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Mac and Felicia should be there for Maxie on General Hospital

by Cheryl E Preston 2 days ago in tv

Maxie's parents need to be in her life the way other Port Charles residents have loved ones on hand to give advice.

Maxie needs her parents

Mac and Felicia Scorpio are a popular couple on GENERAL HOSPITAL and viewers say they are both needed right now because of all the trouble that has befallen their daughter Maxie. It is normal for adults in Port Charles to have their parents or other older relatives continually in their lives but the young woman who needs guidance the most is devoid of parental wisdom and support. Maxie is fighting her battles alone while others have plenty of love and support.

Anna checks in on Maxie because of Peter but it's not the same as having her own parents around. Carly Corinthos is always micromanaging her son Michael and how he raises his son, Wiley, while Olivia Quartermaine continues to regularly give her two cents to her son Dante. Laura Collins keeps up with Nikolas and looked out for Lulu when she was still in Port Charles and Gregory and Jackie are always involved with Finn and Chase. They are especially front and center now that the detective has been poisoned.

Auntie Stella Henry is trying to control the love life of her nephew Curtis by first judging Jordan and now Portia. Scott Baldwin was always there for Franco prior to his being murdered and Obrecht and Britt are becoming closer and confiding in one another, Alexis and her 3 daughters are always butting into each other's personal affairs and Ned has his hands full with Brooke Lynn. The one young adult whose parents are never around, especially when she needs them the most is Maxie Jones.

felcia and Robin sho0wed up for the tribute episode

Mac Scorpio raised Maxie as his own daughter but lately when he is in scenes Mac is working and very rarely involved with his stepdaughter. Felicia had been away from GENERAL HOSPITAL for over a year but returned for the tribute episode for Sean Donnelly. Viewers were hoping she would stick around for her daughter who was due to give birth any day but she did not. During that episode, Felicia had the nerve to be angry with Anna because of what Peter had done but she should have looked in the mirror and faced the fact that she has been absent in her daughter's life.

The GENERAL HOSPITAL tribute episode was really hyped by news outlets but fans considered it a big disappointment. Viewers were expecting a real mystery but it was only a trick to test Sean Donnelly's daughter Annie. In addition to Felicia showing up for only that one day, there was also Kimberly McCullough who portrays Robin. McCullough announced a few years ago that she was leaving acting to direct. She is currently directing episodes of the new FOX remake of FANTASY ISLAND which will premiere on August 10.

It was understandable why Robin did not stick around and commendable that Kimberly McCullough stepped away from her directing duties to honor her former castmate. When she left GENERAL HOSPITAL she announced on social media that she would not be returning to acting. Kristina Wagoner, however, has not brought her fans up to speed regarding her character so viewers are left wondering what is going on.

A stranger helped Maxie deliver her baby.

Maxie has now given birth in the woods and handed her baby over to Brooke Lynn Quartermaine to raise with Valentin Cassadine. The cover story is that nurse Chloe Jenkins kidnapped Louise and took off. Mac is investigating a crime that never took place but neither he nor Felicia are there to give their daughter moral support. It could be that Kristina Wagoner no longer wants to be on GENERAL HOSPITAL full time. If that is true the show could always replace her.

In 2005 Sandra Ferguson took over the role but in recent years Felicia has simply been MIA in Port Charles and only mentioned on occasion. Spoilers for GENERAL HOSPITAL indicate that it will be Damian Spinelli who will pick Maxie up from the hospital and take her home. It is Spinelli's wife Ellie who has been taking care of Maxie's other two children Georgie and James offscreen. Fans would love to see Mac and Felicia as doting grandparents but at this point, it does not look as though this is going to happen.

Once Valentin finds out that a trick has been played on him and that baby Bailey Lois is really Louise he will already have fallen in love with the little girl and will not want to give her up. Maxie may have a fight on he hands and Mac and Felicia by her side could make all the difference. Be on the lookout for updates related to Mac, Felicia, Maxie and baby Louise.

Cheryl E Preston
Cheryl E Preston
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