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My Review of "Shane Gillis: Beautiful Dogs"

This was like having a conversation with your frat friend that you can't bring to fancy places.

By Brian AnonymousPublished 3 months ago 3 min read

Shane Gillis: Beautiful Dogs is a Netflix exclusive comedy special that came out in 2023. A few of my friends suggested it to me knowing that I like politically incorrect comedy. They kind of hit it right on the head with this suggestion. I had no idea who this guy was before this special now I kind of want to see more specials from him.

The show starts out with him making fun of Australians. Immediately I realized that this guy does some pretty dead on impressions and accents. He's quite talented in this regard because later he does a few other impressions that had me laughing pretty hard.

A few of his jokes in the beginning are quite interesting. I found them funny but his delivery intrigued me because he takes double pauses. It's as if he knows his material is created for shock value and he's looking out in the audience to see if there are second takes on their laughter to the material. In a lot of ways I am ashamed that I laughed at a few of the jokes.

He has a lot of material that may use pretty unacceptable words and scenarios. It is part of comedy to bring out the extremes and absurd and this guy can find it in all the places that we've been looking at for years. It has to be all taken into context though. There are a few of the jokes that can be totally taken out of context to make him look really bad.

Though the whole show has a pretty good flow to it. It's nicely crafted to progress into the next series of jokes. You can tell that he had taken the time and effort to transition the jokes from one to the next. Each of the stories seamlessly works its way to the next scenario with ease. There are a few instances he takes a joke from the beginning to plant a seed in us and he brings it back out later on in the show.

I like how he was able to take very serious matters and make fun of them. Some out there will find the scenarios in poor taste but those that do will probably want to stay away from his material altogether.

His whole show feels like the embarrassing friend that you don't want to bring to a fancy social setting. He is unapologetically himself and it really feels genuine when he's up there. There's a nice friendly manner in which he presents himself that doesn't feel threatening at all. Even though some of the stuff he says can prove to be offensive to some he says it in a way that it really feels like he's got the best intentions in mind. I don't know he does it but it's truly an art.

He also knows who he is and who his target audience is. Even in his comedy set he makes fun of the matter that his material isn't for everyone. He knows the majority of his viewers will be male. Female viewers are generally the individuals that are dragged into watching his material because of a male counterpart. I can see this being very true.

Overall, this special did have me in hysterics at certain points. Again this is not for everyone and it is a very male centric comedy. Even so, it isn't for all males. Although there are some pretty interesting concepts and conversations he brings up there is a lot of low brow humor added in there as well. I had a great time and want to see more. I have to give this special an 8.5 out of 10.


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