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Movies I absolutely love, but I HATE watching

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By Dyllon RodillonPublished 6 months ago 4 min read
Movies I absolutely love, but I HATE watching
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It's been quite a while since I've talked about movies hasn't it? You might be asking yourself now, "Dyllon, why don't you like watching movies that you like? That sounds completely contradictory.". Trust me I'm aware of how it sounds and it's not click bait either. I do love every single one of these films but every time they come on I just think to myself "Oh boy, strap in. It's (insert film here)". Again you'll understand once you start reading.

A quick disclaimer, there might be some triggers in this article due to the content of these films.

Invisible Man

Fantastic film from top to bottom. Acting, directing, pacing, musical score, effects, and even the explanation as to what makes the Invisible Man "Invisible". I love it all. Now two things that stood out to me the most "Show don't tell" and a competent main character who does incredibly well thinking on her feet while under an extreme amount of stress.

Obviously when we're talking about a villain that's invisible, how much can we show? But I'm not talking about that, I'm talking about how the film portrays "Cee's" trauma throughout the film. And how the film also shows the dangers of domestic violence, to those who aren't even the direct victim. But just friends and family of the victim. It's a sad truth we see all too well in the real world, so many 3rd party victims of monsters when all they're trying to do is protect their loved ones.

Now speaking of Cee's trauma, the way she shuts off from her loved ones. The way she's begging and pleading for help knowing Adrian is still after her but no one listens. It was all so well done.

Honestly in the same way Wonder Woman gave me hope for the DCEU Invisible Man gave me hope for the DUCU. But on it's own, man is this a film I love but I can't watch again. It's just too real, we as the audience even if we've never personally experience what Cee has gone through are able to feel exactly what she's feeling too. Absolutely incredible film.


Unpopular opinion, I love the ending of this movie. My heart feels all the feels every time I watch this movie. After all David has been through he deserved his happy ending. But as the Golden God Dennis Reynolds once said "I feel too much!". That's why despite loving this film, I can't stand to watch it. I just feel too much. I know this film is just robot Pinocchio, but I don't care. I know I give Avatar a lot of flack for being "Pocahontas/Ferngully in space.", which is why I think Avatar is overrated. And that's a double standard, sure. But one film made nearly 3 Billion and one made 1/10th of that, so. I'm going to let my double standard stand.

What Dreams May Come

Essentially a re-telling of "Dante's Inferno", Robin Williams gives an amazing dramatic performance about; life, love, and death. I've seen a lot of people criticize the ending similarly to the way they critiqued A.I. In this specific instance I agree. I feel like it was too happy of an ending. Anyways a movie about a man choosing to leave heaven to save his wife in heal after she committed suicide. You can see why I don't want to watch this film too many times. I was going to mention his film "one hour photo", but I feel like that would bring the tone of this article way too far down with how incredibly dark that film is. At least in this film we get a truly happy ending.

Uncut Gems

Let's continue on with the misery. This movie is absolutely incredible. One of, if not the best performances by Adam Sandler. An absolute rollercoaster of a film, so many emotions flooded my body from beginning to end. And last but not least, of course that ending, that's actually one reason why I don't like to rewatch the film. There's no way to replicate that feeling of seeing the ending in my initial watch. Doesn't mean I won't enjoy a rewatch, it just won't be the same after the first time.

Terminator 3: Rise of The Machines

I've talked about this movie before in one of my very first articles entitled B+ films. I actually do love this film, I think it is a very watchable film. Sometimes it gets bad, but when it's good this movie is great. But the reason I hate watching it is because it does frustrate me. This film had so much potential and could have been the definitive ending to the Terminator trilogy. But no, since T3 dropped the ball we've been fumbling trying to end the trilogy or even reboot the franchise entirely, all unsuccessfully. Unfortunately that's what happens when not striking when the iron is hot mixes with Hollywood greed to not just let a franchise end in it's prime.

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  • Jazzy 6 months ago

    Oh my goodness, I need to watch the invisible man! Uncut Gems will forever be one of those movies that just, changed how I see Adam Sandler. He is simply so amazing and that movie was A+

  • Manisha Dhalani6 months ago

    I found Uncut Gems a bit hard to watch, but I need to give the rest of this list a try. Thanks for recommending!

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