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Live Action Avatar the Last Airbender

Part 7

By Alexandrea CallaghanPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

I had a very short list of must haves for this first season. I gave this show so much leeway, and I tried very hard to be open minded about the inevitable changes that were going to be made to this show. I have complained a lot about said changes because they were all unnecessary and executed very poorly. But words can not express how happy I am that they kept the sexism of the Northern Water Tribe. It is so integral to Katara’s character development and so important to the story as a whole.

It suddenly occurs to me that Avatar and Buffy share some similarities in that both Aang and Buffy are only as good as they are because of their friends. Their group and their love for their friends is what grants them their power. That said, the live action series did not show this very well as our group spent most of their screen time apart.

Katara challenging Paku was a good moment and I am glad that they didn’t fix what wasn’t broken HOWEVER the impact of Sokka telling her to go kick his ass was completely lost because he was never sexist and never once have we heard him talk shit about bending, he has yet to call it “magic”, and there was just no weight to his words at all. These characters really are hollow shells of who they are supposed to be. I love that Katara has all of her bending strength but I really hate how unearned it is. We’ve seen her bend like 5 times at this point, she’s studied from a scroll once. Nothing has led to this moment.

The little fire nation blimp flying into the sacred grove is such bs. You would not be able to reach the grove from above. Anyway that storybeat was done in a perfectly fine way other than that. Xao kills the moon spirit and shit starts going haywire. I actually really loved Aang in the Avatar state merged with the koi fish. This was a really important scene and I think they actually did it very well. The literal color fading in and out was honestly a little weird and it added absolutely nothing to the story. Something tells me that they blew their 15 million dollar budget on this Koi fish and we apparently couldn’t afford color correction anymore.

Again the Gaang spends 90% of their screen time away from each other so Katara being the one to calm Aang out of his avatar state means nothing.

Also I just realized that they cut the whole gran gran and Paku storyline and that is wildly upsetting.

I would say that 60% of the show is a 1:1 adaptation, now that is a really high percentage and quite frankly far more than I expected. The problem is that even in that 60% where the story beats and dialogue are exactly the same the live action managed to suck all the life and character out of the story. The whole first episode was a hot mess of cheesy dialogue and poorly delivered lines. Then we move along and all of the very important character moments are what is cut out of the story. That means whenever we have an important moment, or a relationship moment that is supposed to be impactful it falls flat because there was no set up and the characters haven’t actually bonded. Overall the show is bad. It is very skippable and if you love the show just go watch the animated series, the live action is not worth your time. I sincerely hope that it does not get a second season and that it just dies and fades away with the live action movie. There is no live action in Ba Sing Se.

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