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Kin Shriner's real life girlfriend has joined the cast of 'General Hospital'

by Cheryl E Preston about a year ago in celebrities
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Actress Trish Ramish has been showing up in Port Charles since 2019.

Kin Shriner and Trish Ramish

Kin Shriner who portrays Scotty Baldwin on GENERAL HOSPITAL has let his fans in on a secret. The woman who is currently a hostess at the Metro Court is his real life girlfriend, actress Trish Ramish. Shriner's sweetie also was on the red carpet during the 2019 Nurses Ball as a presenter. GH fans will be happy to have a name to go with the face of a woman they continue to see. often extra's are not even listed in the credits. Ramish is a dancer and actress in her own right, and her career is pretty impressive.

She has starred on Broadway in A Chorus Line. She also traveled around the world as one of Cher's dancers. Trish has also been a backup dancer in television shows and movies like FAME and A Night At The Roxbury. She has made guest appearances on DWEEBS, FRASIER, and SILK STALKINGS. The actress met Kin Shriner in 1994 and accompanied him to a number of industry events over the years, including the Daytime Emmy Awards. Shriner tweeted the information for his Twitter followers and they are very grateful.

GENERAL HOSPITAL fans are delighted to know more about this blonde they have seen on several occasions but on a different soap viewers are not getting the answers they desire. Those who watch THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS have not yet been so lucky when trying to find out about a mystery woman. Fans of the CBS daytime drama have been wondering for about 6 months regarding the identity of the woman in the green dress who works at Society.

She has been wearing this same dress in every episode where she is shown. She is always working and moving along but never has any lines to say. Viewers have been asking who she is but the series execs continue to keep her identity a mystery. In 2019 GENERAL HOSPITAL hired Ramish as Trish the red carpet coordinator for the Nurses Ball and the Twitter image is of a scene she shared with Shriner. During that scene, Scotty Baldwin began flirting with Trish but she turned him down.

Currently on GENERAL HOSPITAL Scotty Baldwin is hot and heavy with Liesel Obrecht and fans are loving this pairing. Should Trish return and decide she might like to date the lawyer and former DA, he might answer her as he does his current lady love and respond "nein," which is no in German. It's not clear where the romance between Scott and Liesl is headed but viewers are hoping they will become more than a funny hookup and truly fall in love and develop their relationship.

Kudo's to Kin Shriner for keeping his fans in the loop and letting them in on the secret of his real-time girlfriend being the woman who has shown up on GENERAL HOSPITAL. Perhaps Trish might show up at the Metro Court again and if nothing develops with Scotty she might find someone else in Port Charles to romance. Scotty Baldwin is currently involved in helping Liz Weber and her children deal with the death of his son Franco. He and Liesel are also in the middle of the disappearance of Britt and Jason. Stay tuned for updates to find out what happens next with Trish and Scotty as well as Kin Shriner and Trish Ramish.


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