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Looking for a good romantic WEBTOON? Here some good ones!

By Rich BurtonPublished 3 months ago 5 min read

Webtoon has become my newest obsession and I want to share these creative artists and their stories. In no particular order and no particular sub-genre, here are some romantic webtoons. There will be another part to this, so stay tuned.

Age Matters

Status: Completed (daily pass)

Rose, thinking she is too old for marriage after her boyfriend cheats on her and not having accomplished anything with her life she finds herself taking over her friends housekeeping and meets a younger guy named Daniel. He happens to be a CEO of a successful company on the rise. When they both find each other, they grind each other’s gears but after spending time together they realize they need each other and Daniel makes Rose his secretary!

Devil Number 4

Status: Completed (daily pass)

Hannah is content with her sad life because her life has always been that way. Her parents didn’t love her and she has always gotten the shaft. One day a devil marked Number 4 comes into her life. He offers all she could want to get out of her depresssing life and she accepts on one condition. They need to date?

The Remarried Empress

Status: Ongoing (Season 3 just started)

A very popular series and now written in print this series follows an empress who is pushed aside by a new mistress her husband has claimed. And now she is pregnant leaving the empress to figure out a new plan for her life. Bring in a King of the country who has admired her from afar and he offers her a deal to become his wife in case of a divorce. Weighing her options, she must decide if her old life will thrive in this new situation or if she should become the Queen of another nation.

Devilish Romance

Status: Completed (daily pass)

Honestly, I didn’t really enjoy this one but the beginning was hilarious and also heartbreaking. It’s about a devil who is reincarnated into a human, but remembers everything about his time as a devil. He goes into the legal world to find those who are devils and get back into the good graces of the realm. He meets his match in one of his superiors and has to manage her demons while trying to find his own way back to Hell. But will her charm be too much for him?

Let’s Play

Status: Ongoing (hiatus, currently)

This series is about a girl who wants to be more experienced in the ways of relationships and men. She hasn’t really had experience with guys and is still the virgin playing video games with her friends. But once a famous video game reviewer gives her new game a bad review she get out of her comfort zone to give that man a piece of her mind. Then he moves next door!

Hello, Baby

Status: Ongoing (new)

From the same creator of Age Matters, comes this new series about a man and woman who have one encounter on a cruise ship and get a baby out of it! Starting their relationship again when the baby is born, misunderstandings start to happen and the journey to love again might not happen!

Take Me, I’m Yours

Status: Completed

This one took me for a loop. I loved it and I hated it all at the same time. It’s about two people who fall in love in purgatory and have to persuade each in different mediums that they used to love each other back in the real world. The reason why I didn’t like was because the ML just gave me weird vibes. I loved the FL and was very interested in her perspective.

Operation: True Love

Status: Ongoing

I feel like this story is about to come to a close, but it is so engaging and the art is lovely. We meet our heroine and she is in a relationship with a boy who is cheating on her and she finds a cell phone that tells her she has zero love points whilst everyone has great numbers! Why does she have no love points? She sets out to found out what the problem is and finds out more about herself and those around her.

Leveling Up My Husband to the Max

Status: Completed

I just finished this Webtoon and it was amazing! The heroine is sent back in time to save herself and her unborn child from getting killed. She has to remember things from her other life to help her now. She starts by repairing the relationship with her husband and repairing the baron and poisoned land they live in.

There Must Be Happy Endings

Status: Completed

A women stuck in a loveless marriage full of misunderstanding and tragedy, she is thrust back in time to change her fate, restore her marriage, and solve a murder! More twists and turns are set to come your way, but hoping that there is an actual happy ending.

Marry My Husband

Status: Completed

Jiwon has cancer and finds out that her best friend and her husband are sleeping together. When she catches them, they accidentally kill her sending her back 10 years into the past. She lands back at her old job before she had leave for treatment, She is now just dating her husband from her previous life and decides to ruin his life and her best friends while becoming a better version of herself.

The Duke’s Cursed Charm

Status: Completed (daily pass)

A dark Duke with a seducing power comes into a possession of a servant girl after raiding the house of a lowly noble man’s house. She perplexes him in every way after becoming his personal assistant. The servant is a girl who knows nothing of the world because she only grew up as a servant with no parents to speak of. Trusting the Duke she starts to uncover things in her mind are not all clear. These two go down a path that will test their relationship and make it more or one of them will die.

Charming the Duke of the North

Status: Ongoing (daily pass)

Rinha, is the most popular actress in Korea, but after a stunt gone wrong she is now playing the role of her life in another world! Going by Selina, she is now the mistress of a mysterious Duke of the North who is being threatened by an unknown person. She has to play this role to stay alive and find a way back to her world. With a handsome Duke on your shoulder, would you want to go back?


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Rich Burton

I’m a work from home mom with 2 crazy kids. I write for fun with the hopes of finishing my unfinished book!

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