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Himawari Tail Beast Bomb Confirmed

Boruto Two Blue Vortex: Chapter 11 Spoilers

By Favour NwokontaPublished about a month ago 5 min read

In this newest reveal, we have Himawari versus Jura being shown off in the new chapter, and Ikemoto is leaning heavier into Himawari being a different breed of host for the Ninetails itself. 

There's an official teaser that we have. We see Himawari firing off a bijuu dama, and we see Jura flying backwards, seemingly from a prior attack that was launched at him, and he's attempting to counter Himawari's bijuu dama with his own bijuu dama. 

This one is once again being shot out via his Rinnegan eye, so we're seeing some consistency here. This is where it gets really interesting. 

So, himawari, when she's first transformed, we took note of the fact that her appearance did not look like the typical one you see when a Jinchuriki starts to use the cloak of their bijuu. 

They each have that orange bubble-cloak chakra. As a reminder, some of you guys are confused about why I said that jinchuriki like Naruto and Bee both had that bubble cloak chakra, which is not something exclusive to kurama jinchuriki. Yet Himawari, who is clearly using it, doesn't have that chakra cloak that you see. 
The way that her hair was drawn when her hair appeared to be shaped in the form of nine separate tails.

 Even crazier, the way that the taals are put together is very similar to what we saw when Naruto went into his version two state, where the taals all began a form before making the bijuu dama that he shot at Orochimaru using in that Four Tails state. In that four-tails Naruto versus Orochimaru fight during the Bridge Arc, once again, Himawari does not look like how she's supposed to look.

 There is no thick chakra skin covering her body that you see in that version of State or the foxlike features that are in that weird, in-between face. Again, in version two, we normally see that she doesn't have the magical golden mythological chakra cloak, yet she is using this power, which I think makes sense when you look at it from this perspective, which is what we're seeing.

Himawari is a different breed than all of the Kuramas that have lived in the past. This is another sign that Himawari and Jura aren't that different.
If you place the accent mark above the letter U, it is roughly translated into ten demons, which we know is a reference for the ten tails themselves.

Jura is the humanoid embodiment of the ten tails, and Himawari, though through different means, is a similar embodiment for Kurama, being the first person born with the seed of Kurama's chakra that Kurama then transmigrated to in order to be reincarnated. 

We're seeing something different than the standard Jinchuriki and Bijuu relationship. Hemawari and Kurama are one body and one soul now, and that's what makes this fight such uncharted territory. Even the way that Hemawari's Bijuu dama is being formed is being showcased differently. When a Jinchuriki is shooting off a bijuu dama, it's usually more similar to what you see Jura do. Where the biju dama is gathering, the pool of chakra condensed down before it shot off. There are straight line patterns being shown. 

Himawari's chakra, on the other hand, is us, or Bei Dama, that is swirling together in a vortex pattern, which is what makes this one so different. It's not what we saw when Naruto's biju dama was being performed in volume 33 of Naruto, where the chakra again formed in that straight line as it was making the ball.  

Even when Naruto got his golden Kyubi cloak when using KCM 1, when you look at Naruto in volume 55, it's the same logic. The chakra doesn't swirl in a vortex pattern when it's being formed; it just goes into a straight line and forms the ball as it's created. I think it does make you have to look at the title a bit differently now, with two blue Vortex and all the mention of vortexes that we had in the Minato one shot and the Naruto resonance story, Naruto, the seventh hokage, and the spiral of Destiny, which spiral can be swapped out with Vortex, and that lines up with the numerous references to vortexes in that story as well, just like the Minato one shot. 

The way in which her bijuu dama is gathering chakra is very intentional, and it's something to keep our eyes on moving forward as Himawari begins to start using more of Kurama's power.

Now for the Jura spot that we have in the chapter, we don't have the context as to what happened prior to this. only that Jura was seemingly sent flying backwards by a previous attack, and Himawari, she's on demon time right now because she hasn't even given this dude a chance to fully recover by planting his feet and rebalancing himself. Instead, she's shooting off a biju dama to keep the pressure on him, which is very smart from a tactical perspective, and it makes you wonder: is Kurama coaching her through that or is she fighting off a pure instinct while she's in rage? Either one of those works.

We've seen Kurama give instructions and tips to Naruto when they're in full cooperation with Justice Killer B, and the ails were working in the sink in a similar manner, so there is some precedent here for that. Now, the other thing that again works with this is that Himawari is fighting off enraged, and with Instinct, just look at her genetic makeup, and you'll see why I say that works.

She should have inherited a high aptitude for fighting; her father was the strongest Shinobi in the history of the Shinobi world at the time of his prime; her mother is stated to have the strongest Byakugan in the history of the Hyuga Clan and is considered to be the specialist of the Huga Clan's main branch, hidden Jutsu, the gentle fist fighting style that utilizes the Hyuga Clan Kekkei Genkai.

Her Grandfather was the fourth hokage and one of the strongest shinobi in history, despite dying at the age of 24. Well before he could reach his prime, her grandmother was a skilled and unorthodox konoichi who earned praise from Jiraiya, Tsunade, and even Orochimaru to varying degrees. Anytime the legendary Sanin acknowledges you for your power and skill, you are clearly doing something right if Himawari is going off in pure rage and instinct right now. When she goes off into those fits of rage, there's a whole other realm of power that she's able to unlock that she previously wasn't able to tap into before, and when she's locked in on that rage, she's a deadly force similar to a hurricane that is passing forward, which, interestingly enough, also moves in a vortex. The only thing that you can do is, when you're trapped in it, just wait to see if you can ride out the storm because it too will eventually pass and weaken. I don't think there's enough here for anyone to say that she's scaling to Jura or that she's scaling above base kawaki or version one karma seal kawaki just yet.
I think it might be likely right now because, as we've seen in the past with Sasuke and Naruto and Naruto volume 71, measuring someone's chakra levels is directly equated to power. They were directly able to scale Kaguya above Madara without even seeing Kaguya throw a punch; they just sensed his chakra. 
However, we need to see more information before we jump to that conclusion.

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