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My Mind Is Blown #3

Talking About X-Men '97: Episode Five (Spoilers Ahead!)

By Alexandria StanwyckPublished about a month ago 8 min read

My Mind Is Blown #1

My Mind Is Blown #2

Final Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

I sat shellshocked with tears rolling down my face as the credits rolled. In my mind, I gave a standing ovation to the episode that changed my expectations of what a show or film from Marvel should be like. And what is more I'm thankful that I don't have wait a year or more to see what happens next.

That happened seconds after I finished watching this episode for the first time. I can say without a doubt, this is one for the ages, the kind of thing you want to tell your kids about. "Back in my day, my mind was blown because I had just watched this episode." It was that feeling that gave me the name of this series.

Now I have to admit, I wasn't planning on writing any sort of review on this show, but after the explosive episode, "Remember It," (released April 10th) I couldn't help but feel compelled to do just that. - My Mind Is Blown #1, Alexandria Stanwyck

This is also an episode I would only have four words for if someone asked me about what to expect.

You are not ready.

You are not ready

A quick recap:

1. Madelyne Pryor was revealed to be Jean Grey's clone and thanks to Mister Sinister's techno-organic virus, Nathan became very sick. To save his life, Bishop had to take him to the future and Madelyne left the mansion afterwards.

2. Magneto is the leader of the X-Men and is attempting to be follow Charles Xavier's dream of mutant-human coexistence.

3. The mutant nation of Genosha will soon be joining the United Nations.

4. Magneto and Rogue have been romantically reconnecting, giving us a love triangle between them and Gambit.

Episode 5: Remember It

Things start of light-heartedly with an expose of sorts connected with the UN formally admitting Genosha into its ranks. Trish Tilby, a news reporter, starts things off with clips of the X-Men around the mansion, a blushing Beast, and oversharing Jubilee. "For many of the X-Men, Xavier's school is the only home they've ever known." It serves as a reminder of how much mutants are considered outcasts, some more than others.

Magneto, Gambit, and Rogue

In celebration of Genosha joining the UN, there is to be a gala, and a certain X-Men love triangle (Gambit, Rogue, and Magneto) are going to be in attendance. Genosha appears vastly different from its The Animated Series days, where it served more as an mutant enslavement camp than a paradisal safe haven. Mutants are allowed to be themselves without fear of ridicule for their abilities or powers; a freedom they have probably never experienced anywhere.

Genosha also seems to be home to many a familiar face, including the members of the Interim Council, two of which greet the trio when they land. We'll talk about the other members later. Madelyne Pryor is there as a voice for the X-Men and Nightcrawler helps out the various communities of faith in Genosha.

The group splits off, Magneto and Madelyne go for a private Council meeting, while Nightcrawler plays tourist with Gambit and Rogue. Hopefully, like Gambit points out, they aren't any killer monks around, referring to The Animated Series episode baring his name.

Back at the mansion, things start to get a little tense starting with Cyclops' interview. Every question touches on a sore subject, from his relationship with Jean Grey to his no-longer-in-the-picture son.

Two members, Jean and Wolverine, are able to escape the potential awkwardness, though it sorts of become a "jumping from the frying pan into the fire" situation. It's been at least a month since the events of "Fire Made Flesh." Jean and Cyclops are still not talking with her chalking it up to Cyclops' ongoing grief.

Both Cyclops and Jean dwell on a common memory with their respective confidants, a romantic picnic soon after Jean acquired the power of the Phoenix. For them, it was a moment of reassurance and motivation to stay in love with one another. Now, it is a bittersweet memory.

Then, it happens -- Jean kisses Wolverine, moved by his confession of how he has only seen one of her. Wolverine plays the gentlemen, saying she "just forgot the rules," and urges her to talk to her husband. It goes to show that even though Wolverine loves Jean, he isn't going to cross any lines to have his chance with her.

We get a reprieve from the ongoing drama and sit in on the Council Meeting in Genosha. (I told you we would get back to the other members.) The rest of the Interim Council an eclectic mix of mutants and an ally, all of who we've seen on The Animated Series. We have two members of the shady Hellfire Club, Emma Frost and Sebastian Shaw. Mixed gene couple Moira McTaggert and Banshee, along with Morlock representative Callisto completes the group.

They offer an amused and hesitate Magneto the role of Chancellor, further proof of him changing. He then accepts on one condition -- Rogue rules beside him, a proposal does not take kindly too.

