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My Review of "Reacher: Season 2"

It was a good season but I saw so much more potential with it.

By Brian AnonymousPublished 3 months ago 4 min read

Reacher: Season 2 has now concluded. It streams exclusively on Amazon Prime. I loved the first season so I couldn't wait to see what was in store for the second season. This season looked to top even the first season because he has a whole team of Reachers! That's what I thought the season was going to be about but it turned out to be something else. Don't get me wrong. I still liked the season but there was definitely untapped potential.

The season started off strong. We have a new murder related to Reacher. One of the members of his old military unit is murdered. He wasn't just murdered he was thrown off a helicopter without a parachute. It sounds totally bizarre but that's what brings in intrigue.

Reacher is still the same old bad ass character in the first season in this first half of the season. I don't know what happened to the second half of the season because it kind of became a little generic after a while. The first half had me all in though.

We get introduced to more members of his old military unit. They all were part of Reacher's 110th Special Units Investigation unit. All of the members were handpicked by Reacher to join the group for a certain reason. If Reacher picked you, then you have to have something pretty great to have him notice you.

As the first half of the season starts off we start to open up the mystery of who is the killer and what they have to do with the Special Units Investigations unit. These come with flashbacks from the past that help us understand their bond with each other and how they came to be.

I felt this whole premise had a ton of potential itself. They could have brought more intrigue into members that couldn't get along with one another or something like that. There really weren't any problems with any of them. They just all loved each other so much. In fact, they loved each other so much that their ex-members came together to help Reacher solve the murder mystery.

One thing that I wanted to happen was to see a crew of Reachers just destroying enemies. Instead Reacher picked out normal people to be part of his group. They're good but they're not super soldiers of any kind. I guess they're smart but even they didn't even solve some of the puzzles that was brought forth.

Later into the season they bring up these side stories that felt kind of tagged on and somewhat meaningless. As the season progressed the story got a little more generic and odd. The last episode in particular seemed as if they wrote the thing on a tight deadline and just threw things in there to see if it fit the story. There's this part where kids hang out at a top secret weapons base for no reason. It was written in there to help the gang figure out how to get out of their tight situation. Also the big boss guy could have been assassinated easily in this last episode. It felt kind of dumb.

These glaring oddities really started to shine closer to the end of the season. In some ways it's kind of comical. I don't know if they meant it to be funny but Reacher is a huge guy. He walks around like a 6 foot 8 hulking beast and they disguise him as a regular old doctor at the hospital. It's almost as bad as slapping a mustache and hat on him.

I started noticing how wooden the acting was, the awkwardness of their interactions with one another and Reacher's really stiff walk. Things I didn't even care to notice in the first season because I was engaged with the story.

Overall, it's still an entertaining season but boy was this a lot of wasted potential. I thought the season started with a bang but ended in a whimper. There was problems creating loose ends to make this season a steller one. Though, if you're a fan of the first season it's worth it for you to check this one out. As it is, I would have to give this one a 6 out of 10. Not the best season but not enough for me to not watch a third season.


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