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Anime about Demon Slaying

Need a good demon slayer anime? Here are some good options!

By Rich BurtonPublished 4 months ago 4 min read

To slay demons, to avenge one’s family, learning how to access great power within are all themes of these shows. Now it really depends on what “demons” means to you. In Demon Slayer, the demons are creatures who prey on humans (kind of like vampires), in Fire Force they are humans who have been possessed by an unknown fire source, and in Blue Exorcist they are evil spirits/demons. So depending on your definition, these shows have demon/monster slaying!

Demon Slayer

Tanjiro is an average boy loves his family and will do everything he can to protect them. Until one fateful night when Tanjiro has to stay the night somewhere else, a demon attacks his family and kills them all. Except his sister Nezuko, who has now become a demon. Tanjiro is now on a mission to turn his sister back to a human and kill all the demons so this doesn’t happen to anyone else ever again. Tanjiro doesn't have an easy road ahead, but his sweet nature and determination to save his sister won’t make him back down so easily. The newest season is coming out in spring 2024 and I am so stoked!


An oldie, but a goldie. This is kind of like a starter anime for most and it is a great one to start with! It’s about a schoolgirl named Kagome who has suddenly found a portal through time and is now involved with a half-demon named, Inuyasha. They go on a wild adventure slaying demons, making friends, and solving age old mysteries while also trying to pass midterms. There is a new series about his daughter and Sesshomaru’s twins! I haven’t watched it yet, but it looks good and I’ve heard a title cathartic for those who watched the series and wanted more!

Jujutsu Kaisen

I have been watching the new season religiously! It is amazing and sad and the animation is done so well in the fight scenes.

But the show is about a boy named Yuji Itadori who, after a tragic life, gets into a more tragic situation that could maybe turn for him? He swallows the rotten finger of an ancient Curse and now becomes the vessel to the most powerful cursed spirit Sukuna. After saving Megumi, a student Jujustu Sorcerer, Itadori is now under the care of the jujustu sorcerers who either want to kill him, save him, or use him. Watch to find out what happens to young Itadori and the curse who dwells inside him.


This is the only one on this list I haven’t seen, but it’s on my to watch list! A boy left for dead by his father to appease the twelve demon gods is found by a man who puts him back together. The man, Jukai, names this boy Hyakkimaru and raises him. Hyakkimaru is able to see the silhouette’s of spirits and now is on a mission to regain his body back from the demons who stole parts of his body. On his journey he meets a hold named Dororo, who ends up tagging along on his journey. Forming an unlikely friendship they begin to rely on each other.

Fire Force

250 years ago, the Great Cataclysm happened. The whole world was set blaze with very few habitable places left. The Fire Force was create in year 198 of Tokyo’s Solar Era and now fight the fires created by humans who spontaneously combust called, infernals. We follow the story of a young boy named Shinra, who has had a hard childhood, with still a smile on his face becomes part of the Fire Force company 8. He is a third generation pyrokinetic with feet that ignite at will. Using this power he tries to save others and find out what really happened to his family that one tragic night.

Blue Exorcist

With season three coming in 2024 this series is about twins, Rin and Yukio Okumura, who are the sons of a human woman and Satan. After a tragedy, Rin enrolls in True Cross academy to become an exorcist, where he finds out that his brother Yukio has been involved with the academy and knew he was a son Satan for a long time... and he’s a professor! Rin feeling a bit betrayed is thrust into a new world with a new set of fangs and a sword. Find out what becomes of Rin and Yukio to see if their Satan genes will take over or if they can resist.

Black Clover

Asta, a young magicless orphan, happens upon a sword that only he is unable to use. It is an anti-magic sword that cancels magic. He has always wanted to be a magic knight and after years and years of training his body to be the best it can be, Asta tries out with his friend Yuno, who is another orphan who has immense magical power. After being rejected by every magic knight captain, Yami the captain of the Black Bulls takes him in. As the Bulls begin to bring in their new recruits and train them, a darkness lurks creeping in to take over the clover kingdom. Find out how the magic knights keep the darkness at bay or if they can’t?

D.Gray Man

I haven’t seen this show in awhile, but it definitely is one of my favorites. It’s about a boy named Allen, who was taught by a now missing exorcist General Cross Marian and how he goes to the black order to become an exorcist. An Akuma (the demons of this story) are monsters who take over peoples bodies to create demons to roam the Earth. This is caused by the Millenium Earl “The Creator” who revives these demons. The exorcists use innocence, an anti-akuma weapon, a mysterious power used to kill Akuma.


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