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Most Wanted Limited Edition Video Game Box Sets

Just owning a physical copy of the hottest game is not enough for gamers with a real passion; They want limited edition video game box sets.

By Patricia SarkarPublished 6 years ago 5 min read

Some gamers want to set themselves apart from others and show the world that they are hardcore fans by getting limited edition video game sets. Just owning a physical copy of the hottest game on the market is not enough for gamers with a real passion; They want more from the experience and wouldn't mind paying a little extra for some merchandise that adds to it. Whether it contains figurines, statues, booklets, soundtracks, guns, daggers, night vision goggles, maps, or other bonus content, hardcore fans will pay over $100 for the contents of these limited edition video game box sets.

When it seemed like the FPS genre was lacking originality, along came Bio Shock with its peculiarities. People enjoyed this bizarre game and loved exploring the dangerous corridors of its fallen underwater utopia looking forward to the next fight with a Big Daddy. That is why the limited edition of this game included a figurine of the real star of game: the Big Daddy himself. And since there are other versions of this limited edition floating around, you could find one that includes the making-of DVD, and an awesome soundtrack disc filled with music from the game and remixes of period music from the its setting (it was set in the 1960). No matter what version of the limited edition you get, no one doubts that this is one of the limited edition sets to get, even though they can be a bit difficult to find.

The Last of Us was a phenomenon when it came out, and although fans got the post-apocalyptic adventure of their dreams, they wanted more. Sony capitalized on this and released the Post-Pandemic Edition that included a 12" statuette of the main characters, Joel and Ellie, worth $200 (according to the packaging). On top this, fans also got a copy of the steelbook edition of the game along with tons of digital content in the form of the Sights and Sounds DLC Pack and the Survival DLC Pack. Also included in this stunning package is the first issue of the The Last of Us: American Dreams comic book that tells the tale of the Ellie and Riley as they go out in the post-apocalyptic world for the first time.

Uncharted 2 is the game that propelled the Uncharted series to new heights and took what the first game brought to the table and made it bigger and better. The case of this limited edition is gorgeous and worth collecting for any would-be fortune hunter. Unfortunately, when it came to actually collecting the set, only 200 of the lucky few who got to play the demo on certain weekends got a chance to own it. To the envy of other hardcore gamers who missed their opportunity, these lucky fans got a cool life-sized replica of an in-game dagger. Add in an art book that featured characters, items from the game's expanded universe, and the extra downloadable content, Sony delivered to fans something of real value and made it worth collecting.

When the creators of Devil May (a genre-defining hack and slash) announced this title, the gaming world was prepared for a dose of over-the-top stylishness and fun—Bayonetta did not disappoint. With a foxy witch as the main protagonist and tons of innuendo, gamers quickly fell in love. The Climax Edition includes the gameís rocking soundtrack and an art book with pleasing aesthetics that make the mouth of gamers across the globe water (Itís called the Climax Edition for a reason). Only people who live in Australia and New Zealand got a special treat on top of everything else: a replica of the witchís Scarborough Fair fire. This gave the Aussies and Kiwis an extra incentive, making this one of the best limited edition video game sets to own.

The Batverse is filled with awesome heroes and spectacular villains, and although the Arkham Games feature outstanding gameplay and gorgeous graphics, the characters carry the game and hook the player. To this effect, the developers have included a 9" statue of the Joker (one of the greatest villains ever imagined), and an 80-page booklet that lets you get familiar with the cast the Batverse. Fans who shell out some money also get a wanted poster of Batman, a map of Gotham that glows in the dark, schematics of the Batwing's prototype, and plenty of other Batman merchandise. This more than justified the asking price for this excellent package. Owning this set will make others ashamed to call themselves fans, making this one of the essential limited edition video game sets to add your collection.

Any fan of the Fallout game series knows that one cannot survive this post-apocalyptic game world without their trusted Pip-Boy. This is a device that give players the ability to manage in-game features such as holotapes, perks, and inventory, and displays useful information about the game world and the player's vital statics. It is no wonder that the Pip-Boy edition of the game excited fans because it had a wearable replica of the Pip-Boy that could actually be used to enhance the experience and not just burden their wrists to look cool. People could insert their smartphones in the Pip-Boy and use it together with the official mobile app when playing the game to access the in-game Pip-Boyís capabilities. This limited edition also has a cool capsule case and handy guides for survival in the game world and how to use the Pip-Boy effectively.

Saints Row IV: The Super Dangerous Wad Wad Edition by Deep Silver

Saints Row IV brought with it the iconic dubstep gun in an open world environment, and the developers included a replica model with this limited edition package. This is already tough for other game developers to beat, but they went a step further to make something unbeatable and extravagant by including other items and experiences within the package that cost a whopping $1 million dollars. For this price, the super hardcore fan will get a Lamborghini Gallardo, any type of plastic surgery they desire, a trip into outer space on Virgin Galactic, and the experience of a hostage rescue mission, among other lavish prizes. Only one of these offers was made available to players and has since made Saints Row IV a legend when people talk about the mother of all limited edition video game sets.


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