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15 Best Anime on Crunchyroll

Some of the best Anime is now on Crunchyroll!

By Rich BurtonPublished 2 years ago 7 min read

Funimation is pretty much now Crunchyroll! Funimation still exists and there are articles online that discuss the merger in more detail- BUT, practically all the titles from Funimation are now on Crunchyroll! So it’s time to make the change and share some of the best titles on Crunchyroll!

Attack on Titan!

Living in a walled city seemed sheltering, but when the outside is full of massive human-eating giants the inside seems pretty good. For Eren Yeager, the outside is exactly where he wants to be. He wants to fight and kill the beasts who took his mother from him. We watch as countless people are fighting for their lives and most are killed to save the place they live. But is the place they live part of a bigger picture or does God just hate these people?

FMA Brotherhood

Alchemy. The law of equivalent exchange. These are the things the Elric brothers live by and it almost cost them their lives and did cost them parts of their bodies. Two young boys enraptured by alchemy and the power it gives them did the unthinkable. Human transmutation. This cost Alphonse Elric his body and Edward Elric his arm and leg. They are now on a quest to get their bodies back and being a military state alchemist is just the beginning of their quest.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

I just started watching this and I really enjoy it! It’s about the Joestar family who, for generations, have battled vampires and other monsters alike because of a connection they have with them in their past. I am in the third generation and have a long way to go, but the action is good, there’s humor, intense moments, and a little bit romance. How else are they going to keep the family line going? Ha! But overall a great watch. I have only heard good things about it!

Hunter x Hunter

Gon Freecs has never met his father and now that he is of age, he wants to become a hunter to find him and learn all he can to know his whereabouts. We follow Gon and his friends as they become hunters and see the personal struggles they all deal with as they come to terms with past trauma and becoming stronger than they were before to get their revenge on those who wronged them. This isn’t a tale for the light-hearted. In fact, I cried during the Chimera Ant Arc. So proceed with caution.

The Rising of the Shield Hero

Season 2 is officially out and we are following the shield hero and his friends. At first Naofumi is just a normal kid who likes to play video games, but he is thrust into a strange world being called the Shield Hero. He is now considered one of the most hated heroes out of the four who came from different worlds the same as him. A misunderstanding, he now has to go this new world alone and figure out how to navigate his new found powers. Finding strange friends along the way, he is coming to terms with his life and just wants to heal the land from the plague of monsters he has to slay.

My Hero Academia

Having a superpower would be so cool! In this world, quirks are just that. Midoriya however, does not have a quirk. He born quirkless, but has always had the heart of a Hero. He meets his hero All Might and All Might gives him his power to become a Hero. Midoriya has to work hard and become a strong vessel for this quirk, but things aren’t so easy going from quirkless to super strong. As we meet class 1A, we see that being a Hero takes more than just super strength!

Jujutsu Kaisen

A boy just living his life encounters a demon after trying to save his friends and ends up becoming one with this demon who can take over his body. Too bad this boy has a strong will and strong body that he doesn’t let the demon completely take over his body. A demon fighting organization threatens to destroy him, but instead they take him as a student and now he is training to fight the things he is starting to become. Everyone loves this series and I only ever hear great things about it. I liked it, but it was just a classic shonen to be honest! Sue me! Ha!

Demon Slayer

Tanjiro is an average boy loves his family and will do everything he can to protect them. Until one fateful night when Tanjiro has to stay the night somewhere else, a demon attacks his family and kills them all. Except his sister Nezuko, who has now become a demon. Tanjiro is now on a mission to turn his sister back to a human and kill all the demons so this doesn’t happen to anyone else ever again. Tanjiro doesn't have an easy road ahead, but his sweet nature and determination to save his sister won’t make him back down so easily.

Tokyo Revengers

This one and the next one I haven’t seen, but I have only heard great things about them. Tokyo Revengers is about a boy named Takemichi who dies, but goes back in time 12 years to change his life the fate of others. So now he is on track to change his life and the lives others the way he wants. Can he do it? Or are the fathers not going to align in his favor?

March Comes in like a Lion

A young professional Shogi player named Kiriyama, lives alone in the country because he has no one left in the world. He meets 3 girls who are his neighbors and forms an unlikely bond with them. He hasn’t met people outside the Shogi world in a long while, now it’s time to work on his people skills. I’ve heard this is a great show and everyone who has seen that I’ve talked too loves it!

Fruits Basket

One of my favorites on this list, Fruits Basket is about a girl who finds herself homeless but optimistic about her future. She is saved by the Sohma family who are a cursed family. They cannot be hugged by a member of the opposite sex because then they will turn into a zodiac animal. We follow the intense story of the children who are cursed and Tohru, the girl who will help them through their trauma of being these cursed people.

Tower of God

Adapted from the Webtoon, Tower of God is about a boy named Baam who is classified as an irregular player in the game of reaching the top of Tower at any cost. Baam starts out his journey with nothing and no one. He lives in a cave with only darkness. Until a light above him showed him the path. Her name is Rachel. Rachel teaches Baam everything he now knows. Leaving him to be a part of the tower, Baam goes after her trying to find her and he meets more friends along the way. The Webtoon is amazing and it’s one of the best stories I’ve ever come across, but having it brought to life through this anime is so fun!


I’ve never seen this show, but I heard it is one of the best! It is on my to watch list though! It’s about humans from the 86th sector who are operating machines in a war where they are being persecuted and being treated as the machines they operate.

Kaguya-Sama: Love is War

Love someone but too competitive to let them know and want them to admit it first? Because you have to win the love game no matter the cost. That is the war between these two students who are President and Vice President of their school. They want to be with each other and have very strong feelings towards one another, but at any cost they will never tell the other because then they would lose the game. This is a hilarious anime and so well written. I die from laughing each episode and can never get enough!


I just starting watching this show and it starts off pretty intense. Parasites are eating and taking over humans bodies. One teenager stops the parasite trying to take over his body and it only takes over his hand because of it. Now he has a parasite living in his hand that takes over manipulating it however and whenever. Trying to come to terms with his new situation we see the boy and the parasite create an unlikely friendship while trying to find other parasites.

There’s a lot more that I really like, but I felt these ones were top anime series that are most liked! See my other lists for more recommendations!


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