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By Alexandrea CallaghanPublished 4 days ago Updated 4 days ago 4 min read

Now in the first article I wrote about this re-watch I showed a personal attachment to certain episodes, but this season is so much harder because the dynamic between Tennant and Piper and their chemistry is so so beautiful to watch that I simply love and adore every single episode of them together.

Tennant's first episode as the Doctor was a Christmas special and what I love most about it is how caring, and protective Rose is over him. She really doesn’t understand what’s happened yet she just knows that his face has changed right in front of her. So when he wakes up and by his very presence, by his very energy she knows that he's her doctor. It's just a very sweet moment, when he's a little sarcastic and he looks at her and goes “oh that was a bit rude wasn’t it” and she just nods at him and says yeah. It shows that despite his regeneration that their relationship is still very real. I also know that this is entirely an internet theory but I really love the idea of it, that the regeneration of the doctor reveals the relationship with their last companion. Like it was very clear that Eccelston’s doctor and Rose were very much in love but his appearance was too old for her so when he regenerated he got younger and cuter and they are very clearly very well matched. And the fact that they are best friends in real life really shows through.

Episodes 1-4 are absolute perfection, you get to see the relationship between Rose and the Doctor grow and deepen, there's a little bit of jealousy from Rose toward the other women they encounter that the Doctor shows affection towards but in turn you also see the Doctor let her know that she’s different and it's very clear that this 900 year old being has never actually been in love before. I love this because you can see the doctor actually connecting. The episode with Sarah Jane is one that I love because it confronts a lot of things about the Doctor. He doesn’t age so he only travels with these companions so long not just for their sake but for his, he doesn’t want to see people he loves and cares about grow old and die when there is nothing he can do about it. So like Sarah Jane said, in order to protect himself he drops them back into their normal lives at some point and then leaves. When Rose realizes all of this they also share this moment that tells us as an audience that she is clearly different. He would rip worlds apart for her and you can see the love and affection between David and Billie here.

Now I can’t possibly choose the best episodes because truly they are all great, so I’m simply going to tell you which ones are alright to skip.

Starting with episode 5, now it is the first episode of the reboot where we meet cybermen so if context, and backstory are super important to you then by all means go for it, but if you need the essence of each Doctor so that you can catch up, this one isn't entirely necessary, there's some internal struggle from Mickey but that's nothing new, and it takes place on an alternate version of earth which gives an interesting dynamic as we see Rose meet different versions of her parents but as character and story go, it's nothing groundbreaking.

This is one of the most heartbreaking seasons on television. David Tennent is such an incredible Doctor and because you were already attached to Rose and the Doctor before Tenant took over, falling in love with them as a couple this season was effortless and beyond easy.

Rose gets trapped in a different world, mirroring the main one in every way except here she doesn’t have the Doctor. It's one of the most painful endings the audience ever had to experience because we all knew they were in love and now Rose is alone and so is the Doctor. And we already know how lonely the Doctor is, so seeing him lose his love and companion is rough.

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