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Part 3: People Need to Start Taking Johnny Depp's Allegations Against Amber Heard Seriously

by Gabi 8 months ago in celebrities

Another week. Another video.

So, as you might know, I have been doing my absolute best to keep you all updated on what is going on with Johnny Depp’s 50 million dollar defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard because apparently, all the websites who couldn’t stop calling Johnny Depp a “wife-beater” for the past four years, suddenly forgot how to type. Funny how that happens. So, if you haven’t already, you can read the prequels HERE, HERE and, HERE.

So, where are we now in the case? Well, a few weeks ago we had a sworn testimony from Amber’s former assistant. In it she states how Amber would verbally and emotionally abuse her, blame her for anything that went wrong and worst of all, she goes on to state how Amber would use her assistant’s son for paparazzi shots, all to look more maternal. Eventually leading to her son becoming extremely uncomfortable around Amber. Amber’s response: Her assistant is lying because she is bitter for being fired. Huh… what happened to believe women?

This week we are at a brand spanking new video of Amber Heard’s sworn testimony from 2016 where evidently, reliving the horrors of being abused was amusing to the… I guess actress (???) From the start, Heard can be seen looking somewhat reminiscent of a petulant child who just got caught stealing the last cookie before dinner.

Speaking of eating cookies, we also routinely see her breaking off a piece of food and eating throughout the meeting, usually during recordings of her and Johnny are being played or before having to answer a question. Now, I’m no expert on depositions here but I’m pretty sure eating while giving a sworn testimony is not only annoying in its self but, it's disrespectful to everyone in the room as well.

Moving along, we continue to hear her mumble along in all of her responses, while giving off a very hostile and petulant showing of body language. At one point she can't even seem to "remember" what happened, even after the audio was just played to her just seconds before. Additionally, it's worth noting that Heard also makes a couple small oopsies. Once when stating, “many times when we fought” but then quickly tries to rectify it by saying “well not many times”. Then when stating: “whenever he was injured”, which would mean that Johnny had been hit more than just that one time she is claiming happened during her interview, only to then try to justify herself by saying that Johnny was the issue and that he never knew what the definition of being hit or “clocked” meant. A statement that also seems to annoy her lawyer as he’s heard saying, “just tell them what happened.” Yikes to infinity. Okie doke, let's continue.

Amazingly enough, Heard eating and inadvertently exposing herself, isn’t the most shocking piece in the video. No. What has to be THE absolute most horrifying and worst thing to come out of this video, is seeing her smirking while listening to herself on tape saying how she meant to hit Johnny.

Now (!) IF she was the victim, either she thinks the violence she endured was funny, or she was the actual abuser and thinking about the violence she put on Johnny is hilarious to her. Or maybe she was remembering a joke (one of her movie performances perhaps.) We even see her roll her eyes like a disgruntled teenager when listening to the recording.

Now I’m not saying this makes her guilty (I am) but, it does make her look extremely disrespectful, unwilling to cooperate and, quite frankly… how do I say this nicely… let’s say childish. Either way you slice it, it is horrific. Whether she was the abuser or the victim - and I cannot stress this enough - smiling/smirking during a deposition is not a good look on anyone.

The video comes just after Vanessa Paradis, Penélope Cruz and Winona Ryder gave in letters of testimony for Johnny’s defence. In addition, they have also made themselves available to testify during the case’s court date, should it be required.

Again, I’m not going to tell you what to think. I'm just here to bring facts that are only being reported by a handful of outlets and being ignored by others. All I will say is if you were still on the fence up until now about what might have happened, you should at least be asking yourself a few questions at this point.

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