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Hemsworth, Evans, Pratt

The Three C's Of The MCU

By Jason Ray Morton Published 3 years ago 5 min read

In 2008 we were introduced to the character Iron Man and the lovable, genius, playboy, billionaire, philanthropist Tony Stark. Marvel had an instant hit on their hands and Marvel Studios was just starting down a road that would deliver billions of dollars and introduce the big screen to dozens of our now beloved characters. It is a movie package like no other, spanning over a decade and growing with each passing year. But, forget Robert Downey Jr, just for a minute, and remember that while he was there at the beginning, the three Chrises of the MCU have truly come and stole the show.

Chris Pratt-Starlord

First introduced to the MCU, Chris Pratt is the rogueish space cowboy that believes his own hype. Stolen from the earth as a child and raised by the Ravengers, Starlord enters on a mission of his own. The initial sequence we meet him in is reminiscent of an Indiana Jones adventure. A lonely explorer on a mission to find a treasure. That's where Pratt's character breaks from Indiana Jones and becomes more of his own, or the scoundrel type, also played by Indiana Jones actor, Harrison Ford, as Han Solo. It's easy to see the small comparisons bleed through to the screen but Pratt takes the character and makes it his own with his awkward sense of humor and his almost socially anxious personality.

Like the rest of the MCU, Pratt shows that he's put a lot of work into preparing for his role in the superhero genre, even adding a six-pack of abs to the presentation. The superhero genre, heavily based in comic canon, has to be a tough gig with all the demands of the job, and Youtube is literally filled with dozens of workouts by our favorite DC and Marvel heroes. From his early roles like Parks and Recreation or the WB series Everwood, where we got to know Chris Pratt as an actor to the more adventurous roles like Zero Dark Thirty, Jurassic World, and The Magnificent Seven we have seen a transformation in Chris Pratt that has no doubt yielded him the rewards for his efforts. He now stands as one of the Hollywood Chrises and a staple of the MCU as the head of the Guardians of The Galaxy Team.

Chris Evans-Captain America

Chris Evans has been around for a while. Born and raised in the Boston area Evans got his first starring role in a less than critically acclaimed spoof movie, Not Another Teen Movie. Perhaps best known from the movie for donning the whipped cream and spoofing the Friday Night Lights seen where Ali Larter turns herself into dessert for her boyfriend he later moved on to play the Human Torch in the Fantastic Four. Before Evans donned the mask and shield of Captain America, he holds the distinction of being in not one but two other comic-inspired roles, appearing in the Losers as one of the members of a team of betrayed soldiers hellbent on getting revenge.

Evans always appeared to be athletic in his roles. However, it doesn't hurt to pack on thirty pounds of muscle when you're preparing to play a role that will take you through seven total appearances before handing off the shield. Evans was with the Avengers series through all four Avengers and three Captain Americas. At not quite forty years old, he's amassed quite an impressive resume in Hollywood and a net worth in the Eighty Million dollar range. Not bad for being his age, a little talent, and getting in phenomenal shape.

Chris Hemsworth-Thor

The biggest of the Chrises, by sure size and talent, is Chris Hemsworth, the Mighty Thor. Playing the titular character of the God of Thunder, Hemsworth burst onto the scene with talent, good looks, and the muscle to rival a god. Making his first foray into the superhero genre, Hemsworth starred under Anthony Hopkins, the king of the Asgardians, Oden. Appearing as the son of Anthony Hopkins in any role would be a daunting task for a young actor and no doubt, is the reason, that Hemsworth has gone on to show such versatility. Hemsworth's transformation as Thor has been perhaps the biggest of them all.

Appearing in Thor, the Australian actor fit right in with the MCU genre, filling out the costume and bringing to life one of the biggest characters the MCU had planned on at the time. Thor, an unruly, undisciplined, and egotistical prince, is cast out of Asgard with his powers stripped by Oden. Landing on earth, Thor has to find his way as a man in a strange world. Fortunately, he finds the humility of a king before Loki cements himself in Odens' stead as the new king of Asgard and can wreak havoc upon the nine realms. That, ladies and gentlemen, is how you grow into a king.

Hemsworth may be my personal favorite of the three Chrises. I find him more entertaining and talented than Evans and his onscreen camaraderie with Pratt shows his comic skills. Hemsworth has done some great roles already, at only thirty-seven. While he hasn't played titled hero's and his franchise work has been limited to the Avengers and The Huntsman movies, Hemsworth appeared in the Lampoons Vacation Reboot, BlackHat, Red Dawn (Remake) and is preparing to take on the biopic role of Hulk Hogan. It's no wonder he's amassed an incredible one hundred and thirty million dollar net worth at just thirty-seven years old. What ya gonna do, Brother?

The debate about which one is better in Hollywood will no doubt continue. You decide, which is the better Chris?


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