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My Review of "Ted Lasso: Season 1"

I have to thank my friend for recommending this series to me!

By Brian AnonymousPublished 2 months ago 4 min read

Ted Lasso is a sports TV series streaming exclusively on Apple's streaming network. My friend has been harassing me to watch this series for the longest time but the problem was that I didn't have Apple for the longest time. I've been wanting to watch this series for so long that I was worried that I hyped up the show too much before watching it. Maybe I'd be disappointed by the time I finally got to it. I'm happy to announce that it met all of my expectations.

The season starts off with the understanding that there's a wealthy divorcee named Rebecca that has taken over a soccer club. She's very hurt by the divorce as her ex-husband had been quite unfaithful to her. The thing that he loved most of all was the soccer club that she now has full control over. In order to hurt her husband she decides that she will ruin the soccer club.

Rebecca's first task was to fire the coach and replace him with someone who she thought would be incompetent for the job. This is where Ted comes in the picture. Ted has never played soccer let alone knows the game. Plus the soccer club is located in England and Ted is from the United States. There would be a huge culture shock barrier. Though Ted isn't a slouch of a coach. He comes along with his trusted colleague Coach Beard. In the United States they were winning coaches of a high school football team.

When Ted joins the show everything goes into high gear because he's high energy and extremely positive. He sort of reminds me of Ned Flanders from the Simpsons. Every few seconds he has probably two new dad jokes that he fires at everyone. He's such a lovable guy that he kind of infects the whole community with his infectious power of positivity.

That's kind of what his new soccer team needs too. Other great attributes Ted has in his arsenal is the power of communication and his sense of loyalty. He's willing to hear everyone's grievances and he's looking to fix all of these problems no matter how big or how small.

Meanwhile, within the soccer club there are a lot of squabbles between the players and staff. We learn more about everyone through the interactions between Ted and everyone. He really listens to their internal conflict and we learn more about them and their character really builds for us in this way.

All the whole, Ted himself is having personal issues as his wife and him are having marital difficulties. He has to navigate his own issues while tackling everyone else's at the same time. For any normal person this would seem utterly exhausting but somehow Ted finds the time to do it all and bake biscuits for his boss every morning. The guy is an impossible example of a perfect person that we'll never be able to become.

I love how everyone has a pretty complicated situation that needs to be investigated. Everyone's interactions with one another really helps us dive into their characters a lot more and understand why life is so difficult. Many of their issues relate to our own lives. We have one character that is dealing with the loss of himself as he's getting older. Another character is conflicted with his own persona. He doesn't know who he is because society has forced him to be the person who he is. Everything is quite relatable and so diverse.

It's really smart how they can show so many different stories in such a simple basic story. You'll want more out of this show and they leave you with wanting even more by the end of the season. Ted is able to show us that life might not go our way but that's okay. We have to understand and appreciate what we've got now and live in our moments.

Overall, I really loved this season. I'm really thankful that my friend recommended this show to me and I finally got the opportunity to watch it. It's a show that I'll be recommending to all of my friends as well. I have to give this season a 9 out of 10. In some ways this season exceeded my expectations because I wasn't expecting to have so many reactions to so many different characters in the show.


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