Midnight Sun

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Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun is Twilight in Edward Cullen’s point of view. When an early draft of the manuscript was leaked, it really upset Meyer so much that she never finished it until many years later. I think it came to a point where many twilight fans, gave up hope of it ever being released having to rely on fan fiction for their needs. The Twilight Series has divided book lovers. Some readers love the intense teenage romance between Bella and the sparkling vampire, Edward. Others are repulsed at the writing and the characters. However I’ve seen some people say that through another person’s point of view it might chance the story to something more interesting.

I’ve read all four of the main books of the Twilight series including the Bree Tanner novella and a parody made by Harpoon. I’ve seen the films and they were not as bad as I thought they would be. Looking back on it now, it’s quite funny. Looking back on the series I remember it being compared to Harry Potter, which I thought was unfair because they’re not even the same genre. I used to like Twilight, but not as much as other women. I liked some of the other characters like Charlie, Alice and I thought Jacob was cool. The imprinting on Bella’s daughter threw me off in Breaking Dawn though.

I read Midnight Sun with a clear mind. I felt the voice of Edward was similar to the voice of Bella, but I was able to split the voices apart. I always felt that the love triangle between Bella, Jacob and Edward was pointless because it was always very clear right from the beginning that Bella would choose Edward. When they broke up in New Moon, I knew they would get back together.

What I like about Midnight Sun is that it’s giving the fans something that it wants. It’s shameless fan service. I don’t like Edward Cullen as a character myself, but I still ended up reading the book. It hasn’t changed my opinion on Edward much, but it felt nice to read about all the twilight characters again. Edward Cullen has the body of an eighteen year old, but he’s technically a lot older than that. He feels like a villain and the taboo romance is what pulling readers in.

What I don’t like about Midnight Sun, and it applies to the whole series in general is the length of the books. Midnight Sun and Breaking Dawn are especially guilty of this. There’s a lot of build up where I think it isn’t neccesary. I think we can get into the action of twilight just as much without the extra padding. I really struggled to finish the book. I would say it took me about a few months to actually reach the end because I kept stopping and went on to read other things.

My biggest disappointment is that it didn’t give anything new to the series. Perhaps many hardcore fans would disagree with me. I found the book to be overwritten and lacked editing. I remember something Meyer said after the first few chapters leaked online that if she tried to finish it then, that all the Cullens would be dead. I would actually be interested in that.

Overall, the best thing about the book is the cover. I love pomegrantes because it’s a key ingredient to one of my favourite dishes, and the connection to Greek mythology. The cover is beautiful and eye-catching. The red and black really go together and it’s a big reference to the forbidden fruit and apple to the first book. It’s just a shame that the book itself isn’t as exciting.

I really did want to like this book, but I sadly didn’t. My dislike for the main character is just too strong.

Chloe Gilholy
Chloe Gilholy
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