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Reading "Le rose di Atacama" by Luis Sepulveda means getting into the fight of love against crime.

By Thao Thao TranPublished 4 years ago 3 min read

The life of a guy who used to be an electrician apprentice fell into the abyss of silence due to the torture from dictators who deprived him of the ability to speak up and deprived of his identity. his real because he could not say his real name, in his voice to the old teammates who only know his operating aliases. Time seems to have died on the bodies of two women, a brunette and a blonde, at night they were dragged out of the house, after the first shivers, and deep in their bodies. blood sheaths, "rock punches", "boot marks" and even "electrical picana marks" an unyielding unwavering will that implicitly won the victory: "They didn't subdue you.". There are many more people in this book that have buried their own wars, in small or vast lands, at completely different times. They have voiced their love for peace and justice in their own lives, the price to pay is sometimes death, and scarier than death is nameless and forgotten. People only remember the names of the countless battles that took place while the names of those who have been trampled by evil gradually fade away as if they never existed in the world. Is our memory complicity with a crime? Joseph Goebbels - one of those who advocated the extermination of Jews during World War II (is it a crime to remember the names of those who oppose humanity instead of the names of the victims?) - asserts: A death is a scandal, thousands of deaths are a statistic.

The crimes in this booklet are not merely crimes against humanity directly, ie wars, terrorist attacks, and repression, but also crimes against pristine and majestic nature. in the long run, opposing nature is against man.

The land of Aucas associated with the green forest no longer exists in real life but only in the author's memory because the "terrifying rumble of a sawmill" has deserted the land. In the more fortunate Patagonia region, "some guy Lucas" decided to set up a forest rescue campaign called Lemu, against the "ferocious rumble of the sawing machines" despite being called "names." Damn hippie against progress. ” But who really is against progress, perhaps we are now clear before the catastrophic forest fires occur on a large scale and for a long time such as thousands of Amazon or forest scenes of Australia. And also, in the Mediterranean Sea, whales, dolphins and countless other marine creatures are "cruelly treated", "humiliated by all kinds of illegal fishing possible." by water motorbikes or sport boats, they stir the water, and the propellers slash at the dolphins. Nature has been raising its voice, millions of creatures in the pristine forests and in the extremely flowing currents of the ocean have been raising their voices. Listening, deluding yourself under the label of progress. The words of Luis Sepulveda are the voices that speak for those creatures, and for those who live their lives in full connection with the cosmic nature, and are still trying to protect the green of life.

You will also find in this volume the little characters living an extremely normal life, without which you will not notice their special sparkle. They are the people behind the success of someone, and of course, their names are never known. They are people who try to complete their work voluntarily, to ensure the order of life or simply to bring joy to those around them. You will find loyal and precious four-legged characters, including the cat Zorba the protagonist in "The Story of the Cat teaches seagulls flying". Perhaps when you read it, you will be indignant at the crimes that humanity itself has committed, but the last thing left when the page was folded, not crimes, nor strange and unfamiliar names, It is kindness. Yes, good things have always existed everywhere in the world, just need a rain shower and they will bloom like the roses of the Atacama desert.

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