Before we can hear what Rogue ultimately decides, we go right back to the drama at the mansion as it is revealed that Cyclops has been having a psychic affair with Madelyne. To anyone who has read or is familiar with the comics, it bears quite a resemblance to Cyclops' psychic affair with Emma Frost. I wonder if the creators are going to shake things up and have Emma Frost use it as a source of manipulation against Madelyne.

The resulting argument between Cyclops and Jean plays like something from a reality tv show, only adding to my theory that they might not last. Of course, they could work things, but right now, there is so much unknown, pain, (and cheating) between them. It doesn't look good. I also hope that this whole interview thing with Trish isn't broadcasting on live television because goodness, they are airing it all out for the world to see.

They aren't the only airing things out. In Genosha, Rogue reveals her past relationship with Magneto to Gambit, along with Magneto's offer. Though she doesn't explicitly say so, Rogue seems to be leaning toward accepting Magneto's offer, partly because the offer allows her to help a lot of mutants. The other part lies in the big problem for her in Gambit and her relationship, this constant reminder of what she can't have with Gambit.

A few words sums up how deep Gambit's love is for Rogue; "some things be deeper than skin." Though hurt, Gambit respectively declares they will only be friends before leaving Rogue alone.

The Watcher makes an appearance

My heart filled with dread when I saw the blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo of The Watcher. As a major character from the What...If series, his role usually is as an observer, interfering only on certain occasions. Though the creators may not have intended to have The Watcher serve as foreshadowing for upcoming events, I couldn't help but fear that something significantly worse than broken relationships was on the horizon.

Mostly everyone seems to be in a celebratory mood at the gala, except for one Dr. Cooper, a go-between for the X-Men and UN, and Magneto's former prosecutor. She has a problem with Magneto being chosen for Chancellor, stating his past as a mutant terrorist. Shaw attempts to ease her mind by informing her of Magneto's one condition to ask Rogue to govern beside him. Much like the rest of us, Dr. Cooper asks, "what did she say?"

Cue Rogue and the first reason this is a TV-14 episode (probably not, you can be the judge.) After sharing a passionate dance and kiss, Rogue ends it with Magneto, echoing Gambit's words from before. She is too late to tell Gambit, who left when Magneto and Rogue touched hands.

In the midst of this heated moment, Madelyne and Jean Grey are suffering psychically, causing blood to drip out of their noses. A familiar voice penetrates through the music, telling everyone to turn it off. Madelyne unsteadily makes her way to a huge balcony and sees Cable trying to get everyone to leave. Confused, Madelyn tries to get Cable to explain himself, before she recognizes his eyes, confirming that Cable is indeed a grown Nathan Summers.

Their reunion is short lived before he is time-slipped to a different time and a green flash illuminates the sky, reminding us of Madelyne's vision from when she was in Gyrich's head.

The last minutes of the episode are haunting and based greatly on the Genosha Genocide in comics. For the first time in X-Men animated history (from what I can remember), the future is uncertain and the consequences are very, very real. There are moments where you think things will improve only for that idea to be crushed in the next. Many mutants die at the hands of this Godzilla Sentinel, including Magneto and Gambit.

Now we are left in shock and full of questions. Who sent this Sentinel? Was it Gyrich somehow? Someone in the government? Or was it someone we haven't met yet? In the comics, Cassandra Nova is behind the Genosha Genocide. Could it be her?

What about everyone who died? Are their deaths a finality or is there some way to reverse them? And to add, there are so many we can only speculate are dead, such as Madelyne.

Unfortunately, it appears we won't be getting answers right away. This week (Wednesday, April 17), we are going to see what happens to Storm and Forge in "Lifedeath - Part 2". We might start getting answers the following Wednesday with "Bright Eyes," but that isn't a guarantee. And then after that is the start of the "Tolerance is Extinction" storyline.

We can only hope things get better from here.

My Three Favorite Moments (I had such a hard time deciding):

Kurt's take on Americans: Is that really how the rest of the world see us?

Magneto, Rogue, and Gambit work together to save the Morlocks: Everyone gives their all in this scene with Magneto and Gambit showing the full strength of their powers.

"Remember it.": Goodness this scene hurt, but to see the possible end result of Gambit's character arc from a thief to hero was a sight to see. And his dying words! Perfection!


I hope you enjoy reading! The first five episodes of X-Men '97 are available on Disney +. New episodes are available every Wednesday after 3am EST.

Here is the plan for the rest of the season:

Part #4: Episodes 6 & 7

Part #5: Episodes 8-10 (I am doing it this way since they are part of the same storyline.)

Both parts would be up a few days after the last episode for that part. For example, part #4 would be up after episode 7 is out.

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