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Kyle and Lola oblivious to Theo’s plot and Summer’s compliance on ‘The Young and the Restless’

“Kola” enjoys an evening together unaware there is a plot to destroy their marriage.

By Cheryl E PrestonPublished 4 years ago 4 min read
Kyle and Lola continue to enjoy wedded bliss

On Tuesday’s episode of The Young and the Restless, Kyle and Lola enjoyed a quiet, romantic evening together and their love for one another was very evident. Meanwhile, Summer and Theo were engaged in a heated conversation regarding “Kola” and their wedded bliss. As Lola and her husband gazed lovingly into each other’s eyes a plot was being hatched to destroy their happiness. Spoiler alerts have been predicting trouble in paradise for several months and the writers have teased viewers by seemingly steering the storyline in a certain direction. Up to this point they always pull back but viewers know this won’t go on indefinitely.

At some point the boring stalemate must end but the question is who will make the first move? Summer correctly called Theo out last week, saying he hung around Society panting after his cousin’s wife like a love sick puppy dog. He countered by saying that he knew Summer still wants Kyle. On Tuesday their conversation was more of the same but this time Summer blasted her ex for sticking around Genoa City when he could have gone to Paris. Theo admitted that he had his reasons for staying in Genoa City and working with Kyle. These two danced around the fact that they each have their own reasons for wanting “Kola” to fail. Many fans believe that deep down Kyle really wants Summer but is afraid to admit it.

Viewers will recall that on the night that Zoe drugged the drinks, an inebriated Summer kissed Kyle with Lola watching. When she later apologized, Kyle said that who knows what he would have done had he taken a drink of the spiked beverage. A few weeks back, while Lola was stuck at Society and Theo was hanging close, Summer and Kyle were pulling an all nighter at Jabot. Summer tried to get her former spouse to go home but he said he was right where he wanted to be. Kyle also told his first wife that she had no idea how valuable she is, then quickly added “ To Jabot.” Viewers however noticed the tenderness in his voice as well as the look in his eyes.

Each time it seems “Skyle” is growing closer, the storyline shifts in a different direction and presents “ Kola” as a solid couple. The conversation between Theo and Summer on Tuesday implied that Mr. Vanderway is determined to undermine his cousin. Kyle is his boss and Jack’s son, yet the new family member wants his former friend’s wife and also to cause problems on the job. Summer seems troubled each time Theo discusses his feelings for Kyle and when he does not deny desiring Lola. Even so, she had remained silent and not run to her former spouse with a warming.

This makes Ms. Newman guilty by association, but there is a legitimate reason for her silence. She does still love Kyle but lately has been taking the high road. She does not want it to appear that she is actively attempting to break up the “ Kola” marriage. Summer had gone out of her way to remain professional with Kyle and is doing her best to keep Theo in check. During the Newman/Abbott New Year’s Eve gathering, she grabbed Theo before he asked Lola to dance and prevented an altercation with Kyle.

Summer told Theo weeks ago that Kyle is the bosses son and heir apparent to Jabot but Mr. Vanderway does not seem to understand how tight the bond is between the Abbott’s and he is not listening to sound reasoning. He obviously believes he can take Lola from his cousin and get his job at Jabot as well. Since Theo is attempting to undermine Kyle Summer has no obligation to give “Kola” a warning. She will be hard pressed to keep silent if her ex does anything to disrupt the company they both work for.

Theo cannot indefinitely sit at Society and pine away for his cousin’s wife. At some point he will make some type of move. Summer thwarted his attempt to cause trouble on NewYear’s Eve but she cannot stop how every attempt to cause problems. Kyle and Lola both need to wise up to what the new relation is up to without Summer being involved. There will also probably be a situation where Kyle realizes how he really feels about his ex wife and let’s her know. Although she will not make a play for him out of respect for his marriage, Summer probably will not turn him down if he initiates something, so stay tuned.


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