Movies You Must Watch

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The Magic Lantern

Movies You Must Watch

A simple lens, a cradle as a source of light, and of course, a beautiful name too, that's all about that simple device—the magic lantern. Born in the 17th century to project medical pictures, this device got a different role in another world. It is the ancestor of today's movie projectors. Movies revolutionized and transformed the world of entertainment. No other media form could dream of the glitter, glory, glamour, the real life has. This article shows you the best movies which you must watch before you're dead.


Goodfellas is a film directed by Martin Scorsese. It was released in 1990 and is based on an adaptation of Nicolas Pileggi's book Wiseguy. Hard hitting and stylish, Goodfellas is a gangster classic. It explores the life of organized crime, and is the true life account of a mobster and FBI informant Henry Hill. The story details the rise and fall of Hill. He begins hanging around the mobsters and soon rises in the ranks to become a member of Mafia family. However, he finds himself the target of the FBI and the mobsters. Goodfellas won the Academy Award for the best actor in supporting role category.


Gladiator, directed by Ridley Scott is a mammoth movie, shot in four countries. Released in 2000, the breathtakingly sumptuous visuals re-create the world of Rome in 180 AD, a world of unimaginable reach and power. The movie is about a man robbed of his name and his dignity who strives to win them back and gain the freedom of his people. It is an epic historical drama in which the director Ridley Scott stages brilliant fight scenes. Gladiator powerfully conveys the intensity of Roman gladiatorial combat, as well as the political intrigue brewing beneath. The set design and the cinematography are extravagant, making Gladiator a movie of astounding historical scope and sweep.

Raiders of the Lost Ark

Raiders of the Lost Ark is an entertaining action film, directed by Stephen Spielberg, and released in 1981. It features Indiana Jones, played by Harrison Ford. He is an archaeology professor and swashbuckling adventurer, who has unearthed many ancient treasures. In the movie, he sets out to find the long lost Ark of the Covenant. The Nazis, it seems, are already searching for the ark, which Hitler hopes to use to make storm troopers invincible. The movie has thrills galore, from giant spiders to Nazi villains. Raiders of the Lost Ark is not so much a movie as a 115-minute thrill ride. It is, without a doubt, an all-time classic of lovers of history, Ancient Egypt, and adventure.


Gandhi, released in 1982, is directed by Richard Attenborough and is the story of the life of Mahatma Gandhi. It is an epic movie, covering Gandhiji's life from the days as a struggling lawyer in South Africa, fighting against racism, to become the leader of the Non-Violent Movement that won India freedom from British rule. Gandhi is, without doubt, one of the finest biographical epics ever made. The film shows that Gandhi was not just a simple, humble man in loincloth, but a shrewd, practical man as well. Ben Kingsley's portrayal of Mohandas K Gandhi is amazing. The film won six Academy awards, including the best picture, best actor, and best director. Gandhi is not just an outstanding film. Its impotence lies in the fact that brings a deeper message to its viewers that peace, justice, and equality for all the people can best be achieved through non-violent means.

Modern Times

Modern Times is a movie directed by Charlie Chaplin that was released in 1936. It is a satire of the Machine Age in which Chaplin stars as an assembly-line worker driven insane by the monotony of his job. Of his release from Lunatic asylum, he is arrested and jailed for supposedly being a communist. Once outside jail again, he finds life so tough that he tries hard to get rearrested, but to no avail. He makes friends with a pretty orphan, and the two of them learn that though life may not be easy, one should never give up. Modern Times is a political commentary on the industrialized world, and one of the Charlie Chaplin's best loved films. The movie proves once again that Chaplin is the greatest artist of the silent screen, the most eloquent master of mime, and the simplest, most essential, and most touching of comedians.

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