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6 Strongest kage in Naruto Shippuden

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By Favour NwokontaPublished about a month ago 12 min read

Here's the revised top 10 strongest Kage in Naruto Shippuden.
1. Hashirama Senju (1st Hokage)

The legendary "God of Shinobi," Hashirama's mastery of Wood Release and Sage Mode makes him a dominant force on the battlefield.

Why Hashirama Senju Remains the Strongest Kage in Naruto Shippuden
Hashirama Senju, the revered First Hokage, casts a long shadow over the Naruto Shippuden era. Even as Naruto Uzumaki and Sasuke Uchiha climb the ranks of the elite, Hashirama's legacy as the "God of Shinobi" remains unmatched. Here's why, despite the (shutsugen, emergence) of powerful Kage like Minato Namikaze and A, Hashirama retains his title as the strongest:

Unparalleled Mastery of Wood Release
Hashirama's Kekkei Genkai, Wood Release, is unlike any other. He can manipulate wood and vegetation with incredible precision, creating colossal wooden structures, powerful restraints, and even tailed beast-like beings. This mastery grants him dominion over the battlefield, allowing him to control the very landscape.

Sage Mode Prowess: Hashirama wasn't just a master jutsu user; he was a sage unlike any other. His Sage Mode grants him immense power, enhanced sensory perception, and chakra reserves that dwarf most characters in the series. This perfect harmony with nature makes him a formidable opponent in any battle.

Subduing Tailed Beasts: Perhaps the most emblematic of Hashirama's strength is his ability to subdue tailed beasts, the destructive forces coveted by many nations. He single-handedly captured and controlled all nine tailed beasts, a feat that speaks volumes about his power and prowess.

Legendary Battles: Throughout history, Hashirama has clashed with and emerged victorious against legendary figures like Madara Uchiha. These battles solidified his reputation as a force to be reckoned with, a benchmark for Kage to aspire to.
While Naruto and Sasuke's potential is undeniable, they haven't reached the same level of mastery and accomplishment as Hashirama during Shippuden. Naruto's control over Kurama's power is still developing, and Sasuke's Rinnegan is a new acquisition.
Hashirama Senju's legacy as the strongest Kage in Naruto Shippuden is undeniable. His unmatched power, mastery of jutsu, and historical feats solidify his position as a legend that continues to inspire awe and respect. Even as the world progresses, the "God of Shinobi" remains a towering figure in the shinobi world.

2. Hiruzen Sarutobi (3rd Hokage)

The "Professor," despite his age in Shippuden, possesses vast knowledge of jutsu and has mastered all five basic nature transformations.

The Enduring Strength of the Professor: Hiruzen Sarutobi's Claim to Second Strongest Kage
In the shinobi world of Naruto, power is paramount. Among the Kage, the village leaders, a constant question simmers: who reigns supreme? While Hashirama Senju's position as the strongest is widely acknowledged, the debate for the number two spot is fierce. Many contend that Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Third Hokage of Konohagakure, possessed the strength and experience to claim this title, particularly during his prime.
Here's why Hiruzen stands out as a contender for the second strongest Kage:

The Professor's Knowledge: Hiruzen wasn't just a powerful fighter; he was a prodigious shinobi with an encyclopedic knowledge of jutsu. Earning him the moniker "The Professor," his mastery encompassed all five basic nature transformations, a feat in itself. This vast knowledge allowed him to adapt his fighting style to any opponent and strategize with unmatched competency.

Master of All Jutsu Beyond: the basic elements, Hiruzen excelled in various jutsu styles. He wielded powerful summoning techniques, mastered a vast arsenal of genjutsu, and possessed exceptional skill in taijutsu. This well-rounded skillset made him a nearly unpredictable opponent, capable of overwhelming foes with his versatility.

The Student of Legends: Trained by the formidable Hashirama Senju and Tobirama Senju, Hiruzen inherited their knowledge and honed his skills under their tutelage. This direct lineage to legendary Kage shaped him into an exceptional shinobi, capable of carrying on the legacy of his predecessors.

Acknowledged Strength: Even in his later years, Hiruzen's prowess was undeniable. Characters like Kabuto Yakushi acknowledged him as the strongest Hokage at the time, a testament to his enduring strength and strategic mind.

Battling Orochimaru: Though a costly battle, Hiruzen's fight against his former student, Orochimaru, showcases his power. Despite his age, he could hold his own against a Sannin, a group of the elite ninja acknowledged throughout the land.
It's important to acknowledge that Hiruzen's strength may have waned in his later years. However, considering his vast knowledge, mastery of various jutsu styles, and battles against formidable opponents, Hiruzen Sarutobi presents a compelling case for the title of second strongest Kage, particularly during his prime.

