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Jamnapaar Review: Perfect choice for CA Aspirants

The Perfect Blend of Comedy, Drama, and CA Challenges...

By Ayush VermaPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Jamnapaar Review

Friends, OTT's SRK, Ritvik Sahore, has brought his new show named Jamnapaar, which is being streamed on Amazon miniTV. Will this show be a worthwhile experience for you or not? Let's find out.

Well, in the show Jamnapaar, you get to see the story of a person named Shantanu Bansal, who is a CA student. His father was a CA himself, and he is currently running a coaching center. Shantanu's father wants him to complete CA and take over his father's coaching center, whereas Shantanu has other ideas.

Now to know what happens next, you will have to watch this show, which has ten episodes, and each episode is half an hour long.

Jamnapaar Series Review

Now friends, if I tell you a little about the review of the show Jamnapaar, then I would only say that it is a good show. I did not expect that this show could have such excellent writing.

After watching this show, it seems that CA people have started getting the attention they deserve. There is a lot of tough content, not everyone can handle it, and people rarely talk about CA. They always discuss IIT, medical aspirants, or UPSC. Everyone forgets about CA, even though it is very important.

So, the importance of a CA has been explained in this show, and along with that, the way the family drama has been portrayed here is good to see. At the beginning of 2 episodes, you will feel a slow burn type where the story will not progress very quickly, but in the second half, the story picks up pace.

The writing of the show is good, and the plot is ordinary. You may have already seen this type of story where the main protagonist goes from zero to hero, but here, the CA angle is new. The best thing about the show is that in portraying one character positively, another was not depicted negatively. This aspect adds quality to the show, which is nice to see.

In the first half, you will feel that Shantanu's father is wrong, but in the second half, you will say that no, Shantanu's father is not wrong at all; what he said was right, so the viewpoints of both have been justified.

No attempt has been made to show anyone in a negative light without any reason.

The emotions of this show are very good; the way the relationship between father and son is presented is impressive.

Acting Performance

No doubt, Ritvik Sahore is superb. That means he has lived the character of Shantanu Bansal. It is interesting to watch how he is studying alone in South Delhi and at the same time is completely frustrated. He is getting angry but is not able to say anything. Well, at some point, his condition worsens while interacting with people. His work in showing all these things was effortless.

Ritvik Sahore's father is played by Varun Badola in the show, who is, no doubt, a very good actor. He was recently seen in Undekhi Season 3 on Sony Liv. Like before, I liked his work in this show too.

The work of all the other actors is also good in the show. The production value is decent, and the way South Delhi has been presented. South Delhi people are a different type of backc#hod, and they should be stylish in everything, which means they think they are from outside India. They should be treated special, but not normal.

Apart from this, what is the difference between South Delhi and Jamnapaar? All these things have been highlighted in the show.

Along with that, I liked the music of the show. The presence of some rap songs makes this show worth watching, which are very well-placed, and you will also get to hear one or two emotional songs.

Also, there is nothing left in Climax that would suggest Season 2 of this show. I mean, the story within Season 1 is completely concluded.

The cinematography is good; some frames have been captured that would appeal to the aesthetic senses.


Overall, Jamnapaaar is a good show; you should definitely give it a try. In terms of parental guidance, there are no nude scenes or vulgarity in the show. Yes, there is some strong language, but it is not excessive.

So, friends, this is my review of the new show Jamnapaar on Amazon Prime. I hope you enjoy it; don't forget to subscribe, like, or comment.

See you soon.

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