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Pixar Theory: The TRUTH Behind Andy's Mom!

Could Andy's mom from "Toy Story" be a different character from the movie?

By Jonathan SimPublished 5 years ago 3 min read

You remember Andy's mom from Toy Story? Yeah. She was pretty much the villain of all the movies.

I mean, in the first film, she made the you-can-only-bring-one-toy rule for Andy, which sent Woody into the jealous rage. In Toy Story 2, she tried to sell Wheezy in a yard sale, and Woody got kidnapped when trying to save him. And in Toy Story 3, she threw the toys out on the curb and brought toys to Sunnyside Daycare, where Lotso imprisoned all of them.

Chances are, she'll be back in Toy Story 4 as some evil Greek anti-toy sorceress named Cherylatra, and she'll start breathing fire at the toys. And to be honest, the fact that we're even having a Toy Story 4 is pretty messed up to begin with.

But anyway, last time, I told you the Pixar Theory, a theory created by legend theorist Jon Negroni. Well, today, I'm gonna tell you about his second-most famous theory: the theory that says Andy's mom from Toy Story is Emily, Jessie's original owner.

So, let's look at the evidence.

First off, there's a basic similarity between the physical appearances of both Andy's mom and Emily.

Now, the hair color and style don't look exactly the same, but Andy's mom changes her hairstyle MULTIPLE times throughout the films.

But if you think fanatics like us just stop with a physical similarity, prepare to look deeper.

Whenever Andy is playing with Woody, we see him wearing a cowboy hat. However, you'll notice that the cowboy hat Andy wears looks nothing like the hat that Woody wears.

This hat actually more closely resembles Jessie's hat.

Now, let me ask you: why would Andy be wearing a Jessie hat before he even got a Jessie doll? Andy definitely doesn't know about the entire Woody's Roundup gang because when he first started playing with Jessie in Toy Story 2, he called her "Bazooka Jane".

Here’s why: when we flashed back to when Emily was playing with Jessie, we see she has a hat. The EXACT same hat Andy wears.

The hat no longer has a white strip, because it may have faded or fell off over time. In fact, you can SEE where the white strip used to be.

You may remember that Emily donated her old childhood toys, including Jessie. However, if you look at the donation box, the hat isn't in there.

And if we look at the time, it also lines up. Andy was born in 1989, meaning that his mother was probably born somewhere between the late 1950s to the early 1960s. And if we look at the things that she keeps in her room, you can see that the things in her room match up with the time period.

I mean, come on, no one uses record players anymore. No one. I'm pretty sure even your grandfather is jamming out to Pandora or Spotify while marveling out how amazing the technology is.

Think about it: Andy became the owner of the doll that his mother once loved. He got it through a crazy chain of events, but Emily grew up to be Andy's mom, and we never get to see her reaction to when her son just randomly receives her old childhood toy.

I mean, if I were her, I would IMMEDIATELY conclude that toys are alive, and my oldest childhood toy had traced me back to my house to avenge me for donating her the way I did. I would then freak out, proceed to burn and destroy the toy with a flame thrower, and wipe her spirits clean from the house.

But that's just me. Anyways, that's all for today. This theory was made famous by Jon Negroni, and I'm gonna list all the sources I used to write this article here:


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