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My Review of "American Ninja Warrior: Women's Championship 2024"

Another exhilarating women's championship! We're starting to see who the new elite women are.

By Brian AnonymousPublished 20 days ago 3 min read

American Ninja Warrior: Women's Championship 2024 has aired and I'm a little late to the race. I've been following this championship since it's beginning four seasons ago and each year it continues to keep me captivated.

This year we're starting to see the same faces for the women's championship. It only means that we're starting to see the new elite for this upcoming year. The new teenagers are still killing it and we still have some older veterans still kicking it. It's nice to see that we still have the same veterans that are holding down the fort like Jesse Labreck and Jessie Graff.

They're starting to slide down the ranks though. I'm really starting to see them struggling now. It's really sad to say but I don't know how many more seasons they have left in them. The teens and twenty somethings are starting to take over this sport and are really elevating the game for women.

One of the big disappointments this year was the loss of Katie Bone. She was last year's champ but she is suffering from a broken leg or something. I really wanted her to be there this year because last year she won so convincingly. There's a part of me that wanted to see if she was still head and shoulders over the competition this year. You can't tell because it's a full year of training by these women so they may have caught up to her level by now. Then again if Katie had been training all this time she could be even better than last year! That would have been quite a sight to see!

This year we had the same finalists from last year except for the fact Jessie Graff made it. I'm sure if Katie had been healthy this year she would have made it to the finals as well. Did I already mention she's such a beast?

Though we did get 2 standout stars this year with Addy Herman and Taylor Greene. Both of them beat out all of the obstacles that were thrown at them this year but I would say Taylor Greene did it in a more clean manner. Addy Herman ultimately won the whole thing which was nice but I have to say I'm not totally convinced. I kind of blame Taylor Greene's choice in footwear.

Taylor Green had these New Balance running shoes whereas Addy Herman had these rock climbing looking shoes that seemed to have more grip for the last challenge. Had the two had the same footwear then I think I would be okay with the decision of the winner.

Then again one would argue that Taylor and Jesse Labreck had the same footwear. These two went head to head with what looked like the same footwear and same slippage. That was a really good competition to see.

I like that they made the last two stages into a competition again. I kind of like the one on one obstacles that puts a little more pressure on each other because it's the first one to the finish line wins. That sense of danger and urgency is a cause for a lot of mistakes and we saw a few of them. It adds a little extra skill to the mix besides strength and balance.

Overall, I liked this year's competition but I felt it was a little lacking because we know that one of the best should have been there. It's not anyone's fault but knowing that Katie couldn't compete in this thing was a huge downer. Overall it was quite entertaining and I would give this year's competition a 7 out of 10. I think maybe they should have more fairness in the footwear.


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