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Most Important Gaming Moments of 2016

The video game industry dazzled game players in 2016 with the most important gaming moments.

By Patricia SarkarPublished 7 years ago 6 min read

This year has experienced a lot of interesting news and game releases leading to some of the most important gaming moments of 2016. The video game industry dazzled game players even before the doors opened to the Electronic Entertainment Expo. A lot of changes due to the emerging advanced technology has been seen by the gamers. Here are some of the most important gaming moments of 2016 you can't stop yourself to share.

The Xbox Club introduces the ability to begin developing personal communities due to the disclosure of a variety of unique features. It offers the choice and support for all gamers as the company put all of the products through the lens of reflecting the diversity. It is one of the most interesting and important gaming moments of 2016 that grabbed the attention of every player of Xbox.

Yes, you read it right. The fans of Spiderman got more good news with the arrival of the amazing Spiderman game for the PS4 console. People who have Sony PlayStation 4 enjoyed a lot by playing this spectacular game with the excellent moves of Spiderman. It is famed for the franchise of PlayStation Ratchet and Clank developed by Insomniac Games.

The lack of pure horror element in Capcom's Signature franchise has always been noticed by the creepy gaming lovers. It has returned back to their roots with it's virtual reality compatibility. This was the phenomenal step taken by the makers by providing proof horror games in VR, as you can see the incredibly creepy game called Biohazard. This game has spiced up the fear element more and many people were highly curious before its launch. This is definitely one of the most important gaming moments of 2016.

The 40 percent lighter Xbox One S has become the choice of those who couldn't wait for Project Scorpio. This is quite an amazing innovation by the makers because of its lightweight body and built in power supply. What more could you ask for after getting this? The console also comes with a revamped controller and supports 4K visuals for the excellent gaming experience. Playing on Xbox One S (best alternative of Project Scorpio) has really become one of the most important gaming moments of 2016 for the gaming freaks.

Adding the option to play its massive open-world action game Fallout 4 to VR, The Bethesda Softworks has started taking a plunge in the VR world. This was another exiting moment for the lovers of virtual reality gaming. The game has a lot to offer with the crystal clear graphics and superb options to leave no stone unturned for unforgettable gaming experience.

Created by Ubisoft, Star Trek: Bridge Crew puts gamers into the world as officers of the Federation. Each choice is crucial, as it determines the outcome of your ship and crew. It is so interesting to play in a world you've only seen on TV and movies; when the captain give orders to members to run helm of engineering and players work together to fend off threats by enemy. As part of your mission in Star Trek: Bridge Crew, you and your team will explore unchartered territory known as The Trench, complete with the unknown dangers. Playing in VR offers a whole other dimension to the franchise, making it one of the most important gaming moments of 2016.

The 13th of October was the date when the virtual reality platform by PlayStation 4 was been unveiled and PS lovers everywhere rejoiced! In the end of year and between the platform's initial launch, the 50 games were released for the PS VR. What could you ask more than this? As a lover of PlayStation virtual reality gaming, you may not have to rely on other gaming devices for at least the whole year of 2017. Try this out and see the difference between old games and this new update of PS4.

Can you recall the furious warrior in the 3rd season of God of War who grabbed a lot of attention? I'm talking about Kratos. The one who has a beard and looks old. But this time, he has been seen in the new and different avatar of a father. The makers tried to boast a tighter view of third person and showed the Kratos more sympathetic figure in the latest season which feels like an important departure from the old series. Isn't it great? There is no doubt that such update made many people more curious about the latest season and this is one of the most important gaming moments of 2016.

Not a proper update or game has been introduced by the makers but the reminder to tell that the new games are in progress as per the plans of Electronic Arts. Some excellent content from Star Wars has been included in their BattleFront Game. This definitely went well for the regular gamers of Star Wars. The creators of Titanfall has developed this second action game from Respawn Entertainment called Action Adventure from EA Motive called Force Awakens. This was a great moment for many gaming freaks. However, there were some objections regarding the launch date of the updates.

The beautiful graphics while exploring the new world offered a lot in World of Zelda. The missions and challenges are tougher this time in the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Playing as Link, gamers follow a mysterious voice and are lead to the Kingdom of Hyrule. Link learns of the destruction of the kingdom and must battle Calamity Ganon before it's too late. I definitely found it to be one of the most important gaming moments of 2016.

The game is full of fights and a variety of related, physical challenges. In order to reach the destination, the player experiences many complex battles and has to kill off many evils. The graphics and options to combat the situations are simply commendable. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most important gaming moments of 2016 by seeing the trailer of this thriller game. In the first few months of its launch, it has really got millions of fans from all over the world. If you're tired of playing variety of low quality and boring games, this can be the best choice for sure. The overall idea of developing this game seems quite perfect and best.

The Project Scorpio (high-powered Xbox) carries a lot of potential in terms of advanced gaming. From the graphics to the gaming features, this has become the top choice of many gamers. People who loved to play games on PlayStation will like this new entrant in the gaming industry more with the true 4K display. If we can say it's the more powerful console of video games, then it won't be wrong. It actually won many hearts because of all excellent specs. By joining the rival Sony with PlayStation VR, the Xbox will soon plunge into virtual reality.

There are billions of gamers who wait the whole year for interesting gaming moments to go viral on the internet. Therefore, the makers also don't leave any stone unturned to create more curiosity for them. The previews of new games and arrival of more gaming devices always get the focus of gamers. All of the shared, most important gaming moments of 2016 have definitely made the year of all the gamers across the globe. The drastic and constant changes in technology have actually increased the expectations of people towards online gaming. Now, people are looking forward to the best gaming moments of 2017 for sure.


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