The Pixar Theory by Jon Negroni

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Delve into a theory that states all Pixar films take place in the same universe!

The Pixar Theory by Jon Negroni

Hey, I'm Jonathan Sim, and this is my brand new writing platform. I previously wrote for a platform called Creators, but once they folded, I decided to bring my writing here, and continue to write about some of my favorite things to talk about: Pixar movies, Harry Potter, the Back to the Future trilogy, politics, Die Hard, and a lot more.

So, to start things off, I'm gonna tell you about one of the most well-known film theories to circulate the internet. What if I told you that every Pixar film was simply all part of a huge story arc, but not told in chronological order?

Yes, it's easy to be skeptical about a theory that seems so insane, but writer/theorist Jon Negroni has provided a lot of evidence to support this theory. And I'm going to share it with you today. Here is the Pixar story, told in chronological order.

The Good Dinosaur—Cretaceous Period

Pixar's alternate universe began when an asteroid narrowly misses Earth and allows dinosaurs to live for many years after. In this time, dinosaurs are able to evolve to the point where they can farm and speak English. These animals now have very advanced intelligence.

However, dinosaurs eventually went extinct due to frequent flash floods and poor weather conditions.

Brave—10th Century

In Brave, there is a witch who introduces magic to the world. She has the power to give life to inanimate objects and use doors as portals. She is also shown to have the power to make animals act like humans, or at least transform humans into animals. We will get to more on this later.

The Incredibles—1947 to 1962

In this film, the government has been able to harness human energy by giving people superpowers. These supers eventually die out, but after Syndrome kills many supers using the Omnidroid, the power of artificial intelligence (A.I.) in machines is realized.

Soon, a company named Buy-n-Large (BnL) begins to expand.

Toy Story, Toy Story 2, and Toy Story 3—1995 to 2007

BnL is continuing their attempts to harness human energy, and they give life to toys, who become obsessed with keeping their owners happy, even when separated. We see this when Woody wants nothing but to get back home to Andy throughout a majority of all films.

In fact, we see a proven link between the toys and BnL in Toy Story 3 when we see the BnL logo on Buzz's batteries.


A rat named Remy is shown to have a spectacular sense of smell and interest in human culture. In the film, we see that Remy is very good at cooking and is better than a lot of professional chefs. And the film ends with Gusteau's getting closed due to a rat infestation, but a new restaurant being opened called Ratatouille, with two of the same waiters from Gusteau's.

The logo for Ratatouille has a rat on it, and with Chef Skinner running his mouth, word of this rat with human-like qualities must have spread around the globe. Maybe even to South America. Which leads us to...


Charles Muntz has heard about this rat that can cook, so he is inspired to give his dogs speaking collars so that they can communicate with him in English. We also see near the beginning of the film that BnL is expanding, and is turning Carl's previously-suburban area into a massive city.

Finding Nemo & Finding Dory—2009 to 2010

Now, although many Pixar Theory believers would say Finding Nemo takes place in 2003, the year of the film's release, I want to get this as exact as I can, so if you look at a calendar in the dentist office, you can see the first month of November is a Sunday.

The only recent years with a November beginning with a Sunday are 1998 and 2009, but the movie most likely takes place in 2009, because of a whole 'nother theory.

Similar to what we saw in Ratatouille, animals are shown to have intelligence nearly equal to humans. And in several moments, they are shown to be very capable of outwitting humans. For example, at the end of Finding Nemo, fish that were captured in a trap set up by fishermen unite to fight against the humans, swim downwards, and free themselves.

Dory was bred in human captivity and as a result, she is able to speak whale and read English.

Inside Out—2015

In this film, the source for human energy is revealed. It is emotion, as well as imagination, which is shown to have effects on humans. Also, Bing Bong could very well be a comedic monster from Monsters, Inc. that entered Riley's door to make her laugh.

Prologue for Wall-E—2057-2110

By the time 2057 rolls around, BnL has taken over the entire planet, and there is a ravaging of Earth's resources due to overpopulation. In 2105, all the humans on Earth are evacuated and put on the Axiom, while Wall-E robots are left behind to clean up the Earth. However, Earth remains inhabitable due to pollution, and a five-year journey is prolonged.

Cars, Cars 2, and Cars 3—2110 to 2804

On opposite parts of the globe, machines are left to rule the world. The cars that were previously owned by humans come to life and assume the personalities of their previous owners. There are no humans in the Cars films because they are all on the Axiom.

These cars are coming to life the same way toys do with human energy. Now, we know that these cars remain on Earth because in Cars 2, we see them going to Tokyo.

