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Pop Culture Guy Episode 33: My Favorite Channel Awesome Creators

Favorite Channel Awesome Creators

By Daniel BrizuelaPublished 6 years ago 3 min read

In this episode I talk about the many creators of the site Channel Awesome that inspire me.

In Nostalgia Critic, Doug Walker reviews nostalgic property and at times more modern works through funny remarks, sketches, and recurring characters.

In Cinema Snob, Brad Jones acts like a snobby film critic as he comedically comments on horror, porn parodies, cult movies, and any other genre he can get his hands on.

In The Last Angry Geek, Brian Heinz, reviews recent comics, analyzes comic book events, and reviews episodes of Doctor Who as The Doctor.

Chris Stuckman reviews recent and older films as well as talking about certain aspects of certain films that make them special or something from his past. Occasionally, he makes short films based on or inspired by a certain film he's reviewing.

In Shark Jumping Tim and Beth talk about how certain shows completely jumped the shark and lost their popularity.

In Film Brain, Mathew Buck, reviews recently released films and analyzes well known bad films.

Fear Fan reviews and analyzes horror films.

The Dom looks over well-known movies based on well-known books and looks at what they kept in, what they left out, and what they changed or added.

In Some Jerk With A Camera, Tony Goldmark, goes to various well known theme parks like Disney wherein he reviews certain well-known rides and attractions with skits.

Calluna reviews and analyzes movies, tv, video games, and other forms of pop culture.

The Horror Guru riffs and reviews through Blood Splattered Cinema the goriest and bloodiest horror films out there both new and old, with some occasional analysis of certain films.

In Maven, Elisa Hansen reviews and analyzes anything and everything vampire related in movies, tv, and other forms of media.

In Top 5, Walter Banasiak, crew and cast member of Nostalgia Critic, lists the top 5 best or worst of a particular subject in media like Tom Hanks performances and Super Smash Bros stages. He does a really fun Zack Snyder impression.

In Brandon's Cult Movie Reviews, Brandon Tenold reviews and comments cult movies like cheap horror films, giant monsters, and European knockoffs.

Marzgurl, by Kaylyn Saucedo, does in-depth and satirical reviews of various animated works, whether straight to video or well-known, loved films. She also reviews the Super Sentai franchise, anime, and many Japanese works.

In Atop the 4th Wall, Lewis Lovhaug reviews comic book that are considered the worst, as well as other things asked by his Patreon, does short reviews of horror based comics during October, and has a series based on the history of Power Rangers. It has continuous storylines wherein he battles enemies akin to comic books and other media.

In Tamara's Never Seen, Tamara Chambers, a cast member of Nostalgia Critic, reviews older films she's never seen and comments on what she expected as well as current films that just came out.

In Jim's Awesome Build, Jim Jarosz, a recurring cast member of Nostalgia Critic and the guy who helps build stuff for each episode, takes us behind the scenes of how he makes some of the props.

Il Neige reviews and analyzes movies, video games, and other forms of media. It also makes song parodies.

Suede reviews every Pokemon episode since the very beginning, revealing his thoughts on each and giving some trivia about the episode itself.

In Awesome Comics, Walter and other members of the cast and crew of Nostalgia Critic discuss various things related to comic books and movies.

In The Angry Joe Show, Angry Joe reviews video games while playing them with friends and making sketches. He also does vlogs on movies and trailers.

The Blockbuster Buster, ERod, looks at blockbusters and potential blockbusters and sees what makes them great or makes them bad.

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