3. Tobirama Senju: A Force to Be Reckoned With

Tobirama Senju, the Second Hokage of Konohagakure, stands as a testament to the power and ingenuity of the Senju clan. While the title of the strongest Kage is often attributed to his elder brother, Hashirama, Tobirama's strength and contributions to the shinobi world shouldn't be overlooked.

Master of Water Release: Tobirairama was a master of Water Release jutsu, wielding it with a finesse that few could match. He could manipulate water on a grand scale, creating powerful currents and even forming giant water bodies for offensive and defensive purposes.

Jutsu Creator Extraordinaire: Tobirama was renowned for his jutsu creation. He invented the Shadow Clone Technique, a staple jutsu for many characters, and the powerful Edo Tensei, a jutsu that could revive the dead. These creations not only bolstered Konohagakure's power but also significantly impacted the landscape of ninjutsu.

Sensor and Tactician: Beyond his jutsu prowess, Tobirama possessed exceptional sensory abilities and was a skilled tactician. He established the ANBU, an elite black ops unit within Konohagakure, demonstrating his strategic mind and understanding of covert operations.

Battles and Accomplishments: Tobirama's strength is validated by his historical battles. He fought alongside his brother, Hashirama, during a time of great conflict, and even held his own against the legendary Uchiha clan.
While Tobirama may not have surpassed his brother's raw power, his contributions as a jutsu creator, strategist, and leader solidify his place as one of the strongest Kage. His legacy continues to shape the shinobi world, making him a noteworthy figure in Naruto Shippuden.

3. Minato Namikaze (4th Hokage)

The unmatched speed of the "Yellow Flash" with Flying Raijin jutsu and mastery of sealing techniques make Minato a powerhouse.
The Yellow Flash: Examining Minato Namikaze's Strength, Weaknesses, and Feats
Minato Namikaze, the Fourth Hokage of Konohagakure, earned the legendary moniker "Yellow Flash" for a reason. His exceptional speed and prowess made him a formidable force, respected and feared throughout the shinobi world. Here's a closer look at Minato's strengths, weaknesses, and the feats that solidify his legacy.
Unmatched Speed: Minato's defining characteristic was his unmatched speed. With the Flying Raijin jutsu, a technique he perfected, he could teleport to marked locations with incredible swiftness. This ability allowed him to dominate battles, appearing and attacking before opponents could react.

Genius Tactician: Beyond his speed, Minato was a brilliant strategist. He could analyze situations quickly, formulate effective plans, and exploit enemy weaknesses. This strategic mind, coupled with his speed, made him a nearly unstoppable force.

Master of Sealing Techniques: Minato's mastery of sealing jutsu was another facet of his strength. He was instrumental in sealing the Nine-Tails Fox into Naruto Uzumaki, a feat that required immense skill and chakra control.

Kenjutsu Expertise: While speed and jutsu were his forte, Minato was also highly skilled in swordsmanship. He wielded a special kunai with exceptional skill, further adding to his offensive capabilities.
Chakra Reserves: Despite his strengths, Minato's chakra reserves weren't as vast as some Kage. This limited the number of times he could utilize the Flying Raijin jutsu at full power.
Dependence on Jutsu Preparations: The Flying Raijin jutsu's effectiveness relied on Minato placing special marking tags beforehand. This could be a disadvantage if he didn't have the opportunity to prepare the battlefield.
Ending the Third Shinobi World War: Minato's leadership and strategic brilliance were instrumental in bringing the Third Shinobi World War to a close. His intervention on the battlefield often turned the tide in Konohagakure's favor.

Protecting Konohagakure from the Nine-Tails: During the Nine-Tails' attack on Konohagakure, Minato, alongside his wife Kushina, selflessly sacrificed himself to seal the beast into their newborn son, Naruto. This act not only saved the village but also entrusted the fate of the Nine-Tails to the future.

Surpassing his Teachers: Minato's skill and ingenuity were recognized by even the legendary Sannin. He surpassed his teachers, Jiraiya and Tsunade, becoming the Fourth Hokage at a young age.
Minato Namikaze's legacy extends far beyond his short reign as Hokage. His unmatched speed, strategic mind, and sealing jutsu mastery solidified his place as one of the strongest Kage. While his weaknesses limited his jutsu uses to an extent, his accomplishments and impact on Konohagakure's history remain undeniable.

