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Our Favorite Slashers!

Who had the highest kill count?

By Jason Ray Morton Published 3 years ago Updated 3 years ago 5 min read

A Nightmare On Elm Street-Freddy Krueger

Starting off with Freddy Krueger, the oddly beloved child killer, and probably child sexual predator from the eighties and nineties Nightmare on Elm Street series, let's look at the slashers and monsters that desensitized a generation. Freddy Krueger, a boogeyman that haunts the dreams of a high school girl named Nancy, is secretly keeping the neighborhood kids on edge. One by one, he haunts them, like a vicious nightmare that won't stop. He gets his bizarre powers from the children, praying on them, like the predator he was in life.

One, two Freddy's coming for you, three, four better lock your door. Five, six grab your crucifix, seven, eight better stay up late. Nine, ten, never sleep again.

Freddy gives the kids plenty of reason to never sleep again from the first horrific kill, blamed on the thug, bad boy, the boyfriend of the victim, all the way to a young Johnny Depp as he is slaughtered right across the street from the unlikely hero, Nancy. The horror went on for years before the kids were in high school, Nancy learns and would continue to go on, bringing Heather Langenkamp back to the series for Dream Warriors and Wes Craven's New Nightmare.

The kills are campy, horrific, and often times the things children and teenagers made fun of in the eighties and nineties as Robert Englands' Freddy Krueger ran amuck on-screen, cracking wise and redefining the personality of the onscreen slasher. Throughout the entire series, however, Freddy chalks up an astounding 42 very fun to watch instances of gutting and dismembering his victims in some of the most imaginative ways. Check out Dream Warriors or Nightmare On Elm Street 3 to see him turn a kid into a marionette with his own veins just to walk him off a building.

Halloween-Michael Myers

Michael Myers, the titular character of our worst nightmares. Michael is just a child when he does his first presumed kill, putting on the clown mask and picking up a knife to stab his stepmother. The story puts Michael in an asylum for treatment from that day forward and takes place twenty years later as we find adult Michael, now being treated by Dr. Sam Lumis, played by Donald Pleasence. Pleasance stays with the series until the sixth installment in the franchise, missing just number three, which I'm certain the producers and studio execs wish they could have missed. Pleasence actually passes away in 1995, the same year as the release of the sixth installment in the series, Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers. The only other person, besides Michael, to make as many appearances or more than Donald Pleasence, being the lovable and incredibly talented Jamie Lee Curtis as the victimized Laurie Strode.

Throughout the ten movie history including the recently reimagined storyline, Michael has logged an incredible four decades of destruction and violence, totaling what appears to be 94 kills including his family members.

Friday The 13th-Jason Voorhees

Jason Voorhees, the only one of the three not to start out the series, is perhaps the most prolific of the eighties and nineties slasher genre. Making his first appearance a while after the events of Friday the 13th, Jason comes back to Camp Crystal Lake to take out his revenge for the killing of his mother. Or, perhaps, is he still mad from almost drowning as teenaged camp counselors party and fool around while they should be watching their charges? Maybe he was just righteously irritated by all the beer cans and condoms that littered his once peaceful and serene woods. Either way, Jason goes on an incredible rampage that exceeds all of the slashers from the era.

Normally, as a fan of the series, I would try to forget the incredible lengths the showrunners went to trying to keep the franchise alive. They moved Jason around a bit, at times, even taking him to the city of New York and letting him reak havoc on the Manhattan area. In a city that never sleeps and amidst a metropolitan area that has over ten million potential victims, it's not Jason Takes Manhattan that sets his single movie kill record. Instead, it's the one that most people deemed the very worst, and I only refer to it as a guilty pleasure. Remember when I said they move old Jason around a bit? Well, in the tenth installment, Jason is finally captured and locked away. His icy prison keeps the unkillable mammoth of a "man" in cryostasis. Unfortunately, like anything else involving young, human, females, our hero is likely to be back to rid the world of stupid hormonally charged youths. Ta-Da along comes Jason X!

The Movie Even Jason Hated

Jason wakes up, by accident, aboard a traveling science vessel and is considered an archeological find worth a fortune. He's nowhere near Camp Crystal Lake but is surrounded by his favorite form of entertainment, stupid, drug-using, hormonally challenged young people hell-bent on fornicating. Jason gets up to his old tricks again in no time as he starts the hunt and in what must have been confusing, goes one on one with an advanced android that nearly destroys Jason before he gets a nanobot upgrade. Like most of the Jason movies, there's a couple of survivors, and the question, is he dead? Jason gets ejected out of the ship only to crash on Earth-2 and land in a... You guessed it, lake.

Jason is one of those characters that can't be stopped, can't be contained, and can't be killed, no matter what you try. Nothing speaks to this more than his impressive body count at over 157 kills, making him the most prolific of the big three slashers of the eighties and nineties. These characters have entertained us, scared us, and entered our nightmares for forty years. Is it any wonder, Hollywood wants to bring them back?

Jason's final appearance. The long-awaited battle, with none other than, your favorite nightmare visitor, Freddy Krueger. I should load an applause tape there. This was a movie of good-natured blood and guts slaughter.

Freddy vs Jason

Will they come back again? Time will tell...

1st Place goes to Friday The 13ths own Jason Voorhees with 157 Kills!

2nd Place goes to Halloweens quintessential boogie man Michael Myers with 94 Kills, including his relatives!

3rd Place goes to Freddy Krueger, the main cause of insomnia in so many teens, with 42 fun-to-watch kills as long as you can stomach seeing Johnny Depp bite it in the first Nightmare On Elm Street.


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