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'Survivor: Edge of Extinction' Episode 12

Another Awesome Episode of a Fantastic Season of 'Survivor'

By Nathan MillerPublished 5 years ago 3 min read
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Wow! What a great episode of Survivor tonight! First off, good job taking out Ron—it was a great move. Also, Rick, nice work on attempting to convince them that you got the idol from the Edge of Extinction. Unfortunately for you, Lauren has an idol so she knows where they come from so she didn't buy it. Also, nice job again to Rick since HE FOUND ANOTHER IDOL! YAHOO! Rick is one of my faves this season, he is absolutely awesome, and I can't wait to see him continue his amazing work this season.

As for the reward challenge, great challenge, simple and quick. Overall, Aurora the challenge beast was close but Gavin won it and took Victoria & Lauren with him, pissing off Aurora who doesn't really get rewards (like Victoria, who Gavin claimed he picked because she didn't get many rewards). So, something was shown, looks like maybe Aurora may have a change of thought in who she wants with her. At the reward, Gavin, Victoria & Lauren enjoyed a beautiful helicopter ride around the island and a great feast, knowing Aurora would be mad but enjoyed their feast anyway. As for Aurora, she was a little bitter but got reassured by Victoria when she, Gavin & Lauren returned that the four person alliance (though we learn at the reward that they really are a three, though Lauren doesn't want Julie to go despite her alliance's wishes) is still good. Aurora sees that as her best option, despite feeling upset about the reward because she doesn't want to flip and lose to Rick at the end.

At the Edge of Extinction, the booted castaways all read emotional letters that they wrote themselves before they started the game. These letters got them boosted back up and excited to continue the game, ready to go back in. Back at camp, Rick put his tribe on a idol hunt/chase/hide and seek type scenario. Knowing he had the idol, he ran off into different places with his fellow castaways all looking around for an idol, not realizing he already had it. Meanwhile he was still running around, hiding, going to different places, watching everyone else struggle so beautifully. At the immunity challenge, it was a race to get letter blocks to a puzzle board, past balance beams, see-saws, etc., all while carrying the blocks with two small holder things. Aurora didn't like letter puzzles but did well, Victoria had to remind Jeff of her existence and the game continued to go in Rick's favor as he won immunity, saving himself once again. So now he has immunity and an idol, nice.

Back at camp, the plan was obviously Julie, the only other person besides Rick not in the main four. But the game isn't over. The main four knew Rick & Julie would vote Aurora and they are planning it. Julie even spoke with Lauren about it, who was into it, knowing that Aurora was a much bigger threat and Julie is her ally. Though, when she spoke with Gavin, he insisted on talking with Victoria, but Lauren made the mistake of telling him that she'd be down even if Victoria said no. Then, Gavin spoke to his #1 ally, Victoria, who shot down the plan and told her about Lauren wanting even when Victoria would (and did) say no. This scared Victoria and will make this even more interesting. As for Rick, he still has a plan up his sleeve to keep his ally safe in the game. At Tribal Council, Aurora spoke about how she still wanted Rick out. And the tribe spoke about how Julie is likely to go. Until, Rick pulled a fast one on everyone, claiming he'd play the idol he found for Julie and anyone other than those two will go. This shook everyone and gave them tons of fear, though Aurora didn't buy it. And, it ended up being right—he didn't play it. But, she should've realized something else, that it would cause everyone else to change their votes and blindside Aurora, which is what happened. She was blindsided so perfectly. Overall, this has been an amazing episode of Survivor and I can't wait to see what happens on the finale next week, it's gonna be a great end to a great season!

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