4. A (4th Raikage)

Known for his Iron Fist and Lightning Release mastery, A's raw power and speed are a force to be reckoned with.

The Iron Fist of Lightning: A Look at A, the Fourth Raikage's Strengths, Weaknesses, and Feats

A, the Fourth Raikage of Kumogakure, is a force of nature. Renowned for his raw power, unwavering determination, and mastery of Lightning Release, he commands respect throughout the shinobi world. Here's a breakdown of A's strengths, weaknesses, and the feats that solidify his reputation as a formidable Kage.
Immense Physical Strength: A boasts incredible physical strength, evident in his fighting style and jutsu usage. He can overpower most opponents with his taijutsu prowess, delivering devastating blows with his fists and body.

Lightning Release Mastery: A is a master of Lightning Release jutsu. He can shroud himself in lightning, move at superhuman speeds, and generate powerful electric attacks. This mastery allows him to dominate close-quarter combat and unleash large-scale offensives.

Iron Will and Determination: A possesses an unwavering will and determination. He is relentless in battle, pushing himself to his limits and refusing to back down from a challenge. This mental fortitude makes him a formidable opponent, especially when facing adversity.

Leadership: A is a strong and respected leader within Kumogakure. He inspires loyalty and motivates his subordinates, leading them into battle with unwavering resolve.

Limited Jutsu Versatility: A primarily relies on his physical strength and Lightning Release techniques. While powerful, this lack of versatility in jutsu use can make him predictable to skilled opponents who can exploit his fighting style.

Susceptible to Strategies: A's reliance on brute force can make him susceptible to well-planned strategies. Cunning opponents who can exploit his focus on offense or lure him into traps can gain an advantage.

Overconfidence: A's immense strength and unwavering confidence can sometimes border on overconfidence. This can lead him to underestimate his opponents or take unnecessary risks in battle.
Protecting Bee from Sasuke: A intercepted Sasuke Uchiha's attack on his younger brother, Killer Bee. Despite facing a powerful Sharingan user, A displayed immense speed and durability, showcasing his prowess in protecting his village.

Holding his Own Against Madara: During the Fourth Shinobi World War, A clashed with the legendary Madara Uchiha. While ultimately outmatched, A's strength and determination allowed him to hold his own against a formidable opponent, demonstrating his power as a Kage.

Leading the Allied Shinobi Forces: A played a pivotal role in leading the Allied Shinobi Forces during the Fourth Shinobi World War. His leadership, strategic thinking, and battlefield prowess were instrumental in coordinating the various ninja villages against a common enemy.

A, the Fourth Raikage, is a powerhouse who commands respect throughout the shinobi world. His raw strength, mastery of Lightning Release, and unwavering determination make him a formidable opponent. However, his limited jutsu versatility and occasional overconfidence can leave him vulnerable to cunning strategies. Despite these weaknesses, A's feats and leadership solidify his place as one of the strongest Kage of his generation

Onoki's mastery of Dust Release, a Kekkei Genkai that disintegrates anything it touches, makes him a dangerous opponent.

The Crumbling Fist: Examining Onoki, the Third Tsuchikage's Strength, Weaknesses, and Feats.

Onoki, the Third Tsuchikage of Iwagakure, stands as a testament to experience and strategic wit. While his physical prowess may not be the most outwardly impressive, his mastery of a unique Kekkei Genkai and his keen intellect make him a force to be reckoned with. Here's a closer look at Onoki's strengths, weaknesses, and the feats that solidify his reputation as a respected Kage:
Dust Release Mastery: Onoki wields a powerful Kekkei Genkai called Dust Release, which combines Earth and Wind Release natures. This jutsu allows him to manipulate dust particles at will, disintegrating anything they touch on a molecular level. This ability grants him immense destructive power and tactical versatility.

Strategic Mind: Despite his age, Onoki possesses a sharp mind and strategic acumen. He can analyze situations quickly, formulate effective plans, and exploit enemy weaknesses. This strategic brilliance complements his Dust Release, making him a cunning and unpredictable opponent.

Leadership: Onoki is a respected leader who has guided Iwagakure through various challenges. He commands loyalty from his subordinates and fosters alliances with other villages when necessary, showcasing his diplomatic skills.

Experience: Onoki's long career as a shinobi grants him invaluable experience. He has faced numerous battles and encountered diverse jutsu styles, allowing him to adapt his strategies and utilize Dust Release with exceptional control.

Diminished Physical Strength: Due to his advanced age, Onoki's physical strength and stamina are not what they once were. This can limit his mobility and make him reliant on jutsu and tactics in battle.

