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Netflix Original Series: Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Netflix Originals to watch if you need a fantasy or sci-fi kick!

By Rich BurtonPublished 9 months ago 5 min read

Netflix is starting to become an unpopular site due to no more password sharing, cutting series short, etc. However, some of the series they put out are good! Here are some that I think make the cut.

Sweet Tooth

In its second season, Sweet Tooth is about a boy who’s half deer half boy. He was created in a lab and then the apocalypse hit. He was taken to a cabin in Yellowstone by a friend of his creator and hidden from the world as it started to go to ruin. We watch as his world is turned upside, learning people want to kill him, there are others like him, and his mother (his creator) is out there somewhere. Hopefully looking for him.

Jupiter’s Legacy

So I’m pretty sure this show got cancelled, but it gives big Shazam vibes in my opinion. It follows the world’s first generation of superheroes, who got their powers back in the 1930’s. They were the generation of supers who created a system of justice to live by. Their children, however, received powers of their own with big reputations to live up to. Some are trying and some are failing. But the previous generation isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Shadow and Bone

On its second season, Shadow and Bone, has become a series to watch! I didn’t read the books, so watching this as a third party I really enjoyed it! The concept is fresh and a newer take on a chosen one who discovers they are destined to save the world from a dark being who has captured the world in its snares.

Fate: The Winx Saga

Another show on its second season and based on the animated series a lot of us probably watched as a kid, this show is actually just alright. The second season had more potential in my mind. We got to see more of the winx powers and the working together as a group instead of everyone getting to know each other. As their powers begin to grow and the dangers to the fairies rise up we see them get tested.

The Dark Crystal

This is a series I haven’t seen on this list. I just haven’t gotten to it yet! But, it is based on the film back in the 80’s. We watch as etc Gelflings go on a quest to restore the balance in the world of Thra. They must overthrow the evil ruling the Skeksis and restore to the crystal that is broken back to its full power.

V Wars

I just recently finished this series and I thought it actually wasn’t too bad. It’s just another typical vampire show that treats vampirism as a virus and those who are vampires are shunned from the real world. Mainly because they have the urge to kill humans and drink their blood. I enjoyed the concept and the twists at the end. I also liked seeing Ian Somerhalder in another vampire show, but that ending was just too cheesy for me!

The Innocents

Two teenagers, Harry and June, (above) run away to be together because of their controlling families. There journey takes a turn where they learn June has the ability to shape shift into other people. A scientist is tracking them down hoping to capture June to understand the reasoning behind her powers.

Lost in Space

I just started this series and I honestly don’t know how I feel about it. But I know the masses like so maybe I’ll have to keep going. The year is 2044 and humans are leaving Earth for a colony in the Alpha Centauri system. The Robinsons are sent hurtling in a different direction during a crisis on the main ship and they are now on an unfamiliar planet struggling to figure out how to survive.

The Irregulars

This series is based off of the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, with a fantasy twist created by Tom Bidwell. It is set in London in the Victorian age. It is about the Baker Street Irregulars who work for Doctor Watson and saved the city from Supernatural elements. I haven’t seen this series, but reading the summary and watching the trailer I am very interested!

The Sandman

“Sandman, bring me a dream.” This series really peaked my interest! I love Neil Gaiman and his writing so I was excited to see this come to screen. I also enjoyed the casting for the Sandman. His voice didn’t really match his face but it was very dreamy.

This series is about the Sandman getting captured by a cult group and leaving the dream world rotting for decades. When he finally reappears he has to gather all his tools he lost and repair the world he left behind.


A new concept for witches around Europe and we find a young boy who is destined to become evil because his father killed many of the witches. They are blood witches. A different kind of witch in the community. Knowing he is going to become a blood witch, Nathan tries to understand his transformation and find his father before it’s too late.

Lockwood & Co.

I really enjoyed this series! It is a little cliche and breaks the cliche fourth wall a bit, but it got me excited enough to want to read the books. It’s about ghost hunters and the ghosts that now plague the world. Going back to older weapons and means of destruction we find a group of rag tag kids who have extraordinary gifts to track these ghosts down.

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