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Johnny Depp's Loss, Is A Loss For Justice

by Gabi 9 months ago in celebrities

A loss for victims.

The verdict, in regards to Johnny Depp’s libel case against British tabloid and professional lying outlet, The Sun, is in and it’s gotten everyone seeing red.

“There is not enough substantial proof that the tabloid was wrong in calling Johnny Depp a “wife-beater.” This is [basically] the ruling that the UK justice system gave out today. A ruling that, not only caused the actor to lose his case but was also spit in the face to every male abuse victim around the world.

After weeks of testimonies, displays of mountains of evidence that included Amber Heard’s own recorded confession to having abused Johnny Depp countless times throughout their marriage. After a publicly doctored video was finally shown in full, in court, that not only showed Johnny Depp never once laying a hand on his then-wife but also her smirking at the camera as he leaves the room and she follows him…all of this just wasn’t enough to prove Johnny’s innocence, years of torment, and abuse at the hands of Amber Heard.

When audio recordings of Amber’s confessions came out, it caused many to take a second to re-examine the actress’ claims. It caused many to publicly come out and switch their support to Johnny Depp and called for Amber to face repercussions for her actions. We all sat and listened to her mock Johnny when he says he is a victim of abuse. “Go on, tell the world. I, Johnny Depp, am a victim of abuse and see who believes you.” “I didn’t punch you, I was hitting you.” “It doesn’t matter that I was throwing things”. “Please tell them it was a fair fight” (in response to Amber having cut off the tip of his finger, after throwing a glass bottle of vodka at him). These are all words that came directly from the self-proclaimed victim’s mouth and yet, it was not enough to prove Johnny was a victim of abuse.

I, along with so many others, sit here with anger coursing through my veins because this verdict did do one thing: It proved Amber right. It proved that the legal system doesn't believe him. It’s saying, you’re a man, and this isn’t enough to prove you’re innocent. During this whole proceeding non-believers hollered about Johnny’s wealth, gender, and power, and how that was going to help him win. They hollered about victims never getting the justice they deserve. Well, I guess they were right about one thing because Johnny certainly didn’t get the justice he deserves.

So, what now? Johnny will be appealing the verdict. An official statement via his lawyer, not PR representative*cough* was released today.

It is worth noting that this case was just against The Sun, and not actually against Amber Heard. If Johnny would’ve won, it would see the tabloid needing to take responsibility and most likely write a retraction of their previous article. But it doesn’t make it any less upsetting.

This is still a verdict that came after all of the CCTV footage and photos of Amber’s unmarked face. After listening to audio recordings of Amber’s confessions, reading text messages between Johnny, and Amber’s parents, where they tell him why their daughter lied about him abusing her. After listening to testimony from an assistant Amber verbally abused on the regular, listened to a family friend who shared how Amber’s own sister feared that she would be pushed down a flight of stairs while trying to end a fight in which she thought, Amber “was going to kill Johnny.” They listened to all of this, and still, it was not enough.

Here’s what I want to know - what would have been enough for them? Maybe Johnny lying on a hospital bed, bleeding? Obviously not, because they did get a photo of that. Possibly Johnny nearly dying from one of her outbursts? Well, no, because that happened too, due to the infections he contracted after his finger was severed. Oh, maybe if it was known that she hid medication from him? No, no. We had that too…Oh, I know! Maybe if Johnny wasn’t a man, and his ex, a white woman. Yes, that surely has to be it because, of course, there’s no way a man could be abused, right? There’s no way a small, white woman who could’ve done what he is suggesting.

Needless to say, people are upset and frustrated with this verdict but no matter what, Johnny’s supporters will continue rallying. Along with waiting patiently to see the outcome of his appeal.

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