And we see that Doc was a racer in 1951, before cars came to life. So, what gives? Well, I'll put it this way: these cars have the same memories as their previous owners. They just see it through a car-ified way.

Doc's owner was a racer who suffered a career-ending crash. Cruz's past owner was an aspiring racer who ended up as a trainer. And speaking of Cruz, she helps confirm that Cars 3 fits with the Pixar Theory.

If you watched Cars 3, you may remember this scene where Cruz and Lightning are racing on a beach, but Cruz stops in the middle because she didn't want to run over a crab. When I first watched this, I was just getting a little annoyed with the Cruz character, but this line was more than just a pointless joke.

Crabs? Living in a world that we were led to believe only has cars on it? In Finding Dory, there is a scene where Marlin, Nemo, and Dory are swimming around a heavily polluted part of the ocean. But besides a squid, crabs are the only ones who remained alive in all of that pollution.

And at this point in the timeline, Earth is polluted and there are no other non-car animals in the Cars series except for crabs.

Now, why are there still trees in Cars?

The Axiom sent out EVE probes to look for vegetation, so how are they missing trees? Well, we don't know if ALL vegetation died off. We just know that enough of the planet was polluted to warrant an evacuation. The EVE probes could have just been checking polluted areas to see if there was vegetation in those areas.

Also, the main events of Wall-E took place years after Cars. And in Wall-E, the planet is much more polluted than it is in Cars. This could even be because of the cars, as they are burning off fossil fuels into the atmosphere every minute, 24/7.

We see the remnants of BnL on Earth during Wall-E, as their logo appears on multiple places and objects. And it also appears on the racing track.

In Cars 2, we see that there isn't enough fuel to go around, so eventually, the cars die out as well. So, I know that took a little more explanation than the others, but Cars is a complex series.


The last Wall-E unit is still alive and cleaning up the planet. His obsession with human trinkets and culture has enabled him to remain alive when the others died out. Eventually, he brings humans back to Earth so they can repopulate. A plant that Wall-E kept in a boot grows up to be a large tree by the end of the film.

This was during the credits.

A Bug's Life—2898

The tree that grew from that boot is the same one that is above the ant colony. We know that bugs are still alive because of Wall-E's cockroach friend. These bugs are acting very maturely, as they are making their own cities. These bugs don't mind humans because even though they have already inhabited the planet, there aren't many left.

Monsters University/Monsters, Inc.—3100-5201

The animals after the events of Wall-E eventually mutate into monster-like creatures. It is made clear that these monsters get their energy from human children. Because humans and their culture give energy, as made clear in the past films, and that's why they harness their screams.

These monsters have created their own timeline and have restarted the calendar. We see that Monsters University was founded in 1313, so the events of the two films had to have happened well over a thousand years after A Bug's Life.

You may be asking, how do animals and humans interact if monsters lived way after the time of humans? Well, this is the way the doors work: when they go through the doors, they're actually time traveling into a time where there were still a lot of kids.

That's how Bing Bong was able to travel to the early 2000s to make Riley laugh.

Epilogue—After 5201

Sulley has discovered that laughter is more powerful than fear, and creates harmony between humans, animals, and machines. When he accidentally exposes Boo to the monster world, he has to send her back to the human world. After he leaves, she opens the door that had previously led to the monster world, but she only finds her closet.

At the end of the movie, Sulley gets her door back and visits her again. But at some point, Sulley would have to stop visiting her.

Boo grows up knowing that this time-traveling door technology exists. This may seem implausible, but there is actually a lo exists. And she eventually gets ahold of this time-traveling door technology and travels back to the 10th century. Where she becomes–

Boo is the witch in Brave. This may seem implausible, but there is actually a lot of evidence to support this. For example, there are scenes where the witch goes through doors and seems to vanish through them. That's the same door technology that was used in Monsters, Inc.

She is obsessed with keeping Sulley in her life, looking in the tenth century for him, not realizing that Sulley lived thousands of years after her. That's why she is obsessed with bears, because Sulley most closely resembles a bear.

Not only that, but Boo/Witch has a carving of Sulley in her workshop.

And at another point, she has made a carving of the Pizza Planet truck. How could she have known about pizza delivery trucks in the 10th century? Unless she came from the future.

It's under her right hand.

Some skeptics have said that the witch has an obvious Scottish accent. Well, we don't know where Boo lives in the human world, and it isn't established if Boo is American or not.

Does Boo ever find the monster world? Who knows? That could be discovered later in time. But this story will never stop being written.

And that's the Pixar Theory!

A lot of sources were used to write this article, so I'm gonna credit those sources here:

I also watched a few videos from the SuperCarlinBrothers on the theory.

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