finale! First off, that beginning challenge, awesome! Watching those 11 fight to get back in was so epic all the way to the finish with Chris, who waited 28 days to return finally getting back in the game, just amazing. Then, realizing how much the castaways who lost, both new and returning, learned about themselves and felt thankful for the experiences that they received while on the Edge of Extinction was really heartwarming and beautiful to hear. Anyway, now, it feels like a new game. The final six, fight to the finish, should be good. Also, Joe, you tried man, good job and keep the hair.

Back at camp, some like Victoria became wary of having Chris, while others like Devens saw an opportunity. Chris gave a speech about how he's just happy to be back, even if he gets voted out again, even if he didn't mean it, nice speech. This speech made Victoria nervous, knowing the speech was untrue and that people would want to team up with Chris and Devens did just that, even promising to help him with the idol if need be. However, Lauren did as well with her idol since Chris told her that Wentworth wanted her to use the idol correctly in order to be considered in terms of jury management. At the challenge, it was a quick race, which lead to puzzle building with Julie leading. And when she got stuck, much to Devens' surprise, Chris helped Julie win immunity as well as steak and chocolate cake. Julie then chose Chris and Lauren to join her for the reward, which left Devens disappointed and confused at Chris helping Julie.

At the reward, the three ate and agreed to either take Devens out or get Victoria out should Devens play the idol. Meanwhile at camp, Victoria and Gavin considered taking out Chris and wanted Rick's help and he considered it. Then, Chris came back to camp and he and Rick spoke. Chris proved Rick's trust by giving him half his idol that Rick and David had before. (Chris received it after reentering the game). Chris even asked Lauren to save him should Rick play his idol. And at Tribal Council, that's what happened. After the tribe spoke, with Rick beginning to get emotional after being on the bottom for so long, the tribe voted, Rick played his idol, Lauren played her idol on Chris and Victoria was blindsided in an insane tribal council.

The next day, Rick went and hunted, as did everyone else, for a new idol. Rick ultimately was the finder of the said idol. He then gave the half idol back to Chris, giving him a full idol and keeping himself safe as well. Then, Julie & Lauren ended up finding fake idols that Rick hid, much to his (and honestly my) amusement. That was hilarious to witness and just perfect. They were thrilled yet unaware. At the immunity challenge, it was a tough battle to get bags and finish a puzzle. Ultimately though, it was between Rick and Gavin, with Rick winning himself immunity for the fourth time this season. Before Tribal Council, the plan for Lauren, Julie and Gavin was to vote Chris. But, Chris spoke with Lauren and Gavin about taking out Julie. Meanwhile, Rick had Gavin promise (Gavin lied though) to take him to the final three should he win the final four immunity and in return, Rick would play his idol for him at tribal council. And at tribal council, it was a talk about trust, who could beat Devens in the final four tie breaker challenge and Chris wanting to trust Lauren but not fully trusting her. Ultimately, idols, real and fake were played. Julie and Lauren played their fake idols, Rick and Chris, Rick for Gavin, Chris for himself, played real idols and Jeff wondered if anyone else would after so many idols were played. And ultimately, it was Lauren who was voted out of the game, joining the jury.

At the final immunity challenge, it was a race to stack blocks spelling "Final 3" while balancing and holding a rope, not wanting to get the blocks to fall and force them to start over. Overall in this challenge, most people kept dropping over and over, but one person kept their composure, stayed calm and won the final immunity challenge and it was Chris, the man who returned from the Edge of Extinction after being voted out on the third episode of the season and not returning until Day 35, won and was guaranteed to make it to the end.

Before Tribal Council, Chris told Rick directly that he would have to do fire, even though Rick pleaded to him, since Rick was the biggest threat of the season, Rick had to do the fire making challenge. Chris even helped Gavin and Julie in fire making so that Devens wouldn't make it to the end. But at Tribal Council, a shocking decision was made. Chris gave up his immunity necklace to Julie and volunteered to participate in the fire making challenge himself. To prove himself against arguably the best player this season, Rick Devens. This was a risk but ultimately, it worked as Chris beat Rick, making Rick the final member of the jury, ending his game at Day 38 to everyone clapping and making the final 3 consist of Chris, Gavin and Julie.

Then came, Day 39, where the finalists feasted on a delicious breakfast and pondered on their overall games. In all honesty, each of them played pretty different games and all deserve to win for different reasons. Julie played pretty quietly but was not bad with relationships. Gavin was much more strategic and good at challenges. Meanwhile, Chris survived on the Edge of Extinction, surviving and thriving with little resources, training to and eventually returning to the game and then playing as hard as he could to get to the end with as little time as he had.

At the final tribal council, there was a lot of talk about the finalists and how they played in their categories of Outwit, Outplay and Outlast. And the three were all praised and scolded where need be. Gavin was a strong social player, but he didn't play as well as he could've. Chris played a great game but didn't play the full 39 days in the game, he was at the Edge of Extinction most of the time. And Julie was a nice and smart lady but didn't play that hard. So, it seems like it could be anyone's game but only one will win and it'll be interesting to see who it is.

And it ended up being a very interesting final vote. But ultimately, it ended up being an epic story. as despite having just barely returning from the Edge of Extinction, Chris was declared the Sole Survivor of Survivor's 38th season, Survivor: Edge of Extinction. Oh my gosh, looking back, I never expected Chris to be the winner of this season but I am very happy to see him as the winner. His journey of being voted out so soon yet fighting hard to return and playing his best moves every single day that he could won him the game and he definitely deserved it.

And of course the reunion, beautiful. Chris winning, Rick still being friends with him (and David), Gavin having his family as his real win, David comparing being on the Edge of Extinction then going home as going to an out of food restaurant but leaving with a full belly, his story with his girlfriend, Wentworth getting emotional, Cochran being at the reunion, Julie showing who she really is and Rick getting 100k from Sia and that was just the first part of the reunion. Next, talking with more of this season's castaways, like Reem's 32 day Edge of Extinction experience, Wendy inspiring others with disabilities like her Tourette's, Julia's story with her father, WarDog's incredible personality, Aubry's fight in the game even after her early blindside, Lauren's pass out experience, Ron and his teaching career and Aurora with her constant wanting of a bond and inspiring others.

And now, next season, HOLY CRAP! Boston Rob and Sandra are mentoring new players. This gonna be an epic season. Survivor: Island of the Idols, this is gonna be a wonderful season and I can't wait to see it this Fall.

Overall, Survivor: Edge of Extinction has been a tremendous season filled with amazing castaways, great gameplay, many hidden immunity idols, a lot of heart and a surprising but deserving Sole Survivor. I am so happy that this season turned out this way and next season will be perfect. Thank you Survivor, I can't wait for next season and I will keep applying til I get on. #Survivor #SurvivorEdgeofExtinction #EdgeofExtinction #CongratsChris #GoodTryRickDevens #AmazingSeason #FakeIdols #IslandoftheIdols #Outstanding #OneOfMyAllTimeFavoriteSeasonsNow #Perfection #Survivor38 #Survivor39ComingSoon #Finale #CastMeCBS


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