Restraint in Destructive Power: The immense destructive potential of Dust Release forces Onoki to use it cautiously to avoid harming his allies or the surroundings. This restraint can limit the jutsu's full offensive capabilities in certain situations.

Susceptibility to Genjutsu: Onoki's reliance on sight for aiming his Dust Release makes him somewhat vulnerable to genjutsu. A well-timed genjutsu could disrupt his aim or hinder his strategic thinking.
Leading Iwagakure's Reconstruction: After a devastating meteor shower, Onoki led Iwagakure's reconstruction efforts. His leadership and strategic planning were instrumental in rebuilding the village and restoring its strength.

Participating in the Five Kage Summit: Onoki actively participated in the Five Kage Summit, a crucial event in the story. He played a vital role in the discussions and alliances formed to confront the growing threat of Madara Uchiha.

Formidable Foe During the Fourth Shinobi World War: Despite his age, Onoki proved to be a formidable opponent during the Fourth Shinobi World War. His strategic use of Dust Release and tactical formations significantly challenged the opposing forces.
Onoki, the Third Tsuchikage, is a strategic leader and a master of a deadly Kekkei Genkai. While his physical limitations exist, his experience, tactical mind, and mastery of Dust Release make him a respected Kage. His contributions to Iwagakure's well-being and his role in the broader narrative solidify his place as a noteworthy figure in the Naruto Shippuden era.

6. Gaara (5th Kazekage)

Gaara's mastery of sand manipulation and his status as a Shukaku jinchuriki make him a strong contender with impressive defensive and offensive capabilities.
From Sandstorm to Kazekage: Examining Gaara's Strength, Weaknesses, and Feats
Gaara, the Fifth Kazekage of Sunagakure, has undergone a remarkable transformation throughout the Naruto Shippuden series. From a ruthless jinchuriki to a respected leader, Gaara's journey is one of self-discovery and the harnessing of immense power. Here's a closer look at Gaara's strengths, weaknesses, and the feats that solidify his rise as a formidable Kage.
Sand Manipulation Mastery: Gaara possesses exceptional control over sand, wielding it both offensively and defensively. He can create shields, projectiles, and even enormous sandstorms, making him a versatile and unpredictable opponent.

Iron Sand: A unique aspect of Gaara's sand manipulation is his mastery of iron sand, infused with sand particles infused with metal. This grants his sand immense weight and piercing capabilities, allowing him to crush and penetrate defenses with ease.

In Gaara Hiden, Gaara is stated to have inherited Magnet Release from his father. Gaara manipulates a dense "sparkling metallic sand". He can either use it in place of his usual sand or mix it with the sand in order to fortify it.

Enhanced Strength and Durability: As a Shukaku jinchuriki, Gaara possesses enhanced physical strength and durability. This allows him to withstand powerful attacks and perform impressive feats of physical prowess in conjunction with his sand manipulation.

Strategic Thinking: Despite his initial reliance on brute force, Gaara develops strategic thinking throughout the series. He analyzes opponents' techniques, formulates plans, and utilizes his sand manipulation with greater tactical precision.
Chakra Reliance: Gaara's sand manipulation and jutsu rely heavily on his chakra reserves. Extensive use of his abilities can leave him drained and vulnerable, especially against opponents with superior chakra reserves.

Emotional Dependence: Early on, Gaara's emotional state significantly impacted his sand manipulation. When enraged, his attacks became indiscriminate, leaving him open to counters. However, he overcomes this dependence as he matures.

Limited Defense Against Certain Jutsu: While his sand offers exceptional defense, Gaara can be susceptible to specific jutsu types. Fire Release techniques, for example, can counter his sand manipulation to some extent.
Overcoming Shukaku's Influence: Gaara's most significant feat is overcoming the tailed beast Shukaku sealed within him. He learns to coexist with the beast, gaining access to its immense power while maintaining control over his own actions.

Defending Sunagakure from Deidara: During the Akatsuki invasion, Gaara puts up a valiant fight against Deidara, a powerful missing-nin. Despite the limitations of his sand against explosive jutsu, Gaara showcases his strategic thinking and determination to protect his village.

Becoming the Fifth Kazekage: Gaara's transformation from a feared weapon to a respected leader culminates in his ascension.

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  • angela hepworthabout a month ago

    Interesting order! Hashirama is so overpowered man 😂 In my opinion, I feel like Tobirama and Minato show themselves to be stronger than Hiruzen from what we actually see in the show. Awesome work nevertheless!

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