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Second Home In Karjat

Bird Song Avenues offers Ready-Made Hill-Top Villas with NA Plots for Every Budget in Karjat ranging from 2500 to 4000 sq.ft

By BirdSong Avenues Published about a year ago 4 min read

Concept of Second Home Getting in trend

The trend of copping an alternate home is snappily picking up with the post covid decline in the real estate request rates and the ease of getting home loans. Alternate homes generally come as an affordable luxury option where people are espousing it as a life choice and perhaps earn income out of it. Buyers generally invest in parcels that are developed by famed builders as the certainty of the property rates getting appreciated is high. Another plus being, these parcels offer a variety of amenities and luxuries that are sure to make it a vital choice of investment. Economically, the alternate home investments request is fresh in India and the position makes the investment quantum to be cheaper than a megacity property investment. A catchy factor that eventually pegs the last nail in the buying decision is that numerous of these alternate homes in Karjat guarantee a regular rental yield, serving as a source of generating unresistant income

Why a Second Home in Karjat?

Karjat is a developing community wherein one can find plots and detailedly constructed homes at ease. These homes are majorly employed as holiday homes by the possessors, as a family or musketeers getaway during the weekends or carnivals. A major factor that has made alternate homes in Karjat so desirable is the property rate. Where a majority of people ca n't go to enjoy their own house in Mumbai or Pune, Karjat offers luxurious bungalows and estates at an important cheaper rate than any 1 BHK or 1.5 BHK homes in the metropolises. Along with this, these alternate homes are well defended with a reopened community offering a maximum position of security to the residents. With similar investments, it indeed makes the middle- class income families enjoy a luxurious manner of theirs which otherwise seems a near- insolvable task. Also, because of the forthcoming development systems, the parcels are anticipated to appreciate in the coming future making Karjat a hot spot for real estate investment near Mumbai


Lately, the proposed plan of the Neral- Bhimashankar trace has been passed offering better connectivity and reducing the exchange hours between Mumbai and Karjat. This particular development has also interested a lot of buyers who were seeking an alternate home investment. A large number of holiday estates have been sprouting recently around Karjat. With farms as an option for an alternate home, Karjat also offers veritably intriguing and super luxurious resort parcels that can be taken up as alternate homes.

When we talk about alternate homes in Karjat, we're looking at a lavish life full of amenities and luxuries, put away in the green, with commodious estates, and a constant rise in the appreciation value of the property. These factors have attracted a lot of investments in recent times, the appreciation and return of which is sure to be a good bone

BirdSong Avenues, The Hilltop Urban Village

Make your dream of buying a second home a reality. Affordable NA Villa Plots on Sahyadri Hilltop, Karjat.

Feel the blissful experience of living in ecological paradise as we bring you a Luxurious yet Pocket friendly Second Homes without compromising on the quality.

Without any hassle, without any worry, move into your lovely Space.

Redefine your urban living by being closest to nature's glory. Watch the beautiful view of both sunrise & sunsets from the top of the hill.

Hear the melodious songs of the birds near your avenue. With your grand parents or with your kids, spend your evenings by relaxing on a machan where you can watch the colourful, vibrant & musical birds in the wonderfully created bird ecosystem.

Premium Amenities


Relive the child in you,

Relive the forgotten dreams,

Relive the sacrificed hobbies,

Relive all of this with us in

Our Club House

That caters to your wishes.

We call it a "Hobby House".

From Singing to Dancing,

To Playing guitar or badminton,

To reading books or painting on a canvas,

Indulge in any activity

That you couldn't do due to Urban Hectic life.

Activities to Indulge in

Energise yourself with engaging in calming activities & adventurous sports.

From Multi-Purpose Court to Swimming Pool

From Bird Watching Machans to Recreation Areas

From Trekking to Hiking

From Jamming Sessions to Cycling

From Long Walks to Solitary Reading

Bird Song Avenues serves as an exquisite refuge to tranquillise your mind & body.


With the aroma of organic coffee beans,

With the delightful food to amaze your taste buds,

With the first morning cup of tea,

With a serene view surrounding you,

We bring you a Cafeteria,

Not the lavish one,

but one that makes you feel like home,

Cozy, raw, green & completely natural!

Bird Sanctuary

Revive your inner free spirit with the charms & chirpings of exotic birds in a beautifully created Bird Ecosystem.

Enjoy sight-seeings of various bird species in the breezy atmosphere

Pied Kingfisher

Red Wattled Lapwing

Black Kite

Pied (Crested) Cuckoo

Scaly Breasted Munia

Black Shouldered Kite

Indian Robin

Oriental Magpie Robin

Little Cormorant

Night Heron

Cinnamon Bittern

Coppersmith Barbet

Cattle Egret

Pond Herons

Asian Koel


BirdSong Avenues, a Gated Community of Sixty Fully Furnished 2BHK Villas on an Individually Owned Karjat Hill-Top, is one of the finest, luxurious yet most affordable second home project in Kurung Village, Karjat.

Perfect Weekend destination? Yes.

Would you utilize it for permanent residence? Maybe yes. Mostly No.


Total Cost of unit: 60 Lacs

ROI (Rental Returns): 1.20 Lacs Per Year

Maintenance: 36,000/- Per Year (Done By Us)

Net Revenue: 1.56 Lacs Per Year

Live in Luxury of Karjat Homes

The luxury of the resort and the amenities all at an affordable price make the offer too good to refuse. The advantage of retaining resort homes as alternate homes is that these parcels come a constant source of earning income because of the high ROI and also the yearly income the parcels induce. These resorts boast superior quality structure and world- class amenities that are possessed by famed real estate companies, therefore luxury, comfort, and good return on investment are guaranteed.


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BirdSong Avenues

Bird Song Avenues offers Ready-Made Hill-Top Villas with NA Plots for Every Budget in Karjat ranging from 2500 to 4000 Sq.ft.

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