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By Alexandrea CallaghanPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

Los Angeles Comic Con is back this year and they have some BIG heavy hitters. We’ve got 4 different guests that we would consider headliners. Now as I am only going on Saturday that means that I will (hopefully) be spending most of the day in the press pit for the mainstage panels. But there are a few smaller panels that I plan on seeing. So here is my top to bottom schedule for Saturday.

First off I will be there about an hour before the hall opens for photos and interviewers so if you have a booth or are cosplaying come say hi! Second of all the day is going to be really packed but I am really hoping to get some time to visit artists alley. I also don’t have news on any afterparties or anything yet this year so I will updating this as I find new things out.

10:00AM-10:50AM Comic Book Medicine Panel Room 406A

Kind of excited about this panel. The panelists are actual doctors who will be discussing how science fiction medicine works.

11:00AM-11:50AM 247 Comics: Making the Transition from Screen to Pages Panel Room 308AB

Adaptations are rampant in the industry now. This panel will discuss going from one medium to another, upcoming projects and future plans.


11:00AM-11:50AM X-Men ‘92-’97 Panel Room 304ABC

The showrunner, a writer and the producer-director of the X-Men Animated Series looks forward to its continuation as they are serving as consultant producers. This is going to be an amazing panel and I think fandom might win out over networking on this one. I really love the X-Men and this is going to be a great opportunity to hear from some of the team's best handlers.

12:00PM-12:50PM How I Broke Into Hollywood as a Screenwriter

Panel Room 402B

This is a panel I will be attending for career purposes. Hopefully it will give me some guidance for breaking into the industry as well as a chance to network a little bit.

Now we enter the press pit, where I will stay for about 4 hours. But I really don’t want to miss a second of these amazing guests.

1:30PM-2:20PM The Boys Main Stage

Erin Moriarty and Karen Fukuhara are going to be joining LACC this year. These are my two favorite cast members from the show and I can’t believe we are going to be blessed with The Boys two years in a row.

2:30PM-3:20PM Harry Potter Main Stage

We are getting Bonnie Wright, with James and Oliver Phelps. Three of my favorite actors from the Harry Potter movies. This one is making childhood Alex very very happy. I might actually cry during some of these panels.

3:30PM-3:55PM Matt Smith Main Stage

Now I am actually really bitter that my favorite Doctor is only getting 25 minutes of main stage time but I understand that it's a tight schedule and he is probably already packed with autographs and photo ops.

4:00PM-4:50PM Lord of the Rings Main Stage

And last but not least a panel that has been a year in the making. All 4 of our beloved hobbits will be gracing the main stage with their delightful and wonderful friendship and I will most definitely be crying during this panel.

5:00PM-5:50PM Burn After Pitching Panel Room 402A

Revenge of the Podcast is hosting a live episode pitching the silliest stuff and I simply cannot wait.

6:00PM-7:00PM Laugh Til You Scream Panel Room 407

A horror/nerd themed comedy show sounds like a good way to wind down at the end of the day.


6:00PM-7:00PM Nerdy Stand-Up For Adults Panel Room 402B

A straight up nerdy, not safe for kids, stand up show. So either way I will be ending the day with some comedy.

It looks like my window for Artists Alley is going to be from 12:50 to 1:30. It is a small window but I can’t miss the amazing artists that they are sure to have this year.

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