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My Review of "Ted: Season 1"

What a fantastic first season. I hope to see more in the very near future!

By Brian AnonymousPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

Ted: Season 1 has finally concluded in 2024. This is a TV series from the movie 2012 movie Ted. In this TV series we use the same characters from the movie but place them in the 1990s when they were much younger. The show consists of 7 episodes that are around an hour in length.

Each of the episodes are self contained episodes. None of the episodes really have any continuous storylines. They are wild but they still have a sense of grounded story that we can still relate to it.

The basic premise is that we have a small single child suburban family in Boston. The father is a very much politically incorrect to today's standards but he means well. The mother is a lovingly timid woman that seems to be ready to burst at any moment. They have a teenage son named John.

He's basically the star of the show. When John was a kid he had wished for his teddy bear named Ted to come alive and that's how we have Ted, John's teddy bear companion. Ted is the other star of the show because he's John's devil that keeps giving him ideas to do certain things that he already wants to do. He also happens to be caring and endearing so you can't hate him. Both John and Ted are quite naive and innocent so you can also chalk it up to this as well.

Along with their family is the father's niece, Blaire. She's kind of the voice of reason and she observes all the crazy situations as if we would in our eyes in 2024. Shockingly this doesn't seem out of character as she's a college student learning about social justices etc.

This whole family really gels and works well together. They are dysfunctional but in a very relatable way. I can see how people can interact with each other just as this family does in this show. The family moments are a lot of very warm moments that give this show a lot of heart and character.

There's a lot of comedy in the family moments but most of the funny moments are the interactions of John and Ted. The two always get into some wild antics and this is pretty much what you're watching the show for. Each of these episodes are pieced together quite nicely and in an almost poetic way. It almost feels like how Seinfeld used to go around a story to come back to a main point. Of course this is nothing like Seinfeld because it is really wacky.

I'm sure a lot of people are going to fall in love with Ted because they always have him in some ridiculous outfits that make him as cute as possible. It doesn't hurt that he's a teddy bear but it's also funny that everyone interacts with him so casually as if it's normal to see a teddy bear walking and talking like a regular person. John and Ted do get away with a lot of stuff. Don't mind how dumb all of the people in their town are because there's no possible way half of these things would happen in real life. All of it is for the story and for the comedy and I love it.

Overall, this is a really funny show. Each episode will fly by because you're having so much fun watching it. I wanted to be hanging out with this family for even longer after each episode that's just how great these episodes are written. As for this season I thought it was great even though there was no continuous story at all. I have to give it an 8 out of 10. I can't wait until the next season.


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