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Show Review: Rick & Morty

No Spoilers

By Jesse GuerreroPublished 7 years ago 2 min read
From Adult Swim's Youtube channel

The theme of the show is sci-fi/comedy set in the 21st century. Rick, the guy who looks like drunk Einstein, is so smart he has passed modern technology leaving normal people behind but keeping Morty with him as his sidekick. This is shown in the first 30 seconds. It is common to say Rick & Morty is like Back To The Future although there are only a few major similarities.

At the bottom right you will see the label; "[Adult Swim]". It runs the nighttime programming of Cartoon Network. It is important to note that the intended audience is not kids. Anything under the Adult Swim label is meant for an adult but it is common for people as young as 13 to watch the night time programming.

Rick & Morty is both hilarious and inappropriate. The type of comedy shown in this show is satire, which means; “the use of sarcasm and ridicule when shedding light on the faults of others”. Most young teenagers and kids won't understand satire because they have not had enough experiences to recognize and appreciate the statement.

The show definitely looks like it's for kids but so did South Park. The animation, background and colors are highly influenced by The Simpsons and Futurama. Rick & Morty requires a good understanding of English and a big vocabulary. Life experience and an open mind contribute to appreciating the content of the show. Although the show looks like the type to require little thinking to figure out, it sometimes is quite challenging to understand.

Rick explains his perspective of common traditions and generally has the opposite opinion of what is common. It is generally attributed to his intelligence that he doesn’t follow everyone else. You can gain wisdom from this show by paying attention to the differences in perspective and actively seeking to understand what the characters are saying. The challenge most of the time is getting the joke. Generally, a lot of what they say helps the viewer think outside the box and gain a wider view on reality.

People new to English can struggle to understand this show because of its references to American ideals, movies, and culture. The main problem is that the writers didn’t make Rick simple. It won’t be easy to understand like Family Guy where Peter has a small vocabulary or in the Simpsons where Homer had an even smaller vocabulary. They instead made Rick give persuasive comebacks and heavy pieces of advice that if you really stopped to think about had great meaning and insight.

The best part of Rick & Morty is how they solve problems. They don’t do what is generally done and the adventure continues dramatically in a very unique way because of how their universe is set up. The scenarios they go through, like most cartoon shows, are impossible to be recreated in real life. This satisfies that “what if” feeling we get whenever we feel fantasize grand situations.

Rick & Morty has more of a storyline than a show like Spongebob or Family Guy, but has less of a story line than One Piece, Handmaids Tale and Harry Potter. There is a lot of character development and shock value. There is good music and the voice acting is spot on and unique. If you are 16+, love a channel like Comedy Central and don’t mind coarse jokes I would recommend this show to you. Here is a little something to spark your interest.

I hope you watch and enjoy the show!

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