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My Buffy the Vampire Slayer Ranking

Seasons 1-7

By Travis JohnsonPublished 3 months ago 7 min read

Due to streaming this show has garnered a new fan base over the years since it’s aired and as someone who has watched this show in real time, it’s pretty cool to see that it still has its place. So obviously I’m only gonna focus on the seasons that aired and not the seasons that were written in comic form although I’ve read about what happened in those seasons and it would’ve been pretty cool to see that on TV but I’m sticking to the original show. I heard about them trying, to reboot this show a couple years ago. I don’t think that’s gonna happen anymore but if it ever did, I wonder how they would develop it. Or how the show would feel amongst a new generation. This is just my opinion it’s not meant to be the end all be all. So if anyone disagrees, then that’s fine you can make your own list if you want.This is just the way I see each season, so just have fun with it!

7. Season 7

This season of Buffy has some good episodes and I liked how some characters interacted with each other. The multiple slayers story was interesting. I liked the idea of the first evil better than its execution. The uber vampires were scary and there were stakes. “Conversations With Dead People” was a great one for me,I always go back to it.I use to hear people give this season a lot of grief, it’s not that awful. It just didn’t hit like that, especially as the final season of the show as we knew it.. It also leaves me wanting more at the end and that to me is a good feat.

6. Season 4

Buffy season 4 tried something new. I have a newfound appreciation for it now. There are some great episodes here. This is another season I’ve seen a lot of dislike for. But any “bad” season of Buffy is better than any other show’s good season. This season felt a little uneven for me and thats why it felt short of being great. Adam wasn’t really a compelling big bad and he came too late into the season. At one point I couldn’t tell who was the big bad him or the initiative. Well obviously they both kind of were but that wasn’t always made clear. I thought Riley was normal at first and someone good for Buffy. Spike having the chip made for some funny moments .This is the only season for me that feels like it’s own thing. With Faith returning being the only thing that felt familiar to the previous seasons. I’m kinda indifferent about this.

5. Season 1

What can I say about the beginning.This season is great at establishing the tone and setting.There is a big amount of nostalgia to watching this season. Cordelia was the best mean girl, and Giles was the best father figure. The way this season is shot is so dark too is it just me? I have a hard time watching some episodes because I can’t see everything. Some episodes can be silly, but you can’t really be mad at it it’s still fun. Especially knowing what’s coming next season and how the stakes will be raised.

4. Season 2

Season 2 is great it might not be my favorite but it’s great. It is the season that showed me this wasn’t going anywhere. Every story arc kept me on the edge. The whole angelus story was intriguing while not being too dark. Even though it had those elements. I was also so afraid for everyone. I literally thought he was going to kill them all. I loved all the backstory and introduction of Spike and Drusilla. I really like standout episodes like “When She Was Bad” “Lie to Me” “Inca Mummy Girl” and the two parts of “What’s My Line”. Poor Miss Calendar. Season two did such a good job at establishing the show and how good storytelling can be on a show that was mostly aimed for the teenage audience at the time.

3. Season 5

Season 5 is the best season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in my opinion. Though it still isn’t my favorite, it feels very cohesive. And it could have pretty much ended here, Which was originally the plan anyway.The WB was going under as a network, every show at that point was getting the axe.We didn’t know what the future held for any show at that point. So that could explain why so much was put on making this a good season. This season has my favorite and best big bad in Glorifucus aka Glory!! And this season also introduced Dawn as Buffy’s sister, who played an important role in the story. Some fans hate this season because of dawn. But I liked when they sprung her on us out of nowhere, it felt like something this show would do. Like it was very much on brand.

2. Season 3

This season used to be my top favorite at the time it came out . It was a little more fun and at times less intense than season 2. Faith was such a great character and to see her journey. I don’t think they knew exactly what they were gonna do with her at first. For awhile she was popping in a out in the first half of the season. Once Faith turned to the bad side fully seeing her showdown with Buffy was awesome Angel returned to us and Buffy having to hide that was interesting. The Mayor was such a fun big bad and very unpredictable. I always liked seeing what he was gonna do next. I Can talk about this season for days. “The Wish” and “Lover’s Walk” are probably my favorite episodes of the whole series and this season also has my second favorite finale.

1. Season 6

The darkest season of all is my favorite of all.Buffy was at peace and was brought back by the gang . The Show had to reflect what she was feeling at that time. Also what everyone around her felt, even though at first none of them knew yet. This season is so universally hated and I had no idea!! At the time the internet wasn’t what it is now so I was under the impression that people liked what they did with it. I’m very much in the minority now but I don’t think I was when this season aired. I think the hate that this season gets has a lot to do with the new generation who’s watched it. A lot of people were mad about Buffy making decisions in regards to Spike, that were out of character for her but that was the point. She didn’t feel like herself, so she did what she did so she could try to feel something. To feel some kind of normalcy in her life again, or at least what could possibly be normal for her. Since she is the slayer and all. I even as a teenager at the time when this aired could relate to her because of that, and I liked how they explored the relationship between the two of them. He was in love with her but she can’t stand him, yet she needed him in a way. Yes it was very toxic as hell but I loved it. At the same time I understand why the rest of the gang were so judgmental, in her sleeping with him. Because they didn’t understand what she was feeling, because she wouldn’t let them in. So how else are they supposed to react when they don’t see any reason, she could even go to Spike for something like that. I also love all the foreshadowing with Willow this season, because she was relying on magic way too heavy, and I love that the writers decided to explore what magic was doing to her and how it was kind of corrupting her the better she got, and how she really was addicted to it. I love how they used that as a allegory for addiction in general. The horror of season six were all the human horrors and fears that we all face. That brings me to the trio who were just nerds or some would say these days incels .Warren was a horrible person and all Andrew and Jonathan did was basically follow his lead and they thought they could outsmart Buffy at times they kind of did although you know you can’t win with her no matter what you do so that’s why at the end Warren just decided OK I’m just gonna shoot you, but then that eliminated poor Tara and I just love how all that played out was very dark. For some reason it spoke to me. The Musical episode was one of the best I’ve seen and I also loved the “Smashed” episode.there are others but let’s not name them all. The one thing I like about this show is that it uses motif in such a good way. Certain threads are carried over or revisited and it’s always done so well and I think that’s why Buffy the Vampire Slayer is one of the best shows of its day.

Let me know your ranking in the comments below!

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